Myths and Reality of Gangland: Persistent Questions on Enterprise

Myths and Reality of Gangland: Persistent questions on Enterprise!

The violence, carnage and terror in Enterprise is bad for business as you cannot maximise profit and generate wealth via illicit drug retail and wholesale markets situated in a war zone. More importantly you cannot aspire to became part of the business structure of the Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organisations (MTTOs) conducting business in a hot war zone because you don’t possess the order, discipline and business acumen MTTOs demand. Is the war in Enterprise the result of actions by an external force that is using the war to push the business enjoyed by this area since the 1970s into retail and wholesale points external of enterprise? Is the war in Enterprise a Muslim on Muslim war and others have moved in to exploit this weakness? Is it Muslimicide first and turf war second with non-Muslims?

The media says it’s a war for drug turf between Crown Trace and Bhagaloo Street for dominance but after continuous blood-letting there is no seizure of turf, no displacement of former turf holders and most importantly no single don has emerged as in the former days of a single don ensuring peace and order as the business flourished. Is it then a serious kill or be killed turf war or a paid for false war to disrupt and chase away the business from the oldest drug turf in this geographic area south of the Caroni bridge?

Why was Selwyn Robocop Alexis killed followed by the operation to erase from the landscape of Enterprise the male member of his family? If this is a turf war between Muslim and Rasta City where did Alexis and his family fit into this turf war to merit their extermination? The media repeatedly reports that Hamza killed Alexis which was a case of Muslimicide but what profit was there in this action? Why then are Muslim killing Muslims to what end? But I thought this was a Muslim vs Rasta City turf war? Why in the aftermath of continuous Muslimicide the turf war continues, no maximum don has emerged and peace is restored? So in Enterprise we have Muslimicide and a Rasta vs Muslim war being prosecuted at the same time whilst the once dominant illicit business is in the grips of recession. Where is the profit in this scenario? Is this war for war sake, killing for killing sake, where is the profit, the wealth generation? In light of the reality where are the resources coming from to purchase the material of war and maintain the fighting force especially in light of the business in recession? Who and where have profited and are profiting from the carnage unleashed in Enterprise? Elementary Watson!

What is abundantly clear is that the so called turf war of Enterprise is not being prosecuted as a hostile business takeover in the Game. Either all the reasons given in the public domain are describing a reality that don’t exist in Enterprise or the reality of Enterprise today is the product of an action informed by a strategy in the Game never used before in the drug markets of T&T. Then there is the possibility of human action devoid of long term vision that has now spun out of control. But this is not entirely supported by reality on the ground. Best of luck to those politicians who insist that the solution lies in militarisation of policing taking us back to the era of colonial policing after August 1962 is long gone. The solution is to deal with the Game and the lesson of Enterprise is that soon there will be others in Central Trinidad.

The old order of the illicit markets of Enterprise has been destroyed with anarchy presiding and no new order in sight. The old order created a Game that was organic to the community where it was known to exist but never presented an existential threat to the community. The ideal business model of the Game. That order was destroyed and what now exists is terror with impunity. Can the old order and the new terror driven anarchy exist and exert power over the community without the complicity of the state and its agencies? Elementary Watson!


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