T&T Covid-19: Cases 142 to 147

The word from the Game is that the super spreader responsible for cases 142 to 147 is extensively, intensely and intimately involved with the business of border jumpers and with border  jumpers. Apparently those who  push the victims of human trafficking discourse who also push the regime change in Venezuela discourse have no problem with the manner in which these new arrivals have sexualized communities across T&T by creating spaces devoted to the sex trade of kinds, types and kinks where before it existed in hushed terms. First they overran the s red light districts of Port of Spain, moved into Maraval, Diego Martin, the western peninsula, La Canoa, Santa Cruz, Mt Lambert. Changed and expanded the trade in Curepe for straight and Queer, exploded the trade in Arima then moved southwards down Cocorite Road, Sangre Grande and up the Toco main road. In Penal and Debe they run things and along the Naparima-Mayaro Road to Mayaro and Guaya. Tobago is now theirs. All the while displacing our T&T sex workers.This is what they pay their US$ to enter T&T illegally for and then their board and lodge they are not victims they are victimizing T&T. The latest report from Venezuela shows that Sucre state is not a national  hot spot for Covid-19 infections which means that the two export point for these illegal migrants are plagued with Covid-19 infections. In Venezuela where gasoline and diesel are perpetually in short supply ever wonder where the fuel is coming from to fuel these people smuggling boats to T&T and back? A load of people in and fuel from T&T out. This is Transnational Organized Crime. Trump is deporting them from the USA whilst we welcome those with the same immigration status that Trump is dumping and he is the King of regime change in Venezuela. Do the Dragon dance!

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