Dear T&T, It Will Get Worse

The frenzy of gun violence on the ground is fed by various streams that all flow into the river of the illicit trades that is now threatening to flood the land on a sustainable basis. A most potent indicator of what is at play in the illicit world was reported in the Newsday August 31, 2016 where the US extradition request was placed before the Chief Magistrate for the extradition to the US of an individual indicted for trafficking heroin to the US from T&T. Yes, the MexicanTTOs have switched on the heroin trafficking platform from T&T to the US which includes Puerto Rico and the USVI that was functional in T&T in the late 1990s and early 21st century. In its earlier incarnation the volume of heroin moving through T&T merited US action to extradite specific individuals and in 2016 this is happening again which points to discernible volumes moving through T&T to merit US action. T&T is now in the Caribbean ranker league of heroin trafficking states and as earlier the US has to intervene to protect their interests as our surveillance and policing agencies only seeing HOMICIDES as if they not linked. A kilo of heroin in the wholesale markets of the North east USA can sell for as high as USD 90,000 with the range being USD 60,00 to USD 80,000 per kilo wholesale. With such a value any threat to the product as it moves along the T&T pipeline will merit graphic extreme violence which has a multiplier effect in the underworld. The presence of heroin on the ground in T&T creates a feeding frenzy amongst those excluded and wanting to share in the action by raiding the pipeline. That merits long term violence to nullify the threat and send a message that you will lose your head. The next revelation in the public domain that will come is the availability of ICE/Meth and the trafficking of this illicit drug along the Caribbean pipelines and its use in our population the discovery was already made in Guyana. Don’t worry we handling it because we talking jointly, we talking about legislation and the policisation of the military as if  T&T is Guatemala and Honduras which translated means we wringing hands. Now you understand why we awash in AR 15 assault rifles the favourite assault rifle of the MexicanTTOs. They will say this calls for much much more legislation but the institutions to surveil, police and enforce rinky dink. It’s just the politics of race in action in living colour as all sides are trapped in its futility and the politics is now incapable of ensuring public safety. Ah leaving on ah jet plane never coming back here never again.

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