The Book that was the First Step “Cocaine and the Economy of Crime in Trinidad and Tobago” 1997

Two decades have passed since 1997 and “Cocaine and the Economy of Crime in Trinidad and Tobago” was published. In 1997 I was young, dumb and broke two decades later I am old, dumb and broke such is the life. In 1997 I was describing a bold attempt to turn T&T into the foremost export  point for cocaine in the Southern Caribbean basin. A project adopted and launched by elements of the 1% in conjunction with politicians and public servants which failed. Simply because the Valle Norte cartel focused on the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico leaving T&T in the cold. A most powerful lesson as you are trafficking product you don’t own and control and you will be given up to the USA and the British when its strategically important to the owner. The string of interdictions and the nonchalance of Valle Norte simply killed the project but this project changed T&T forever. The first phase of the new gangland of T&T emerged from this project now we are in the third phase.  And the killings have never ceased to date! Since 1997 the trade has had stages of further evolution but the response of the politicians and the public servants remain the same old failed formula. Is this lunacy?

Click the link to read the book and download your copy


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