Maduro, Guaido, USA and the FANB: The Unspoken Power Broker of Venezuela Today

The Power Broker of Venezuela: The Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organisations (MTTOs)

The model presently being utilised in Venezuela by the US deep state is the Chilean 1973 model where you utilise street protests and all other measures to cripple the economy and then apply the coup de grace with a coup d’état of the armed forces. In Venezuela presently Maduro and his kleptocracy mafia and the Boligarchs have done everything in their power to loot and destroy the economy so there is simply nothing left to destroy. You have public transport buses without tyres and telephones in homes without copper cable connecting them to the exchanges. Whilst there is no opposition to Maduro you have oppositions perpetually fighting amongst themselves and never bothering to present to the electorate an alternative discourse to Maduro’s for they have none. They have long walked away from elections because of their public displays of crab in a barrel syndrome choosing instead to call on America to solve their problem for them thereby ignoring the electorate and the constitution. There is only one common aim that binds all the disparate oppositions together and that is seizure of power through a US made coup and immediately set about the task of re-creating the power of the blanco oligarchy of the Punto Fijo politics of Venezuela crippled by Chavez and his politics. They then intend to write on the present political landscape of Venezuela a return to racist apartheid rooted in austere neo-liberal neo-colonial capitalism thereby marking all the living products of the Chavez Experiment with literal, physical death. Guaido is just a face, an Afro-Mestizo face deliberately chosen as the mask for the blanco oligarchy and their US overlords calling the shots. The fact that that face had to be chosen for this political action at this time illustrates the power of Chavez today in spite of his death.

Maduro and his cohorts have since Chavez’s death potently signalled that they are willing and capable of dismantling the Chavez platform replacing it with crony neo-liberal state kleptocracy capitalism to the benefit of the Boligarchs and the detriment of the masses. There is then no fundamental difference between Maduroismo and anti-Chavismo on the ground in the daily management of the Venezuelan state, the structure of the social order and the power relations between the masses and the State. Under Maduroismo, Chavismo is now a memory and no one in the oppositions has publicly articulated the plan to dismantle Chavismo that matches the record of Maduroismo in erasing Chavismo on the ground in Venezuela. Why then in the face of a blatant incompetent oppositions who can only generate a civil war in Venezuela the US political elite refuses to make the deal that Maduroismo has worked so hard to attain?  Explaining this refusal of the US swamp is like explaining the sustainable hyperinflation in Venezuela that baffles wester neo-liberal economic theorising to this day. They simply don’t have the mental furniture to see the deal and make the deal for all they can see is the expression of US power regardless of the blowback on the US thereafter. You call it white supremacist absolutism.

The Afro-Mestizo Guaido has no option but to call and work for the FANB seizing power by a coup making promises he hopes will be backed up by the US as he apparently does not read US history of its imperial interventions. Maduroismo has no choice but to call for and to make promises to avert a coup but with the track record of Maduroismo in keeping promises such as the pernil and the ham for Christmas 2018, the living wage, medicines and electricity it is obvious that Guaido and Maduroismo are in fact the expression of a political reality in Venezuela where they are supposedly mortal political enemies but all with the same identity: corrupt, vassals to the west, anti-masses, elitist and most importantly vassals of the Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organisations (MTTOS). Which means that whatever the outcome in the war of the clones the MTTOs win and are in charge.

In February 2004 the MTTOs through their Colombian and Haitian affiliates executed the overthrow of the presidency of Jean-Bertrand Aristide of Haiti using the instrument of a drug funded and manned militia headed by their minions in Haiti. In the aftermath of this political action in 2004 to 2019 every single aspect of Haitian life has been criminalised making the most potent criminal state in the Caribbean basin today. One indicator of this reality is the growing power Haitian organised crime is exerting on the ground in the Dominican Republic as no longer are Haitians vassals of Dominican organised crime groups. In the DR, Haitian organised crime controls the ganja trade such is their power today which flows from the post 2004 reality. Presently Venezuelan trafficking is dominated by the MTTOs and their affiliates and deep links exist between the politicians, state officials, the oligarchs, the Guardia Nacional and the FANB. Guaido has to literally seek the permission of the MTTOs to literally persuade the FANB to do the coup on Maduroismo. Will the US deep state be part of these negotiations? Maduroismo already dancing with the MTTOs must stave off this bid by deepening the ties with the MTTOs and tackling the issues that are hindrances to effective trafficking as: greedy officials, an unreliable supply of quality fuel and the degradation of the infrastructure necessary to effective trafficking. Whoever captures the state is then the captive of the Washington swamp and the MTTOs but Washington is absent of the ground whilst the MTTOs and their affiliates are on the ground and constitute daily reality for hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans as was the case with Haiti. In the aftermath of any action, coup, counter coup and civil war the MTTOs will criminalise the daily life of Venezuelans first of the urban ranchos which will form the basis of the destabilisation of the neighbours of Venezuela and the Caribbean island chain bringing the blowback to the soft under belly of the US.

The signs of the process of the bid to exert power over spaces towards hegemony and criminalisation is already apparent in the ranchos of west Caracas as Petare and Catia. In the swath of ranchos across the hills of wester Caracas where the armed gangs who have been engaged in a protracted battle with Maduroismo’s instruments of power as FAES for control of these ranchos are now utilising political protest as the new means to seize control of these spaces. The media of both sides of the same coin simply cannot see nor admit that the gang protests are a battle for gang control of space towards the criminalisation of this space. The gangs intend to be the power brokers of these spaces where either side of the supposed political divide will have to dance with them if they intend to wield state power.  There are also indications that the process is well advanced in the Venezuelan states that border with Colombia where the criminalisation of spaces now impacts electoral and other political behaviour. The Zulia, Táchira and Barinas model is now being applied to Caracas. The clone wars will then accelerate the process for the transformation of Venezuela into a clone of the Mexican model sitting on the north shore of the Caribbean basin with T&T just across a very small pond and the island chain so very close. Recognizing Guaido or Maduro is simply childish propaganda attempting to mask the complexity of a geo-political reality that cannot be reduced to slogans which has the explosive capacity to make our lives in this region even more violently difficult. I wonder what deal the art of the deal would make outside of the swamp?

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