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The Long Arm of the Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organizations (MTTOs) Pax Mexicana!

The fear expressed in the GAME of the Mexicans is potently illustrated in two guidelines of the US GAME: I prefer to face a jury of 12 rather than be carried by 6 and you have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. These maxims clearly express the disciplinary order of the GAME enforced by the MTTOs unlike the gross indiscipline, cut up, murder, mayhem and loose lips, informers of the Colombian model. On Wednesday May 19, 2021 the news broke of the death of Jesus Santrich reputed leader of the dissident FARC on the Colombia/Venezuela border. On Thursday 20 May 2021 it was confirmed by FARC that Santrich was killed on 17 May 2021 by a Colombian commando kill squad who knew exactly where he was, at what time and what he was doing. The Colombian kill squad penetrated the area killed him, took his little finger of his left hand as proof and were airlifted out of the kill zone. Another potent example of the long arm of the MTTOs where they give up those who choose to wage war on them by utilizing the political machinery and the state security apparatus. Santrich refused to give up the drug trade for peace, his war was in fact a mask for his bid to become a cocaine player in Colombia with the retreat of the FARC from their coca lands. Santrich then chose to make war on the MTTOs and their Colombian affiliates who took over these coca lands implementing a new coca business model. In this war Santrich made two strategic moves that made him an international threat to the hegemony of the MTTOs: to launch attacks on Venezuela on its border with Colombia which were in fact attacks on MTTOs operations and to form an alliance with fragments of the shattered Sinaloa Federation in an attempt to bypass the MTTOS. Santrich was deluded that his embrace of the regime change agenda in Venezuela and the embrace of the allies of Bandas Criminales in Mexico was enough to purchase impunity for his operation in Colombia. He died deluded and will be carried by 6 with his left hand pinky finger missing. Pax Mexicana !

May 22, 2021 The Venezuelan government has made no statement to date on the death of Santrich who was killed in Zulia state, Venezuela, there is a stony silence from the government. What was Santrich doing in Zulia state, the epicenter of the drug trade in Venezuela and the focus of a heightening campaign by Colombian paramilitaries to destabilize this state which is posing a grave threat to the business model of the MTTOs in Zulia state. Suddenly all official statements on the 8 FANB soldiers held captive by Colombian paramilitaries no longer include identifying the Colombian group as in the past as is with the attacks on the state infrastructure in Zulia state. In Zulia state FARC is involved and the ELN in Apure state which signals the Colombian coalition for regime change driven by the dream of reconstituting El Cartel del Sol under the oligarchy of the blancos as existed under the Punto Fijo agreement politics of Venezuela before Chavez. This is the dream of the blanco Leopoldo Lopez and the mestizo straw man Juan Guaido and their Colombian overlords. The message has then been sent for the agenda intends to break the back of MTTOs hegemony over the cocaine trade to Europe and the USA, over the cocaine trade period with a return to the failed Colombian model. Regime change in Venezuela is then the mask for and the mystification of a move to break the back of MTTOs hegemony over the cocaine trade. The message was then sent also to elements in the Venezuelan government long in bed with the Colombian paramilitaries. La Raza has spoken indicating its rejection of the return to blanco oligarchy and the failed Colombian model.

The Caribbean Gun Trade 2021

From the first oil boom of the 1970s the gun trade from the USA went into a boom as demand for hardware in T&T way outstripped supply. This 1970s boom sucked in a plethora of small hustlers who flew to New York, Miami etc purchasing hardware, hid it in a variety of goods as dryers, washing machines, speaker enclosures etc etc to get it past Customs T&T. Miami was the boom town for supply and it remains the main exporter of illicit guns to the Caribbean and Latin America given its lax gun laws. New York’s rigid gun laws has always spawned a market where demand runs down supply seen in the high illicit gun prices. The Saturday night special was then invented where you drive to Georgia buy the product legally and smuggle it into New York. To be a viable gun exporter in New York you must have supply flowing into New York to you which you then export to T&T. You have then to be connected, a part of organized crime even transnational organized crime. Saturday night specials and waiting for supply to purchase on New York’s illicit gun market to then export to T&T means you are a small operator expendable, cannon fodder in the GAME. In Florida it is an entirely different reality, you have the agents , the gun shows, an entirely legal structure that allows legal purchases but the problem is legal exports. You then export illegally which puts you on the radar of the ATFE but the ATFE is not noted for its leading edge structure necessary to dance with the volume of illicit exports. From the 1970s the demand was for handguns and ammunition which allowed competition from the Latin American gun boats who then introduced a stable supply of AK-47s, hand grenades, RPGs, bullet proof vests etc. in the late 20th Century and especially during the early 21st Century an arms war hit T&T gangland as AR-15s from the USA changed the balance of firepower in gangland constituting a feeding frenzy for the AR-15. This frenzy re-awakened interest in the US gun supply given the abundance of this weapon in the US, the cost of acquisition and the fact that the supply from Colombia was not competitively priced. The demand for the AR-15 resulted then in composite shipments of AR-15s, handguns, ammunition, parts for guns, etc flooding into T&T. These shipments are for gangland and the illicit gun market where persons are supposedly buying multiple firearms and assault rifles for personal protection. The supply side of the gun market given this product preference has now directed gun smugglers to Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. The MTTOs remain way ahead of the competition in the acquisition and utilization of small arms in its business model and it is this business model that kick started the arms race in T&T. The MTTOs purchase semi-finished parts of the AR-15 in the US export these parts and finish them in machine shops, where the completed AR-15 is assembled which is a clean gun, it has no serial number, no legal registration, it can only be marked by its ballistic signature and there are counter measures for that. The importation of gun parts and its final assembly into guns in the US Virgin Islands for sale on the illicit market has been interdicted.