Organ Harvesting The Caribbean Fear of Crime

Organ Harvesting in the Caribbean

The existence of organ harvesting and smuggling suddenly appeared in the world of social media but persons must understand the complexity of this world trade and the money involved. This trade is operational in Latin America and the Caribbean simply click the following links and learn:

  1. This is a documentary on the trade in Ukraine that is very descriptive and instructive

  1. In 2016 in the Dominican Republic there was a report of the organs of a child removed when the child was discovered in a shallow grave. Click the link the story is titled “Clinics closed in organ trafficking probe” and then click on the links at the bottom of the DR1 report for the articles in Spanish for further details



An article on the Seetahal assassination is found here

Fear of Crime in T&T

This is the latest buzzword making the rounds amongst the talking heads of T&T another instance of importing a concept from the North Atlantic that has no relevance to our reality. Fear of crime in the North Atlantic arose in the pre crack cocaine war on drugs 1980s where the talk was citizens were gripped with a fear of crime that was not supported by the reality of crime incidences painted by the official crime statistics which means that a fear of crime is neurotic at best paranoia at worst. The origin of said discourse and the so-called scientific studies was the result of members of academia sucking up to ruling politicians for funding to manufacture propaganda. Because those studies focused on the areas where the “decent and respectable people lived” to point out to them that their fear of crime was not grounded in reality but evaded the areas where the drug blocks and the bad boys ruled the streets for obvious political reasons. Hence there is no consensus definition in North Atlantic academia for fear of crime as every study done cobbles together a definition to suit their agenda. But what these studies have all done is confirmed the fear that race minorities are the predators with a predilection to criminality and to victimise members of the majority race and so in T&T the methodology replicated here has done the same with the African as the predator and all the rest as victims. When in T&T the talking heads talk of fear of crime and they keep telling us that the annual rate of serious crime is down they are in fact telling us that our fear of crime is neurotic, paranoid, simply sick in the head then don’t blame the politicians and all the other talking heads. With a murder rate for the last four years at 30 and above per 100,000 persons and a detection rate that is below the murder rate and a range of crimes against the person unleashed with impunity then in T&T today neurosis and paranoia is BEING REAL.

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