Drug Plane Held in Saramacca, Suriname


On March 13, 2018 this Cessna 210 aircraft was interdicted in a privately owned rice paddy field in Saramacca, Suriname in the same area where the semi-submersible was seized. On the aircraft some 488.6 kilos of cocaine were seized and 7 persons were arrested 5 Surinamese and 2 foreigners who are all yet to appear in court. The aircraft was reportedly stolen in Brazil. As with the case of the semi-submersible the government is silent on this seizure. This seizure is further evidence that Saramacca is integrated into the multi modal trafficking transition zone encompassing Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana and Brazil. Constituting the largest cocaine trafficking hub ever constructed on the northern coast of South America since the days of Pablo, Carlos and Louis Rodriguez. This is another powerful instance and exposition of Pax Mexicana!




2 thoughts on “Drug Plane Held in Saramacca, Suriname

  1. truetalk

    Sheron Sukdeo was alleged to have bought a small light fixed-wing aircraft, similar to the one in the picture in the article.

    1. dauriusfigueira Post author

      The prime rule is always show and express submission to the Overlord at all times. Pay your bills promptly when due. Never threaten the emissary of the Overlord. Never be thought of as willing to inform. As the Guardia gave so shall the Overlord take away. Dinosaurs are extinct and those that survived became birds as the Lord of the Skies.


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