Cocaine from Trinidad and Tobago seized at Toronto Pearson International Airport

48 kilos of Cocaine from T&T at Toronto Pearson International Airport on June 14, 2017 reported that on May 5 CBSA officers screening an aircraft cargo container that arrived on a flight from T&T at the Toronto Pearson international airport seized 38 bricks weighing 48 kilos of cocaine. The news report stated that the 38 bricks of cocaine were discovered beneath the false floor of an airline cargo container which meant that a floor was placed over the container’s floor with the space to allow the 38 kilos to be placed and sealed in for smuggling. A picture of the kilo bricks in the news report indicates that the bricks are not the standard kilo bricks of the trade as they were repacked and packaged to weigh more than the industry standard kilo of cocaine to maximise the quantum of cocaine that can be trafficked to Canada in the space created by the false floor of the cargo container. Hence 38 bricks weighing 48 kilos of cocaine. This is no fly by night piddling trafficking operation out of Piarco international airport, Trinidad as the resources and the impunity demanded by this operation means it is an ongoing smuggling operation with multiple destinations and the security of the airport is in tatters. To fabricate the container, mix it in with other containers, load the cocaine shipment on it, ensure that it is loaded on the designated flight with the entire operation enjoying impunity means that the entire ground handling operation is compromised and much worse the security system charged with monitoring all interactions between humans and airplanes is filled with operational and surveillance holes through which grave threats to safety and security will pass with impunity. This is but another instance of the escalating pace of integration of T&T into the present dominant trafficking structures of the Caribbean today where the depth of globalisation of T&T as a trafficking point has intensified and will continue to do so where the model is the Dominican Republic. T&T has been switched on. The recent murder of the nationals of Venezuela and the Dominican Republic and the ongoing war that commenced in 2011 within the recent arrival group of Chinese from the Peoples Republic of China are simply illustrations of this underlying reality and its impact on the social order.

From the Madrid attack of 2002 to Berlin 2016 Europe has illustrated repeatedly the ability of those intent on attacking the social order can effectively and will use the markets and pipelines of the illicit trades to enable these attacks. To have your largest international airport compromised is in fact a beacon to those intent on entering/returning to T&T intent on making war that impunity is for sale and T&T is open for business. This is a beacon of hope for those intent on making war but in T&T there are a number of beacons like the pipeline across the Gulf of Paria!


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