Drug Trafficking to Europe from T&T

The Miami Herald online of October 17, 2016 reported that a Polish national fell sick at Miami International Airport after his arrival from Trinidad. Waldemar Wojtczak was on his way to Finland from Trinidad via Miami, USA when he fell ill at the airport and was rushed to Hialeah Hospital where with his near non existent English skills indicated that he was in fact a swallower. With his inability to pass the bolitas he had swallowed surgery revealed 53 bolitas  wrapped in rubber comprising 500 grammes of cocaine. Rubber not condoms were used and then tied with a knot to seal the cocaine in the rubber sheet. The passport of Wojtczak suggested that he was in fact a professional swallower setting out from Poland on runs most likely to the EU and on completion returning to Poland. The fact that he was headed to Finland from T&T makes complete business sense given the value of cocaine on the drug markets of Finland. This incident potently illustrates the operational presence of transnational traffickers in T&T moving product from T&T to the EU. The professional swallower was hired in the EU and moved to T&T from Poland, housed in T&T swallowed the bolitas and placed on a flight to Finland via Miami exiting T&T with ease and impunity and he will not be the only one. Without falling sick at Miami International the  chances of the swallower evading detection were high as he did not fit the profiles of swallowers CBP at Miami International is on the look out for.  In light of this reality yet another article in the newspapers of T&T (see Daily Express October 24, 2016 “‘Horror at Forensics'”) revealed the totally abysmal conditions that exist at the only state forensic facility in T&T after successive governments have spent billions of TT$ on national security yet the politicians complain about the low detection rate of the Police Service. Yet another reality that is straight out of the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico play book including the condition of forensics in T&T and the pile of rotting bodies and body parts. We are now living in Ciudad Juarez, T&T style.



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