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A Question Begging to be Answered

The murder rate per 100,000 persons from January to September 2016 was 11.48 in the Dominican Republic whilst in Trinidad and Tobago from January to October 2016 the murder  rate was 29.76. In 2015 the murder rate in T&T was 31.53 which placed T&T in the same category with Jamaica in the Caribbean island chain.

The question: In the public statements and documents of the US and the  EU the Dominican Republic is named as the apex illicit drug trafficking point to the US, Puerto Rico and the EU. The Dominican Republic is also noted for human smuggling, the sexual exploitation of children, an endemically corrupt police and armed forces, questionable decisions by members of its judiciary  in favour of drug traffickers, money laundering, financial corruption seen in the looting of depositors funds in banks and a political system driven by patronage and corrupt practices. But the Dominican Republic has the lowest murder rate in all trafficking points in the Caribbean. The murder rate in Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis, Dominica, St Lucia, Antigua & Barbuda, US Virgin Islands , Puerto Rico, Belize and T&T are all outstripping that of the Dominican Republic. Why? A question for the politicians and security personnel of T&T. I have nothing to say remember I mad I just talking shit. Click the link and digest the global rates.

Tales from Ciudad Juarez Trinidad

Tales from Ciudad Juarez, Trinidad

The number of similarities between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico at the height of the drug war sparked by the government supported and prosecuted action to seize the city from the control of the Juarez cartel by the Sinaloa Federation in the first decade of the 21st century and Trinidad today is glaring hence Ciudad Juarez, Trinidad styling.

The murder rate of Ciudad Juarez, Trinidad 2016 and 2015 is higher than that of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico at the height of the drug war there so we’re better at killing, murder and mayhem than the Mexican drug cartels and the Mexican government and what is happening in 2016 the killing spree is now evolving rapidly. Early in 2016 attacks on the families of members of the T&T Police Service and SRPs escalated and on November 4, 2016 it reached crisis proportions where the mother of a Police officer was graphically murdered on Piccadilly Street just around the corner from the Besson Street Police Station where her son was reported as being posted. Message sent straight out of the Ciudad Juarez, Mexico playbook.

In the Newsday October 28, 2016 in the article “Drug bust in Tobago” a photo is published of a 9mm semi-automatic handgun with a cylindrical magazine seized in Longdenville not Laventille. In Ciudad Juarez, Trinidad we have now evolved from semi-automatics with extended clips to semi-automatics with cylindrical magazines carrying loads in excess of 30 rounds. With a cylindrical magazine carrying 60 rounds the semi-automatic in an enclosed space as a bedroom etc. puts to shame a Mac 11. It will shower the target with lead. These accessories simply don’t float over on a pirogue from Delta Amacuro state Venezuela just look North young man through the ports of Ciudad Juarez, Trinidad young man.

We were bombarded with stories in the Daily Express and on TV 6 by the ranking investigator and busser of mark that members of the Police Service attached to the civilian intelligence agency of T&T were selling state secrets to a US law enforcement agency. Then we learnt about a sting operation where a police man attached to the said agency bought the sting operation lock stock and barrel and was selling state secrets. As with all cases of high intrigue from the mark busser the devil is in the details given as with standard operating procedure they don’t add up especially in this case with the reference to the US law enforcement agency. Who getting played the mark busser or those the story is about or all of the above? The sole important lesson for us is as in Ciudad Juarez Mexico, in Ciudad Juarez Trinidad the national security apparatus is compromised and there are no state secrets that are not available to any party with the money for the right price. The Mexican trafficking organisations then know all they want to know and need to know. The Ministry of National Leaks with the stories in the daily newspaper with the largest national circulation and on the TV station with highest rated prime time news show that is leak a quantum leak. What foreign governments and agencies share with the ministry they share with transnational organised crime. The solution is silence the messenger another instrument straight out of the playbook of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

The discovery of human bones the absence of a forensic anthropologist our Bones to properly examine these bones and a person to build a facsimile of the persons face from the skull is another reality straight out of the playbook of Ciudad Juarez Mexico as there is no need for leading edge forensic capacity in the killing fields of Mexico and Trinidad. Let the kill and dump continue unabated whilst we come to brilliant conclusions like women place tattoos on their ankle unlike men therefore it was the remains of a woman. Science and scientific method are not wanted in Ciudad Juarez Trinidad as in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. Do the persons charged with suppressing crime know of organised crime that tattoo their ankles as the tattoos will be hidden by their clothing? That is why I am unemployed and unemployable in Ciudad Juarez Trinidad.

Finally, the seizure of $US 2 million in cash in a shipment of plywood at the Port of Point Lisas confirms the operation of cash traffickers in Ciudad Juarez Trinidad as the proceeds of the illicit trades are being moved into Ciudad Juarez Trinidad to be washed and placed in the licit financial structure as they do in Ciudad Juarez Mexico. Ciudad Juarez Trinidad in fact surpasses Ciudad Juarez Mexico in washing dirty money as not a single person has been convicted for washing dirty funds whilst El Chapo in Mexico is awaiting his trip to the US federal pen. Whilst the decent and respectable strut around seeking to impress upon themselves how clean they are in Ciudad Juarez Trinidad. Those who lost the cash shipment will have a price to pay if they lost MTTOs and their affiliates money Ciudad Juarez style. But that is the rule of the game they signed on to.

Don’t worry the politicians are in charge and will deal with it as they did in the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000 to 2016. But such is the reward of the politics of race.