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T&T Covid-19: Cases 142 to 147

The word from the Game is that the super spreader responsible for cases 142 to 147 is extensively, intensely and intimately involved with the business of border jumpers and with border  jumpers. Apparently those who  push the victims of human trafficking discourse who also push the regime change in Venezuela discourse have no problem with the manner in which these new arrivals have sexualized communities across T&T by creating spaces devoted to the sex trade of kinds, types and kinks where before it existed in hushed terms. First they overran the s red light districts of Port of Spain, moved into Maraval, Diego Martin, the western peninsula, La Canoa, Santa Cruz, Mt Lambert. Changed and expanded the trade in Curepe for straight and Queer, exploded the trade in Arima then moved southwards down Cocorite Road, Sangre Grande and up the Toco main road. In Penal and Debe they run things and along the Naparima-Mayaro Road to Mayaro and Guaya. Tobago is now theirs. All the while displacing our T&T sex workers.This is what they pay their US$ to enter T&T illegally for and then their board and lodge they are not victims they are victimizing T&T. The latest report from Venezuela shows that Sucre state is not a national  hot spot for Covid-19 infections which means that the two export point for these illegal migrants are plagued with Covid-19 infections. In Venezuela where gasoline and diesel are perpetually in short supply ever wonder where the fuel is coming from to fuel these people smuggling boats to T&T and back? A load of people in and fuel from T&T out. This is Transnational Organized Crime. Trump is deporting them from the USA whilst we welcome those with the same immigration status that Trump is dumping and he is the King of regime change in Venezuela. Do the Dragon dance!

T&T Covid-19 Case# 139 and Border Jumpers

Covid-19 patient NO. 139 is the first in 80 days in T&T who was not a returning resident who tested positive in quarantine nor a border jumper who turned positive in T&T. Patient # 139 was infected in T&T by an infected person who  was most likely a border jumper or who caught it from a border jumper. Then we have patient # 142 now who did not travel and has no connection to patient # 139 which is pointing to a source of infection that is arsing from border jumpers. The gravest threat posed presently are those from Sucre and Delta Amacuro states in Venezuela. The first wave of Covid-19 infections in Venezuela came with those who traveled to Europe and returned to Venezuela and this wave was handled with aggressive application of the measures recommended to flatten the curve. But in the midst of  this the wave of Venezuelans who walked out of Venezuela dragging their fake Gucci luggage on their way to Cucuta, Colombia began returning in a tsunami which destroyed all measures applied to control this influx towards identifying  and quarantining the infected. Those returning found  that they were waiting too long to enter as they wanted an entry as fast they left. They then turned to the trocheros and very old and new illegal trails over the border with Colombia flooded Zulia state especially where you had the disaster of the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo. It is estimated that 90,000 persons with some 6% of them infected with Covid-19 flooded Venezuela precipitating the situation today. T&T is faced with  grave danger as the human smugglers of Sucre and Delta Amacuro states have cranked up their operations as demand for their services to land them in T&T has exploded. The price out of Guiria is US$ 300 per head, infant, child, adult with family and friends in T&T paying the cost to travel. There is then a beachhead in T&T operating to import illicit Venezuelans utilizing resources they are earning in T&T to pose a danger to the well being of citizens of T&T. In Tucupita in Delta Amacuro they are collecting them on farms awaiting their turn for transport to T&T. This has alarmed the population of these areas to such an extent in these times of Covid-19 that they are informing on them, protesting publicly against their presence in their community which forced the PNB to act. This is Tucupita drug capital of the Delta where no dog barked to the police such is the fear of the Covid-19 in Tucupita. Tucupita municipality in Delta Amacuro state is one of the national hot spots for increasing Covid-19 infections in Venezuela today constituting a pool of infection that human smuggling is contributing to that is in turn threatening T&T. Every single client who purchases sexual favors, who purchases a bride, who employs, who associates with, who is on a maxi with is now faced with infection from the border jumpers.

30 June 2020 Message from Gangland T&T

The public protest of 30 June 2020 that was focused on Port- of Spain and its suburbs of East and North Port of Spain exhibited signs of central planning, coordination and the use of all resources possessed including illicit force to attain a specific end. This end was the provocation of the police utilizing a range of measures to precipitate the use of deadly force on protesters taking lives thereby precipitating a political crisis that envelops the police in an election year. The overarching intent was the political message sent in an election year of the power a non State actor wields over the spaces of protest in the suburbs surrounding Port of Spain, the seat of government. In these spaces the government reigns but does not rule which is the product of a colossal failure of policing from the 1970s to the present.

The police commissioner continues to insist that the strategy unleashed on the 30 June 2020 was the product of gangland in these spaces as supposedly warring, factionalized gangland according to mainstream discourse suddenly combined, formulated the strategy and launched and managed the operation on 30 June purely out of hate for an effective police in a quest for space. Snake oil with a political flavor as per usual since August 2017. It is revealed by the police that they had no idea of the scale of the operation that was unleashed on 30 June but they knew something was coming. This is an admission that the group that created, launched and managed the operation is not penetrated by, there are no assets in this group. Hence you had no idea that militias armed with assault rifles will be used from the high ground to create operating conditions of deadly fire in order to precipitate opening fire on demonstrators. Then the word cartel was used. This new found order of gangland has it now constituted a gangland cartel?

Multiple gangland spaces under the control of gangs supposedly at war with each other were combined to create an open, flowing field of engagement with the police. Quarry Street and Observatory Street flowed in unison, the plannings of east Port of Spain flowed in unison, Sea Lots flowed with east Port of Spain whilst Beetham Gardens and north of the Eastern Main Road became one. This is the most potent public expression given by gangland T&T to-date that the mainstream discourse is just ole talk. The message is that there exists a new order on the ground rooted in the hegemony of Transnational Organized Crime that controls supply and affords the means to generate wealth through the illicit trades that before was denied to gangland. This is about wealth, business and earning. After four capos were removed from 2018 to the present the order is talking from the ground to the powers that be and the message is Pax Mexicana!