The Islamic State and the Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago in the 21st Century

Now Published as an E-book Online

This work analyses the discourse of the Islamic State and the condition of and the nature of the Muslim Community of Trinidad and Tobago post 1990 to 2014 to understand the impact of the discourse of IS to motivate the Hijrah of Muslims of T&T to the Islamic State. Two core, pressing questions that arise are answered in this work: the why was the T&T contingent to IS the largest per capita in the world and why did the Muslims of T&T who pledged loyalty to IS and acted upon it choose to migrate rather than obey the stream of commands issued by IS for them to attack Western Interests and the enemies of Islam in T&T from the 4th Quarter of 2014?

Bring the children and orphans back home now! Why must they be criminalized and punished for what their parents did, having no choice, no voice, no human agency in the matter.

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