Delusional decent and respectable citizens of T&T

Delusional decent and respectable upstanding citizens of T&T

Why did Ms Marlene suddenly change the rules of the game she played by for years as a PNM MP and PNM cabinet Minister on the way to have her return to the cabinet confirmed under law? Was Ms Marlene sending a message that it was now a new order with her return with new rules of engagement which fully responds to the reality on the ground in her constituency? Was Ms Marlene potently illustrating the reality on the ground that if she intends to intervene into the lives of her constituents as an agent of progressive change she had to engage with the power structure on the ground that impacts her ability to act, to intervene? Her removal from the cabinet sends the message that public acts of embrace of persons who don’t pass the decent and respectable bar will result in confinement to the political doghouse. But how then do PNM MPs and cabinet ministers treat with being servants of the people whilst engaging with the power structure on the ground. This power structure is not going away, it’s multifaceted, fluid and heterogeneous and it wields power over the daily lives and life chances of constituents. An MP is there for 5 years at maximum and the structure has been in place since the decade of the 1970s evolving through several stages of growth and development wielding effective power on the ground. Ms Marlene illustrated in living colour a new, open methodology of treating with reality on the ground the response also sends a message. Why did Ms Marlene on this occasion dare to illustrate her new rules of engagement? Was it the product of a message from the ground concerning its concerns, expectations and the accepted solution to their problem? Delusion can definitely be bad for your political health.

The press reports on the JLSC on National Security screamed that the illicit arms trade in T&T was worth TT$ 100 million per year but this figure means nothing in a vacuum as the gun realities of T&T were not included in the press reports. A very conservative estimate is 30,000 illicit firearms in the hands of persons in T&T which means that the largest single holders of illicit firearms are decent and respectable people with many of them being upstanding citizens. The very core of the illicit arms market are sales to decent and respectable people who hold multiple firearms supposedly for personal protection. Without an idea of the most common illicit firearms purchased and the prices illicit guns go for on the gun market purchased the TT$ 100 million figure per annum means little. The most popular illicit gun purchased are handguns and the largest single volume commodity sold is ammunition not guns which has resulted in ventures to re-load ammunition. The supply is abundantly available from multiple supply sources because since the decade of the 1990s when the illicit gun trade exploded and became a Caribbean illicit trade not a single gun trafficking network was dismantled and a single member of a network convicted for gun trafficking in T&T. Small hustlers caught in possession have all been those taken down. How then can the national security apparatus brief anyone on the gun trade when they are yet to take down a single trafficking network in the T&T gun trade from the 1990s to today? Delusional games!

In all the responses in the local press that illustrated the impact of the talk that arose from the famous statement on Bourdain’s rope a dope talk and eat show was a letter to the editor by Israel B. Rajah-Khan “Little Mr Bigs, a deadly reality” where Mr Rajah-Khan states: “And incidentally, Diana Mahabir-Wyatt’s sarcastic view that ‘Mr Big’ referred to by the press is generally assumed to be a white or Syrian business person, who without question is (a) wealthy (b) a drug supplier (c) an oppressor of the poor and (d) an exploiter of underpaid employees-is quite true. However, there are others to add to the list who fall within the ambit of Afro and Indo-Saxons and some of mixed ethnicity.” Mr Rajah-Khan’s position on the dominant groups of the illicit drug trade and mine are the same whilst we both express said positions in public. I hope members of “The Community” don’t do to Mr Rajah-Khan what was done to me as I certainly don’t want more partners in vagrancy for speaking truth to massa. Delusion is not impunity from reality.

To those seeking to rip off a foreign used car supplier in Japan I suggest you make sure you don’t rip off a dealer who is working for the Men of Ink of Japan and their affiliates. For they are present in T&T protecting their interests and their reach is long. Delusion can result in grave misfortune.

I was taught when your neighbour house on fire wet yours. The destruction of the Camp Street prison in Georgetown, Guyana on July 9th, 2017 is a message to the delusional decent and respectable of T&T charged with animating the state agencies of T&T on a daily basis. The ongoing attacks on prison officers outside of the prison walls, the daring jail break from the Frederick Street prison in 2015 and the reality of the remand yard especially the gang culture and the entrenched smuggling of contraband throughout the prison system all potent indicators of the threat level posed by the prison system to public safety today. As in Guyana all the threats were imminent and as in Guyana there was only talk which empowered in Guyana a disciplined, connected inmate to act. I was also taught don’t break stick in your ears but denial is addictive, very addictive and in T&T it sweeter than zoosh!

The state is incapable of its primary task of social control as it’s inept, maldeveloped as a result of arrested development, corrupt and the captive of denial the product of the hegemony of the politics of race over the state. With a state form as this denial and delusion is vitally necessary to public safety as it’s only denial and delusion can promise safety and security in a dreamland state of existence.








2 thoughts on “Delusional decent and respectable citizens of T&T

  1. truetalk

    Comptroller of Customs said that at least 40% of Containers are not searched, nor are they inspected by a Customs Officer.

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      The baby step in containerised cargo control is scanning at the ports of entry and transshipment there none, nils nada in operation in T&T at present. Link that to the 40% rate and understand the extent of the open sepulchre ports of T&T. What about the ion scanners that were installed in the Piarco airport so long ago? Are they all junk today? The reality: talk, plenty talk.


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