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Geert Wilders and Sint Maarten, Saba, St Eustatius, Curacao, Bonaire and the Diaspora including Suriname’s

I have posted my analysis of Geert Wilders, the PPV and the New Netherlands which will drastically impact the islands listed above and their Diaspora in the Netherlands including Suriname’s Diaspora in the Netherlands. To access this analysis go to: and click on Geert Wilders, the PPV and the New Netherlands

As I indicated in my analysis it will not end with Islam and the Muslims as it was not only the Jews with the Nazis before the ¬†Jews it was the Marxist-Leninists, the Africans, the Roma and the disabled. The assault on Islam is a voter mobilisation instrument. what is to come with state power is indicated in this new report. Click and view a glimpse of the Holocaust! The Moroccan “scum” the criminals to be expelled will be followed by the “criminals” from the former Netherlands Antilles and Suriname. Ethnic cleansing is the polite description.