Learn the Lesson from the US Trial of El Chapo Guzman

The Potent, Primary Lesson for the Caribbean from the Trial of El Chapo Guzman

In the trial of El Chapo Guzman presently ongoing in the Federal Court of Brooklyn, New York, USA the US Department of Justice (DoJ) produced Chupeta who testified against El Chapo. Chupeta was the face of the El Valle Norte Cartel that dominated the Colombian cocaine trade from the decade of the 1990s to the first decade of the 21st century following the collapse of the Medellin Federation and the Rodriguez Orejuela organisation. The Valle Norte Cartel brought a new business model to the cocaine trade 180 degrees distinctly different and apart from the model of Pablo and the Orejuela brothers as they were willing to sell kilo bricks to persons for cash at the wholesale level leaving the trafficking task to the purchaser or passing them on to trafficking outfits the cartel controlled where they were paid in cash or kind to traffic the kilos bricks to the US and Europe. Chupeta and his new business model unleashed a tsunami of cocaine trafficking in the decade of the 1990s that changed trafficking in Mexico and the Caribbean Basin. In the Caribbean island chain from the decade of the 1990s Chupeta’s business model gave birth to the super rich traffickers of the Caribbean who are citizens of Caribbean island states, live in the Caribbean and now dominate the oligarchies of these Caribbean island states. In 2007 the US got its hands on Chupeta and he has been locked away from the public gaze for 12 years until he appeared in the Federal Courtroom in Brooklyn to put down the wuk on El Chapo one of the oligarchs he created who then took it upon himself to use his allies in the Mexican state to make him the Don of Mexico and see where it got him. Chupeta has the goods on the Caribbean oligarchs and he can do the same job on them that he did to El Chapo. All it takes is the will of the US deep state to make a deal with Chupeta in return for his testimony to the grand jury and in the trial. I wonder if they haven’t already made the deal with Chupeta? Then the extradition warrants arrive for 2 or 3 traffickers from a Caribbean island nation targeted by the deep state for various reasons which all circulate around the projection of US power to protect US interests. This has to be a calculated move for such extradition requests will destroy the legitimacy of the state especially its political order already in tatters for the legitimacy so long questioned by the poor masses of the decent and respectable elite will be destroyed. But deep state actors have in the past warned of the blow that is about to be delivered and the potential expanse of its kill zone in order to enable face saving compliance or servility with plausible denial. There is no reason to think that such a tactic will not be deployed. What must be noted in the terrain of this operational action is the possibility of strategic action in this threat horizon by the Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organisations (MTTOs). The MTTOs have discarded the Chupeta model by laying down an intensely policed and disciplined Pablo model under which there is no need for the Caribbean oligarchic traffickers. The MTTOs have a policy of dropping dimes on traffickers they intend to get rid of to the US agencies, as exemplified by what happened and is happening in Guatemala and Honduras. Maybe at this juncture dimes will begin dropping as this is a very cost effective way to purge an illicit order that is now marked for extinction/death. Only time will tell.




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