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Lessons for T&T on the LIFE and how it impacts T&T

Three instances in the LIFE that impact T&T offer lessons that need to be learned: the seizure of the illicit shipment of arms and ammunition on April 22, 2021 at an airport bond, the sinking of the penero with 24 Venezuelans bound for T&T illegally on April 22, 2021 in the water of Delta Amacuro, Pedernales municipality and the seizure of a penero with 1.2 tonnes of cocaine on the Araya peninsula, Sucre state on April 23, 2021. Viewed together these three instances give a glimpse of the threat horizon that T&T is now placed in given the operation of the illicit trades under the hegemony of transnational organized crime. The items that comprised the illicit arms shipment indicate the outfitting of a militia down to the balaclavas, and the flashing blue lights and the siren speak to action that requires passing for legitimate police, one of which is possible political action. The entire affair speaks to an attempt to resist the new order, to commit acts of violence that will shatter the peace of gangland in a desperate bid to break the hegemony of the new order. But as has happened and continues to happen ,see Honduras, in the Caribbean Basin, the MTTOs gave them up, dropped the dime on the arms smuggling operation and has already done so on those involved in acquisition and shipping the consignment. There is a price to pay and will be paid as the Cleansing continues. The entire methodology utilized in the operation was not that of the MTTOs, they simply don’t move product in that manner which has various points of operational weakness without fail safe measures utilized. The lesson then for T&T is that those displaced by the new order are now desperate and desperate people take grave risks in the GAME. Get your house in order, ole talk ain’t cutting it. The lesson of the migrant smuggling operation from Tucupita is the operation of the dual flow pipeline as the red band maxi line from POS to Arima. On April 19, 2021 32 people in a penero left La Horqueta, Tucupita for T&T. On the late night of April 22, 2021 at La Barra de Cocuina, 8 persons left the penero boarded another boat and left for T&T leaving 24 to continue on when the boat sank when it reached Pedernales with seven rescued. The eight paid a much better price that the 24 and they are now in T&T since the early morning of the 23 April 2021. Those who paid the economy price drowned. The boats leave Trinidad carrying select passengers with select loads and go as far as Tucupita, Sucre state and Nueva Esparte state, some even venture to Falcon state, with T&T nationals and non- nationals as captains. They arrange return loads and drop and pick up runs from T&T and back. The Manaus variant entered T&T brought not only by a one way trip penero of illicit migrants but also by nationals and non-nationals who make repeated round trips and have families across the Gulf, this is the grave threat. The penero with the 1.2 tonnes of cocaine in Sucre state with two on board and outfitted with three 200 HP outboard engines was making the run to the Caribbean island chain most highly likely Western and North Western Trinidad bordering the Gulf for movement finally to Europe. Sucre State in the East and Zulia State in the West are the illicit drug terminals of Venezuela with Sucre flooding the Caribbean island chain. In 2020 there was a flood of cocaine moving through the Caribbean and it continues in 2021 and T&T has been switched on as an export point seen in the tonnage now moving through T&T. All three events are linked, all three emerge from a business model under the hegemony of the MTTOs constituting a multifaceted body of threats which cannot be mitigated with delusional ole talk, race babbling, Time to get REAL as faking it ain’t cutting it again.

The Islamic State and the Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago in the 21st Century

Now Published as an E-book Online

This work analyses the discourse of the Islamic State and the condition of and the nature of the Muslim Community of Trinidad and Tobago post 1990 to 2014 to understand the impact of the discourse of IS to motivate the Hijrah of Muslims of T&T to the Islamic State. Two core, pressing questions that arise are answered in this work: the why was the T&T contingent to IS the largest per capita in the world and why did the Muslims of T&T who pledged loyalty to IS and acted upon it choose to migrate rather than obey the stream of commands issued by IS for them to attack Western Interests and the enemies of Islam in T&T from the 4th Quarter of 2014?

Bring the children and orphans back home now! Why must they be criminalized and punished for what their parents did, having no choice, no voice, no human agency in the matter.