Just Published:”Frantz Fanon for the 21st Century Volume 1

Now available online as an E-book: “Frantz Fanon for the 21st Century Volume 1 Frantz Fanon’s Discourse of Racism and Culture, the Negro and the Arab Deconstructed.” Frantz Fanon the West  Indian intellectual powerhouse and organic intellectual framed the discourse from which the recent talk of oreo in T&T politics was drawn with no clarity as to what Fanon actually said and the importance of it. In this book Fanon’s relevance to understanding the reality of racism and the power relations of race in the 21st century is presented by via a deconstruction for the 21st century. All the gobbledy gook that flowed over the oreo debate was simply that as the  reality is expressed by the existence of the following personality types constituted by the psychoexistential complex of Fanon: Steven, Chicken George, Gunga Din and Hop Sing. Pick one who the cap fits wear it!

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