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The Agenda to Assault Trinidad and Tobago using Venezuelan illegal migration as a Weapon: the case of My Memories

The following is now public information in Venezuela on the disaster of the human smuggling venture from Sucre State to T&T that resulted in 28 deaths (so far): the owner of the boat My Memories and the owner of the farm where the clients were housed, loaded onto the boat at La Rincon and departed for T&T who were both arrested, are convicted drug traffickers, the owner of the boat had two of his children on My Memories who drowned, the price per head for the trip was USD 150, the owner of the boat was interdicted by the GNB on December 9 bringing in a boat load of Venezuelans from T&T and he paid USD 4, 500 in hush money to the GNB.

The Reality

Why does a member of a transnational organized crime group which specializes in smuggling illicit drugs, small arms and humans from Sucre State to T&T and the Eastern Caribbean break The Rule and charge a transport fee of USD 150 which is half of the minimum cost of being smuggled from Sucre and Delta Amacuro States to T&T? Why did these smuggling trips that target the families of those recently arrived Venezuelans living in T&T, who pay in USD in T&T for the service at cut rate prices, suddenly appear in the run up to the December 6 National Assembly elections of Venezuela and continued thereafter after Chavismo won? Did the Capo of the trafficking group willingly place his two children on the My Memories with all three of them knowing fully well that the boat was not capable of reaching T&T’s coastline safely?

What has to be grasped is the fact the the regime change agenda in Venezuela has as the tip of its spear the Colombian paramilitary groups that traffick illicit drugs through Venezuela. This was potently illustrated by the photos of the interloper in the company of the command of Los Rastrojos in Tachira State, Venezuela. All arms of these Colombian paramilitary transnational organized crime groups have now been mobilized to destabilize the Gulf and T&T using the trafficking organizations of their capos that link T&T to Venezuela, their members in T&T, their gang members in T&T and the members of the recently arrived Venezuelans who are under the control of this transnational crime group. They broke The Rule to spark a run for smuggling services to fill boats to then precipitate an assault on T&T’s handling of illicit Venezuelan migrants. This assault embraced churning out fake news of the brutality of the T&T Coast Guard, the T&T government and the “rights” of illicit migration as if T&T is a colony of Venezuela and the well oiled regime change corporate media in T&T lapped it up feeding at the trough of the Colombian paramilitary traffickers.

The capos by breaking The Rule sent a message in Sucre State and to T&T the same they have sent repeatedly to the rest of the order of the illicit trades of Venezuela that they are willing to jeopardize The Rule, the maximization of profit and the generation and accumulation of wealth for a political agenda which they insist will give them political hegemony over Venezuela. The interloper and his circus are in bed with Colombian paramilitary organized crime but they are America’s drug traffickers.

The Rule has responded in the Gulf and in T&T as the Cleansing is now broader and deeper in the order of the illicit trades in T&T. The Rule has sent the message that it will not allow the political agenda of the capos to disrupt the new order that is in place, operative over gangland in T&T. Maybe, perhaps the message in the Gulf involved My Memories? This intent of the Colombian paramilitary to constitute the gangland order of Venezuela in T&T where you have gangs affiliated to the Colombian paramilitary as La Linea pursuing a regime change agenda on the ground rather than pursuing wealth generation and maximization has provoked a potent response from The Rule with The Cleansing.

The local drug traffickers of T&T especially from the minority races are under pressure to source product and have this product trafficked to Europe as the MTTOs and the Ndrangheta have closed the European market to product they don’t control. The Colombian paramilitaries can only reach Spain especially Galicia which is presently suffering from too much product fighting to land in limited space, it is a choke point and they are being given up. The local traffickers must then seek alternate entry points and markets but the MTTOs control Mexico which makes the local traffickers very prone to Colombian paramilitary pressure for political action in T&T which places them on a path to collision with The Rule set out by Pax Mexicana. The corbeaux are already roosting on the podium of Santa Muerte.

This entire assault is premised on our failure to act timely to prevent the Venezuelan migrant incursion into T&T which formed in T&T a forward operating location (FOL), a beachhead for the political wars of regime change in Venezuela to threaten the very stability of out social order. The delusion peddled by the regime change talking heads is deliberately constituted discourse to blind us to the threat posed by this FOL in our country for they themselves are delusional as they cannot understand the reality of Venezuela on the ground today. This is no western white supremacist Manichean duality of good/white:black/evil but shades of grey with the power wielded by transnational criminal organizations, of The Rule, the MTTOs and the Colombian paramilitaries faced with the hegemony of The Rule that threatens to strangle them. When we allowed the Venezuelans to flood into T&T we inherited this war between The Rule and the old, discredited, failed order of the Capos in the Caribbean who are on the losing end thus far, in fact it is a war of extinction. Pax Mexicana!

If poverty is the driving force for the Venezuelan migrant incursion why aren’t the Haitians flooding into T&T as they don’t require a visa to enter? There is no transnational organized crime group in Haiti to-date selling packages to T&T as it is not a prime destination unlike Brazil. Transnational criminal organizations sold T&T as a destination in Venezuela with the majority choosing not to pay as they could walk to Colombia and Brazil. Those who came to T&T came with multiple purposes posing as suffering migrants. I have never seen such a collection of persons with such rotund bellies, El Gordo and La Gorda coming from a country where they are starving unlike the Haitians who we show no sympathy for.

Check this fake news designed to hurt T&T.

For an analysis of the reality of drug trafficking in Venezuela today see my latest book on transnational organized crime in the Caribbean