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Now Published: “Derek Walcott’s Poetry Deconstructed Its Political and Sociological Discourse Revealed”

” This is a deconstruction of the published books of poetry of Derek Walcott from 1961 to 1981 to unearth, expose and analyze the discourse and worldview of Walcott of miscegenated being, the Caribbean dystopia and the existential condition of the African and Indian Diasporas in the Caribbean dystopia. Walcott segregates himself from the Caribbean dystopia as he excoriates the African and Indian Diasporas blaming them for constructing the dystopia, they are trapped in. Walcott exempts white supremacist colonial and neo-colonial imperial power relations which condemns us to dependency and underdevelopment at the level of the idea. Which he must do for Walcott insists that what separates him from the Dystopia and enables his freedom from the dystopia, his flight to the North Atlantic is his white grandfather’s legacy bequeathed to him by his miscegenated father. At the level of his genome Walcott is special, exceptional in the realm of the Dystopia compelled to prove and affirm this state of being in the North Atlantic. Walcott then frames his poetry on the foundation of the binary, Manichean duality of white North Atlantic discourse. I had a white grandfather and father which makes this deconstruction a personal conversation between two conflicting discourses of miscegenated being and our place in the world.” This was on my list of must do books as it is a personal reading of one who embraces his white grandfather’s  legacy whilst dumping on all of us in the Caribbean. I had a white grandfather but I only have the memory of being the object of hate etched on my memory which I refuse to embrace for its legacy is to be plagued with hallucinatory whiteness, relentlessly engaged in self-immolation. Walcott and I are then worldviews apart as I relentlessly resist the world framed according to the discourse of white supremacy whilst he embraced it in his desire for the Nobel prize, for white affirmation.