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From Sexual Sadist, Rapist, to Serial Rapist then Serial Killer in Trinidad and Tobago: A Colossal Failure of Policing

Analysis of what has been published in the daily print media of Trinidad and Tobago especially the testimony of an abduction, robbery and rape victim reveals the enterprise of a sexual sadist, rapist who evolved into a serial rapist, then into a serial killer to silence his victims to ensure the integrity of his enterprise and the sustainability of the impunity he was afforded by the colossal failure of policing and the court system of Trinidad and Tobago. The perpetrator was no apex sexual sadist rapist as he was incapable of sustainable earning vitally necessary to maintain a facade of respectability and to generate the capital needed to invest in the sustainable infrastructure needed for the hunt, abduction, sexual sadism during repeated rape, murder and disposal of the body of the victim. His incompetence led him to form working alliances with partners in the enterprise which forced him to rob the victim to pay them for their services and to pay himself towards continuing his enterprise. He was a bungling, incompetent serial rapist, serial killer driven by a burning desire to stalk, abduct, render his victim powerless and in this situation of powerlessness unleash a range of sexual violence on his victim that gave him pleasure, that satiated his desire for the moment. Sexual violence on the powerless victim was his erotic. His bungling incompetence meant that he could not afford the infrastructure to abduct victims holding them in bondage as sexual slaves then killing them. This is what his desire demanded but he was incapable of earning, of creating and maintaing the facade necessary to ensure the sustainability of this enterprise. The burning question is then is how often then did he abduct rape and how many of his rape victims did he kill. Alas we will never know because he is silenced, beaten to death, when we all need him alive to deconstruct his mind methodically, without a hint of violence to reveal to us where did he dump his victims and when. Beating a sexual sadist means nothing, they are immune to violence for it is violence that molded them. What they fear is being incarcerated, unable to stalk, abduct and unleash violence, to satiate their desire. Some when faced with the certainty of incarceration their self-importance kicks on and they begin to boast of their conquests, others show relief in being caught convinced that the case against them is air tight they sing like a semp. To see the signs of the modus operandi of a serial rapist, serial killer and act upon them to arrest and incarcerate this perpetrator and in the process deconstructing their minds, you need policing liberated from colonial policing where your police is a hammer therefore they can only see nails. The potent, abiding lesson is that the failure to incarcerate this perpetrator when he started his career gave him the operating space in which to evolve from sexual sadist, rapist to serial rapist then to serial killer. The system failed, the politicians and the recycled failed politician failed all of us and there were victims who did not need to die and surviving victims who did not need to be victimized and to date the system has refused to say sorry, be penitent and then show how it will never happen again. This is the arrogance born out of the impunity the politics of race affords the system in T&T. Which has failed us miserably and will continue to fail us. In 1978 I wrote on rape in T&T for my BA (HONS) thesis at UWI, St Augustine, in the late 1970s and early 1980s I continued with my research doing filed work in specific areas of the East/West Corridor and what I have read on the experience of victims when they interact with the TTPS to report the crime has not changed from the testimonies I collected in my field studies and this is the 21st Century. Rape is a crime that affords the perpetrators impunity through its very low reporting rate by victims to the police. When you add to the mix an approach by policing which is not welcoming and not driven by the conviction to identify and incarcerate the perpetrator for the good of the social order then you foster a culture of rape with impunity which in the 21st Century is patterned after what obtained on Massa’s plantation not a post-modern democracy. The very response of the public reveals deep denial and delusion when faced with the culture of sexual violence in T&T today and in our history. To speak of only gender violence, violence against woman deliberately silences the adolescent boys who are victims of sexual violence in a social order that denies the level of sexual violence perpetrated on young boys. We are told to watch our girl children whilst boys who are victims of sexual violence don’t exist, silenced and are expected to handle it like a man, like their attacker, hence some of these boys evolve into sexual predators themselves. The sexual power relations of Massa’s plantation exist today as we refuse to face reality and deal with it, which means that the flood of victims will never abate.

March 2, 2021 The testimony of another victim of the deceased serial rapist/serial killer reveals that he was operational in the Chaguanas transport hub where at least 3 victims of rape and one who was abducted made reports to the TTPS. The testimony of the abduction victim confirms that the predator was part of a crime organization which was vitally necessary for the success of his predatory enterprise. This means that he had to earn to benefit this crime group even on days when he was abducting, raping and killing victims he was expected to earn for this group. It is most likely that he was a transporter for the crime group. The predator was then a career criminal with a predilection, Desire for abduction, rape and murder. From his hunting ground of Chaguanas he then migrated for Arima which showed his strategy of transporting women from transport hubs to rural areas with an accomplice who aided and abetted in the abduction. What is now abundantly clear is that when women, young girls and children disappear without trace the TTPS must now accept the reality of the possibility of abduction and murder by a serial killer for where there is one discovered there are others out there much more intelligent and elusive in practicing his craft. Welcome to the real world T&T we have come of age! The question that is of prime importance is the fitness of the national security apparatus to discover, locate, charge and convict such predators in T&T? The answer many will not like and they will slip into delusion for that is the preferred survival mechanism in T&T today.