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COVI-19/SARS-CoV-2 the Politics of Death

There are signal realities of the Covid-19/SARS-CoV-2 virus that must be understood in order to inform effective countermeasure that ensure the minimum disruption of an infected human population. The manner in which the virus assaults the human body and the response of the human immune system are central to this knowledge base, Sadly the response to this virus is driven by politics and geo-politics rather than fact, the war being waged by an empire in decline and of politicians seeking to ensure re-election by any means necessary. There is then the politics of testing as mass testing will create a population of positive persons that is politically unacceptable, so low testing follows the maxim what the eye doh see the heart doh grieve, whilst pools of infection attain critical mass. Then there is the case of infection with asymptomatic response where those persons are not tested as their symptoms are not the symptoms the official discourse says are symptoms of infection. Official discourse wants then to create normality for the power relation between the virus and the human immune system, again politics. These infected people slip through the cracks and infect others as typhoid Mary. The origin of the virus is of grave importance for its unique specialized manner of attacking the human organism indicates an evolutionary period in a pool of human hosts, where this pool of hosts enabled this evolution, where is this ground zero is most important, It happened once with a corona virus, it can happen again and again and with other viruses. Click the links below and experience alternate knowledge.

April 12, 2020 The asymptomatic remain political hot  potatoes as politicians faced with re-election are gambling with our lives as they want the positive cases count remain politically manageable. They are the out there spreading the virus hopefully contained with lockdown. Then there is the case of South Korea where persons under the hegemonic protocol attempting to normalize a virus tested positive, recovered, passed their all clear tests, were released and have since returned positive for SARS-CoV -2. In this case experience the position of the immunologist interviewed on Sophie & Co.

April 29, 2014

The non-elected politicians of the State medical apparatus have a common playbook which prescribes four weeks of lockdown followed by at minimum a further two weeks. this prescription is dogma as it is devoid of evidentiary support as there is no extensive testing of the population to find the possible wellsprings of infection, it refuses to deal with the singularities of the virus that falsifies their discourse of normal disease and it refuses to bend in the face of the facts that  they put out to people in lockdown on a daily basis. These bureaucrats care little about wrecking lives and destroying the economy to save the patient as their career prospects are paramount hence they dispense fear mongering on a daily basis feeding on the fear of dying. Politicians in the Caribbean especially those faced with re-election have broadly adopted two responses to this medical dogma with its snake oil science: adopt the strategy of the medical bureaucrats without criticism as they are mortally afraid of a collapse of the health system on their watch convinced that this will sink their victory at the polls. This is the fear of political defeat merged with the fear of death which has shown its willingness to strangle an economy in need of life support. This is the case of T&T as the realities of the energy market should have silenced the medical bureaucrats long ago by insisting on expansive testing be done to allow  proper assessment of the threat scenario and the way forward, which was not done. Now we have strangled a sick economy driving thousands of marginal people into full blown indigence and fear mongering cannot fill empty bellies. The politicians and the non-elected politicians simply do not have a clue what daily survival entails for the marginal in T&T hence their inability to address this manufactured social crisis. The other political response is to allow sections of the economy to function in a bid to soften the blow of the economic collapse as in Jamaica which has now backfired as there is no testing to support this decision hence  the outbreak in the call centers. This refusal to test with the volume required to expose the risks involved with this decision has plunged the DR into the pandemic flash point of the Caribbean island chain. Other politicians of the Caribbean island chain have indicated their willingness to throw the medical playbook out of the window as they are not seeking re-election and there is the willingness to be even more extreme than the medical playbook when faced with re-election. In Suriname presidential elections due shortly trumps the medical playbook and the virus.

It is now revealed that the virus has now falsified the discourse of immunology and there are questions of the efficacy of human antibody Covid 19 tests on the market as instances of persons who were infected and recovered presenting a low antibody load. Are they then immune? In the Caribbean we have no antibody research reported nor genetic screening of our infections reported. We are then locking down populations and destroying lives and economies blindly selling snake oil to our people. Click on the links that follow to experience the realities of Covid 19 the virus in all its potency. The present snake oil is a quick and effective vaccine.

May 24 2020

Long term immunity remains the grave uncertainty as the talking heads with whirlwind tongues peddle the hope of a vaccine by the end of 2020. The lessons of the paper by B Korber et al is compulsory reading as they discovered the 14 mutations of the Spike protein of the virus with mutation D614G being of specific and urgent concern given its drive for hegemony when it enters fresh populations. Then there is the ability of strains to recombine posing multiple strains infections. Then there is the discovery that Covid 19 was active in France as at December 27 2019. How did it move from Wuhan to France so rapidly? What is most obvious in this pandemic is the political position that the poor and marginalized pose the gravest threat to social order. these groups then have to be policed, socially controlled as their lifestyle is the grave threat. In T&T the privileged continue to have their hair styled, their mani and pedi, their domestic workers, their landscapers, re[pairs and n maintenance to their [properties. Whilst when we seek to avoid the lunacy of our cramped  living conditions filled with humanity by going for a sea bath in deadly polluted sea water we are arrested and fined TT$ 1,000 per person. This is not law enforcement but social control of a profiled socio-economic group of a specific race in a specific space by members of this race group for the benefit of the oligarchs who flout the law openly. This why we of this group couldn’t go and buy from street vendors because we are all lawless threatening to spread the virus. But we didn’t fly to Miami and NY city and Europe bringing it back. The reality of infection is deliberately submerged with fear as an instrument of social control. Yet they have us scrambling in long lines to buy food, pay our bills and collect the little change from foreign that we need to make ends meet. You starve us to save us and expose us to Covid 19 whilst we scramble to access essential services. This is a bad memory I will never forget. Massa day ain’t done.

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June 9, 2020

The fall out from the blow to the local economy is now being made manifest as the reopening is ongoing. Workers are being sent home for three months without pay whilst others are only working ten days with pay for the month. The research shows that the Covid-19 virus is vastly different from that of SARS as it has a mechanism to disarm the operation of our immune system very much like the HIV virus. Research in Hong kong has raised the issue of the 80-20 ratio with 20 percent being super spreaders responsible for aggressively infecting the 80% which questions the methodology of flattening the curve after you have failed to arrest the access the 20% has to large crowds. The issue especially for small islands where the virus has to be imported is then early action to prevent importation of the virus which allows the population to continue with their economic lives with minimum disruption.