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The Muslims’ of Trinidad & Tobago Response to the action of Brenton Tarrant

The Mass Murderer Brenton Tarrant and his impact on the Ummah of T&T

The white supremacist militant Brenton Tarrant attacked Muslims at Jumaah prayers at two Masjids in Christchurch, New Zealand on 15 March 2019 in an attack of mass murder against the “invaders of white lands.” Sections of the Ummah of T&T immediately responded by insisting that such an arrack on Muslims can take place in T&T. But where are the white supremacists in T&T armed to the teeth to carry out such an attack? The first play on the attack was then pointing fingers at white supremacists but from where? T&T or imported? Then the public discourse changed to that of the threat emanating from the so-called war between the T&T gangland groups Muslim gang and Rasta City. The discourse of the threat stated in public points to the possibility of elements from Rasta City putting down a copy- cat of Tarrant’s Christchurch attack in T&T. Apparently the pressure being felt by the public articulators of this possible threat scenario since the Carnival 2018 arrests arising from the alleged terrorist threat to Carnival that year has resulted in the discourse of a specific type of T&T Muslims now insisting that they are victims. And in their quest for political impact through the constant claim of victimhood they have now pointed the finger at a specific group of predominantly African males as possible perpetrators of mass murder against them. Will all leaders of the so-called Muslim gang be at the same Masjid for Jumaah prayers to facilitate this mass murder? For Muslims outside of the life with no connection to the life are of no significance to the wars for dominance in gangland. Do we have masjids in T&T holding a tonne of ganja, or a case of AR-15 rifles with cases of ammunition or three dozen kilo bricks of blow, H or X or all of the above? If yes, then that makes them a prime target for all of gangland especially Muslim gang for this is the only viable reason for gangland to attack as this means you are in the life and what you have is open season on. Earning, profit, wealth generation drives gangland nothing else. If you have nothing that is valuable in the life what is the profit in repeating the Tarrant action in T&T when you are in the life? I suggest that in your political game of victimhood stay out of gangland T&T business. Before you play political games with gangland T&T first understand the life! The most potent threat to the Ummah of T&T presently does not emanate from gangland T&T but from within the Ummah specifically those who pledged bay’at to Islamic State but are unable to undertake Hijrah and are now beached in T&T, castaways of Islamic State in T&T. But in their loyalty to the Khalifah have decided to act on the dictates of Islamic State specifically the Fatwa of Takfir pronounced on all the Muslim organisations of T&T by Islamic State. Don’t cry wolf in your political games with the Kaffirun when the grave threat emanates from within the Ummah itself. Don’t point at Brenton Tarrant, point at yourself first!

To read my deconstruction of Brenton Tarrant’s discourse of white supremacist hate and the special place he affords Muslims in it click the link–Deconstructed

31 March 2019

The short bios most with photographs of victims of Brenton Tarrant’s white supremacist mass murder in Christchurch, New Zealand have been released. This enables scrutiny to determine how many “traitors” he targeted in both attacks in light of his special emphasis on the imperative to kill race traitors. In the course of this search the fact that he also murdered the most hated person in the cosmology of the white supremacist: The Miscegenated was uncovered. The single victim of the mass murder event that fits Tarrant’s definition of the traitor was a white woman who had embraced Islam in New Zealand and paid with her life for doing this simple act of self-determination. The Miscegenated person, Tarrant’s victim, the product of race mixing was also Muslim which was an affront and the most potent threat to white supremacist discourse expressed in human form, the Devil incarnate. You race mix with a non-white woman and the product of this mongrelisation of the supreme race then adopts Islam. This Miscegenated is the living expression of the most potent threat to the European in their white lands posed by the Muslim invaders. This threat demands the Final Solution! This is the story of my life as I am ever alert in my expectation of the Final Solution. Tarrant murdered a white woman who embraced Islam thereby constituting her an enemy of her race and a young Miscegenated male who embraced the Din of his non-white mother. Such is the nature of Hate as an instrument of Power!



Chinese Transnational Organised Crime or Bottom Feeders in Trinidad and Tobago

March 4, 2019

Chinese Transnational Organised Crime Groups in T&T

On February 5, 2019 the public relations machine of the State and the adoring corporate media bombarded Trinidad & Tobago (T&T) with news of 19 Spanish speaking girls presumed to be Venezuelans being freed from captivity as sex slaves at locations in Westmoorings and Woodbrook. We were told that eighteen persons were arrested in this operation which included six Chinese nationals and four Venezuelan men. To-date two supposedly Chinese nationals have been charged with offences under the Gambling and Betting Act not one of the 18 arrested have been charged with human trafficking and sixteen remain under arrest with no charges laid period. Apparently arrest without being charged for a considerable of time is standard operating procedure.

In order to understand what went down on February 5, 2019 you must understand the operational procedures of the transnational organised crime groups (TOCG) that dominate human smuggling in the Caribbean, Central and South America namely the Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organisations (MTTOs) and their affiliates from China in this region, the Fujian transnational organised crime groups (FTOCGs) and the Triads from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the rest of South-East Asia termed Chinese Transnational organised Crime Groups (CTOCGs). Every single operational reality of the February 5 operation revealed in the public domain to-date breaks every operational procedure that governs the operation of these groups in this region. The operation dismantled in T&T was not that of the hegemonic TOCGs of this region and their operations in T&T continue unhindered and untouched. The dime was dropped on a renegade operation of Venezuelans and Asians who were not sanctioned, they were not paying their dues and they were posing a threat to sanctioned operations by their sloppiness, haphazard and stupid modus operandi. What is apparent is that the source of supply of Venezuelan women was Venezuelan organised crime in T&T and Venezuela, (namely the Sindicatos) where a variety of methods were utilised to secure supply. These comprise of: the sale of smuggling services to Venezuelan families where the full premium package sold involved the promise of legal entry into T&T, employment and long term earning potential. Another package was you paid to be smuggled into T&T and was guaranteed employment as a sex worker. Another was you paid to be smuggled and upon arriving in T&T you were told you owed additional money which you pay off by sex work. And in T&T, Venezuelan organised crime simply picked up select targets who were here illegally or legally. They then passed these Venezuelan women to the Asian operators who housed them and ran the sex slave operations. The most valuable prize with young women is the hymen intact sex slave where the hymen is sold to the highest bidder thereafter the value of the sex worker falls with each trick turned. The turnover rate is very high and there is a surplus of Hispanic women available in the sex trade of the Caribbean and Latin America. The market value of Hispanic women in sex work in the Western hemisphere simply does not merit the involvement of transnational organised crime but Chinese women well that is another story. Nor the risk to kidnap such women when there is an overabundance of them willing to pay to be smuggled in order to turn tricks. The demand for services to be smuggled in order to turn tricks outstrips supply in Central and South America and the Caribbean.

The business model then does not match Mexican and Chinese transnational organised crime in the Caribbean, Central and South America. What has to be determined is if the Asians are in fact bona fide Chinese nationals, for they can be ethnic Chinese from South-East Asia as Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand to name a few who followed the entry of the Chinese construction companies into T&T. If so, they are the bottom feeders of Asian organised crime in T&T and are willing to do anything to earn. If nationals of China then they are not members of the FTOCGs who are very powerful and active throughout the Western Hemisphere for they do not show the discipline, ruthlessness and methodology of the FTOCGs. The same applies to the Triads. These are then opportunistic criminals from China why by their actions are devoid of links to the power players of this region and lack key crucial resources and discipline which constitute the threat they pose to the stealth operations of CTOGS in T&T which have not been exposed publicly much less interdicted since the arrival of the Triads in the late 19th century. The Snake Head of T&T has then powerful reasons to drop the dime on this operation and with the dime dropped the message to those arrested is silence.

In the human smuggling game, players always want you to pay to be smuggled which makes you a willing accomplice to a criminal act. You don’t complain during the journey, you are very compliant and obedient which is essential when crossing illicitly a series of international borders. That is why the coyotes and the Fujianese smugglers have an aversion to transporting kidnapped persons, this is the trademark of a low level hustler gang seeking only to rob, kill and maim their cargo which is bad for the business. All smugglers drill it into their clients that if caught you must have no personal ID on you and insist that you are a victim of traffickers who forced you against your will but never testify in court for they know your family and where you are. And almost always those who say they are victims never ask to be returned to their country of origin for they did everything to leave and by pleading victimisation they hope to be allowed to stay where they were interdicted. This is because if you admit you were willingly smuggled you face jail but if you say you were trafficked then you are a victim and the T&T State simply does not have the means to prove otherwise and don’t want to because they are scoring brownie points by interdicting human traffickers. Transnational organised crime works us like salts.

FTOCGs and CTOGs are all affiliated to the MTTOs as the MTTOs command the approaches to the US and Canada for human smuggling through the US-Mexico border and from the US territories in the Caribbean namely the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The FTOGs and the CTOGs move smuggled humans i.e. Chinese to Central and South America then to Mexico for the crossing. They also supply drug precursors for the manufacture of synthetic drugs as meth and fentanyl, heroin and cocaine, fake goods, counterfeit goods, synthetic drugs, electronic goods both consumer and industrial to the MTTOs and arms. In an outward flow to China and Asia the CTOGs traffick cocaine and rare and exotic animals and their body parts many are endangered and critically endangered as Jaguar body parts and skins, turtles their eggs and young turtles, birds and fish swim bladders and highly prized endangered logwood as rosewood, crude oil, gold, diamonds and coltan.  This trade in animals and logwood is more valuable than the drug trade. These groups now dominate the trade in Chinese women for the sex trade. The scale and expanse of trafficking operations of the CTOGs in Central America, South America and the Caribbean indicate that the T&T operation exposed in February 2019 is the work of bottom feeders.

In T&T the CTOGs have worked their dominant model of human smuggling since the early 20th century and it remains intact where Chinese move into T&T with the proper immigration approvals bought by the organisation. The persons brought in are bonded to front businesses owned by the CTOGs or under the dominion of the CTOGs where these persons work until such time that the move on to the next stage of their journey to the USA or Canada. The openly illicit side of the business is never mixed with the licit face so you don’t run sex houses using your smuggling repositories for your Chinese clients. The sex houses they run are exclusive operations catering for those who can afford their desire for Asian women especially Chinese women. Whereas the bottom feeders are smuggling in Asians not paying their dues to the agents of the State for legal documentation to enter, to reside and work, then placing this illicit labour as bonded labour in their licit front businesses where the illicit businesses of gambling, the sex trade and the holding of sex slaves are all housed. This business model demands huge injections of impunity purchased from State agents who eventually end up as silent partners which increases the vulnerability of this business model and the fall out generated from its operation including violence. This is a grave threat to a CTOCGs business model that has been in sustainable operation in Trinidad for close to 100 years, the violence that results, has already broken out commencing with the assassination of the Dragon’s Tail of T&T and it continues.

It is entertaining to watch the gymnastics of the local corporate media who always toed the western media line of opposition to Chavez and now Maduro as they skirt the pressing issue of Venezuelan organised crime cells in T&T amongst the “victims of socialism” calling the shots. The Sindicatos in T&T now present a clear and present danger to all of us and T&T as they exert real power over, especially the recently arrived Venezuelan group in T&T both legal and illegal. The interdiction of February 5, 2019 proves this and it is only a matter of time the activity of the Sindicatos will spur an intensification of the turf wars in T&T’s gangland as has already happened in isolated areas.

All Chinese simply don’t look alike to me as I can clearly discern my maternal grandfather Chin Min Lun from Minister Young as is the difference between spoken Cantonese, Fujian dialect and Mandarin such is the benefit of being mixed.

17 March 2019

The Newsday newspaper of 15 March 2019 reported that a Chinese national who grew up in Guyana and a Venezuelan female were charged under the Sexual Offences Act for running a brothel and assisting in running a brothel. No one is to-date charged with human trafficking thereby falsifying the grand media talk on the day of the bust. The methodology of the Chinese male was most sloppy as it is alleged he was running a brothel out of a house that he leased from its owner in his  name. Simply not up to par for CTNOC except he was the fall guy for the Snake Head. The source of the women to work in the sex trade remains intact and is chugging along and the next stage is witnesses to testify which will definitely indicate the nature of the operation. Again bottom feeders put in their place whilst the players operate with impunity.