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Kilo Bricks on the Hull of the LNG Tanker, Pax Mexicana

The load of kilo bricks found attached to the underside of a LNG tanker being loaded for delivery to Spain at Atlantic, Point Fortin is by far the loudest shot across the bow of ship T&T. It is now apparent that the Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organisation (MTTOs) are now turning T&T into a major trafficking hub of the  Southern Caribbean. Guyana, Suriname, French Guyana and T&T all  under the operational command of Brazil will now form the alternate trafficking axis as Venezuela is no longer a capable premier trafficking point to international markets. When you have 11 international  airlines abandoning Venezuela in six years how do you traffic your product? Let those who continue to vomit the static propaganda of 200 to 500 tonnes of cocaine entering and leaving Venezuela through that ramshackle, collapsed  economy answer this question. The regime change propaganda that masks the reality that Brazil  is the current premier export point but there is no war on  Brazil just as there is no war on drugs. Every single tanker that enters and leaves Atlantic and Point Lisas to all parts of the world is now under the gaze of the MTTOs’ sophisticated trafficking arms in T&T with their T&T and Caribbean gangland affiliates. If the pictures published in two daily newspapers are in fact of the loads of bricks removed from the hull of the LNG tanker, they are the real deal, the standard packaging used by the MTTOs for this trafficking mode. Where divers attach the packages under cover of darkness when the tanker has entered the turning bay, docked and is attached to the LNG supply. Upon arrival at  the destination of the load divers retrieve the load. This means the the MTTOs have penetrated the security of Atlantic and for all other ports of T&T that are relevant to their operations. The players are now in the house and the fakers created by the Valle Norte model must bow down even lower than they are already bowing. The ammonia, methanol, urea etc tankers are now all on the line. The Zimmern Beharry organisation had the audacity and insight to traffic drugs to the US on those same tankers from Point Lisas and Beharry paid for this with three consecutive life sentences in a US Federal prison. Those who gave up Beharry are now facing their Karma. Such is life. Pax Mexicana!!

To those who insisted I am mad over the years. To those who s destroyed my means to make a legal living. To those who hope I will simply shut up and go away. You will never grasp the reality that delusion cannot deal with reality on the ground, much less change it and you are all delusional. You all manufacture denial out of delusion, drinking the kool aid you have brewed for the masses. Now deal with  this reality, the reality of PAX MEXICANA!!