Semi-submersible found in Suriname


These are two photos of the  semi-submersible seized at Saramacca in Suriname’s north coast in the first week of March 2018 supposedly which borders the Waini region of Guyana where a semi-submersible was interdicted. The count presently is now two semi-submersibles interdicted on the  north coast of Guyana and Suriname. This illustrates that there is a fleet of semi-submersibles working the pipeline to Brazil and the Eastern Caribbean Trafficking Pipeline (ECTP). There is a thick veil of silence that has been placed over information in the public domain in Suriname with relevance to the semi-submersible. What has been made public is the arrest and arraignment of 8 persons supposedly connected to the  operation of the semi-submersible 7 Colombians and 1 Cuban. The member of the Surinamese parliament who placed a photo of the semi-submersible on her facebook page exposing the matter has been publicly blamed for destroying the sting operation underway to dismantle the drug trafficking operation. Supposedly a foreign entity informed the government of the activities of the semi-submersible and the Bouterse government went in to full co-operation mode with the foreign agency same say it’s the DEA. The photo shows an operational craft designed to carry a large payload at minimum 5,000 kilos to a maximum of 10,000 kilos of cocaine operating in the Southern Caribbean basin, its margins with the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean Sea upwards to the Northern Caribbean islands. The small creek the semi-submersible was found in is clearly not the desired anchor point for the craft given its dimensions, depth and the fact that it varies with the tidal flow. In addition it’s totally exposed to observation which indicates that it pulled into the creek as a result of mechanical problems or some other reason. The reality is the region is a soft target for this operation from the southern margins all the way up the eastern Caribbean island chain and this is now drawing Brazil into a military posture for the southern margins of the Caribbean sea seen in their dance with Guyana as is the case with the French given their position in French Guiana as  product floods French Guiana on its way to France. Pax Mexicana!


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