Sindicatos of Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago

Venezuela: The Unspoken Reality

The media in T&T has long shown its aversion to the Bolivarian Revolution driven by Hugo Chavez Frias. The calamity that Maduro, his clique and the action figure opposition politicos of the blanco oligarchs of Venezuela have visited on Venezuela has now resulted in the T&T media justifying the unjustifiable. The uncontrolled movement of Venezuelans into T&T in 2018 now presents a clear and present danger to the already tattered security of T&T! This security threat is multifaceted and dynamic as it’s both epidemiological and criminal.

In 2018 the street level response to life under the Venezuelan clone wars heightened its turn to open non-political rebellion. The underclass, the poor and the marginalised over wide expanses of the geography of Venezuela have walked away from politics and are responding to the Maduro neo-liberal diet of acute hardship coupled with grinding state repression called for by both sides in the clone wars with rebellion. These are the persons moving out of Venezuela to Colombia, Brazil, Guyana and T&T poor people with very limited resources armed with a daily survival knowledge which includes walking on the other side. These are the migrants who are moving to T&T under the bondage of Venezuelan organised crime: The Sindicatos. In bondage they sell their bodies, they are sold to males, they sell children, child prostitution both males and females. The sindicatos hire them out for labour sexual and others, house them in houses the front men of the sindicatos rent, collect the proceeds of their labour or their sale. The sindicatos traffic and import the ganja that Venezuelans are now growing by the tonnes as a clone war survival strategy which has impacted T&T’s ganja wars. And this Venezuelan ganja is sold up the islands. The sindicatos are then moving to exert hegemony over the recent arrivals from Venezuela and there is no opposition from within the group to resist this grab for power. Whilst the media vomits the propaganda all the signs of organised crime controlling the movement of people from Venezuela is apparent. Migrants without their cedula upon arrival in T&T claiming refugee status an old play learned from the coyotes of the MTTOs used by migrants entering Mexico and Europe. How can you survive in the Venezuela we have experienced without your cedula? You are coming in by boat loads under the control of a minder who deals with Customs and Immigration then with clearance you leave in vehicles sent to pick you up and transport you to the houses of the sindicatos. All so portrayed politically by the media failing to understand that this is an entire Sindicato human smuggling operation with organised crime links to Venezuela and T&T. Where state agencies on both sides of the border are compromised which is posing a clear and present danger to the public safety of T&T. The T&T police raid a house loaded with Venezuelans and a number of handguns are found and the media goes into its gun running routine not wanting to understand that these were the tools of trade of some of those in the house as there must be security and control over the inmates of those housed in a number of houses. The ganja, the human stock in trade, the currency, the fuel, the food, the medicines and the cocaine must be protected. Soon the killings will accelerate and spread impacting the recently arrived Venezuelans and the social order of T&T. More bloodletting in a land already stained with blood.

Click this link and listen and watch carefully

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