A Lesson for Murderland/Ciudad Juarez T&T

In the Nassau Guardian a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police of The Bahamas is reported as stating: “Murder is not a preventable crime. The murderer knows his victim, he knows why when and where and we don’t know that. But we might catch up with him on the way and stop a murder but he is going to pick his place and his time.” The former ACP says: “You have a war going on. We could expect this to continue until the police get the persons responsible.” The crux of the matter is “getting the persons responsible” which in T&T ain’t happening. So drop all the spin bullshit as patrols, occupation and suppression and deal with the reality of solving the crime. Can they deal with reality on the ground? See my article “An analysis of the murder rate of T&T 1990-2016” on http://www.daurius.com click on Articles  This is not the blog post there is more.



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