T&T Covid-19 Case# 139 and Border Jumpers

Covid-19 patient NO. 139 is the first in 80 days in T&T who was not a returning resident who tested positive in quarantine nor a border jumper who turned positive in T&T. Patient # 139 was infected in T&T by an infected person who  was most likely a border jumper or who caught it from a border jumper. Then we have patient # 142 now who did not travel and has no connection to patient # 139 which is pointing to a source of infection that is arsing from border jumpers. The gravest threat posed presently are those from Sucre and Delta Amacuro states in Venezuela. The first wave of Covid-19 infections in Venezuela came with those who traveled to Europe and returned to Venezuela and this wave was handled with aggressive application of the measures recommended to flatten the curve. But in the midst of  this the wave of Venezuelans who walked out of Venezuela dragging their fake Gucci luggage on their way to Cucuta, Colombia began returning in a tsunami which destroyed all measures applied to control this influx towards identifying  and quarantining the infected. Those returning found  that they were waiting too long to enter as they wanted an entry as fast they left. They then turned to the trocheros and very old and new illegal trails over the border with Colombia flooded Zulia state especially where you had the disaster of the Las Pulgas market in Maracaibo. It is estimated that 90,000 persons with some 6% of them infected with Covid-19 flooded Venezuela precipitating the situation today. T&T is faced with  grave danger as the human smugglers of Sucre and Delta Amacuro states have cranked up their operations as demand for their services to land them in T&T has exploded. The price out of Guiria is US$ 300 per head, infant, child, adult with family and friends in T&T paying the cost to travel. There is then a beachhead in T&T operating to import illicit Venezuelans utilizing resources they are earning in T&T to pose a danger to the well being of citizens of T&T. In Tucupita in Delta Amacuro they are collecting them on farms awaiting their turn for transport to T&T. This has alarmed the population of these areas to such an extent in these times of Covid-19 that they are informing on them, protesting publicly against their presence in their community which forced the PNB to act. This is Tucupita drug capital of the Delta where no dog barked to the police such is the fear of the Covid-19 in Tucupita. Tucupita municipality in Delta Amacuro state is one of the national hot spots for increasing Covid-19 infections in Venezuela today constituting a pool of infection that human smuggling is contributing to that is in turn threatening T&T. Every single client who purchases sexual favors, who purchases a bride, who employs, who associates with, who is on a maxi with is now faced with infection from the border jumpers.

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