Gun worship in Ciudad Juarez, T&T

The drug war that started in the 4th quarter 2013 is now in its second phase but the methodology of murder is in the Caribbean island chain uniquely that of T&T but in the mold of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. In Jamaica the assassins move into poor communities and kill multiple persons even whole families, leave the victims where they fell and ride out. In T&T specific persons are killed, transported and dumped away from the murder scene. The latest turn is to dump the body in the ocean like man watching CSI, Criminal Minds etc. This is phase two of the drug war T&T, Ciudad Juarez style where the new order is in place on the ground and is moving up the food chain to the level of the descent and respectable and those on the ground who now find themselves excluded from the business retrenched without no hope of feeding from the players have turned into a violent rage on each other and all of us. There is no rhyme or reason faced with the need to find and create a new hustle in the illicit game only rage, hate and violence, gun violence and any other form of graphic violence. Robberies, crimes against the person and property become the domain of the lowest displaced level whilst other levels move to seize turf and product. Any war waged on the players by the displaced earns graphic violence to the family of the attacker and the attacker Ciudad Juarez styling. In the midst of all this carnage we received a powerful indication of the gun worship that pervades the social order with a message attached. The message: my daddy wields state power which gives me the power to licitly wield and pose for pictures with a Heckler & Koch G 36 K 5.56 mm assault rifle with a 30 round clip. Whilst you pose for pictures wielding illicit AR-15 5.56 mm assault rifles and post them online. No matter what you do my own bigger than yours cause my own legal unlike yours. The potent message is for all of us who can’t pose and don’t want to pose with licit or illicit, licit and illicit guns from all gun toting posers licit or illicit: when you naked, gunless in Ciudad Juarez/T&T grovel, eat shit and die!!! The most potent message to date that the indpendance experiment is in tatters.

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