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That Carnival 2018 Threat in T&T: The US Southcom Position

The Position of US SOUTHCOM on the Carnival 2018 Threat in T&T

US Southern Command in its digital magazine DIALOGO an article titled: “ISIS Terrorist Attack on Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago Foiled” dated February 26, 2018 a carefully constructed discourse was unleashed which gave the Southcom version of this reality using quotations from T&T officials to support their position. Southcom states that the T&T agencies were the actors on the ground in the operation but the US played a vital role without which the success of the entire operation would have been in doubt. This is the Southcom version: the US uncovered a group of persons planning to attack the US Embassy in Port of Spain. The US Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) alerted the T&T agencies to the threat to the US Embassy. In December 2017 the US agencies, the TTPS and the T&T military “put a monitoring task in motion”. This monitoring task uncovered the link to ISIS and the intention to attack the Carnival. For weeks at a time various people were kept track of in the districts of El Socorro, Laventille, Enterprise and Bamboo Settlement. Five mosques in El Socorro, Munroe Road, Sangre Grande, Bamboo and Laventille were searched for explosives. The article states: “Carnival ended without incident on February 13th, but the event represented a major surveillance and control operation.”

The Southcom discourse reveals nothing further on the plan to attack the US Embassy. The plan to attack the Embassy which according to Southcom triggered the need for US engagement with T&T for “a major surveillance and control operation” is silenced in the discourse becoming an operation to thwart an IS attack on Carnival 2018. The major lesson of the article is the description “a major surveillance and control operation” simply put the IS cell was not dismantled, its assets are still in place. Does this mean that the threat to the US Embassy remains and is now palpable after the “surveillance and control operation”? If yes, the US agencies must act to dismantle the IS cell in T&T as an attack on the US Embassy is an attack on US interests in T&T. To speak of attacking US interests in T&T and to act to attain the end in conjunction with other persons constitutes conspiracy to commit a terrorist act against the USA under US anti-terrorist law which applies to an attack on US interests in T&T. What is sent via encrypted digital means via social media platforms etc. constitutes conspiracy. The Southcom article states that since December 2017 the surveillance operation was in motion following which was the control action which commenced before Carnival Monday and Tuesday. One must then expect that the US operation is on-going and the move to dismantle can very well encompass a stint at Guantanamo Bay in orange jump suits.



T&T: That Threat to Carnival 2018

The tsunami of spin dumped and being dumped on the populace of T&T via the media since the T&TPS press briefing before carnival 2018 that announced a threat to carnival is  instructive of the state social order is presently in. The official line was not to say  “terrorist threat” but as it was subsequently revealed the overwhelming majority of persons detained and subsequently released without charges were Muslim males according to the media reports. An attack to disrupt carnival involves possible action to harm civilians which under our terrorist act is an act of terrorism. But the 15 detained persons we know of according to media reports were not detained under the anti-terrorism act  nor charged under the anti-terrorism act! Two were charged for possession of  part of a firearm according to media reports. And according to media reports those released without charges had their digital devices seized by the police. On February 17, 2018 the three daily papers had headlines that screamed ISIS cell in T&T in some form or another and the stated source of this was the PM of T&T speaking in the House of Representatives on February 16, 2018. In the Sunday Newsday of 18 February 2018 an article reported that the AG stated that the PM never said that as reported in the media. Political spin by the elected politicians, political spin by the non-elected politicians of the national security apparatus and by the media. The most potent instance of an attempt at creating truth for specific unstated purposes maybe to sell papers I don’t know is the article in the Saturday 17 February 2018 Trinidad Guardian titled “ISIS claims responsibility for carnival threat” where the writer states that the February Dabiq article states that a group of its fighters were arrested on February 8 as they were preparing for a mega attack on carnival. When I read this Guardian article I literally piss myself laughing as the last Dabiq magazine issue from IS was in 2016. Dabiq magazine exists no more dead, nils, nada replaced by Rumiyah in 2016. The said article in Dabiq magazine a shot of which is contained in the Guardian article is in fact an English translation of an article in French that appeared on the Voltaire network out of Lebanon. Click the link below! The lesson of the whole affair is the repeat of the method utilised in 2011 in 2018 and both instances failed miserably. According to the press reports of testimonies of those detained it was simply a fishing expedition that held those in custody until after carnival done thereby alleviating the July 27, 1990 tabancca with grave harm to political careers and to career advancement in the national security apparatus. Better safe than sorry! This instance potently illustrates the reality that as the state of T&T and its politicians refuse to wrap their minds around the reality facing us. When you keep applying the same solution to problems and you expect different outcomes then you are ………..! My grave regret is that I am still here trapped in a madhouse where they all acting normal!