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The Colombian Capo and the Order, the Rule in Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti

The crisis of the Colombian Capo business model in Latin America and the Caribbean island chain is now potently illustrated by events in Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and Haiti. The pressure exerted by the MTTO’s business model as they squeeze access to Europe and have now utilized the Caribbean to bolster their supply to the Eastern seaboard of America which was the last preserve of the Colombian Capos.

Venezuela is the battleground between both business models with the winner already clearly apparent as the MTTOs presently exert hegemony over the illicit trades of Zulia state which is the epicenter of the Game in Venezuela. This dramatic change of the order of power in Venezuela of the transnational illicit trades has impacted the political and social order of Venezuela in a most potent manner which is in fact a revolution. From the birth of the transnational cocaine and marijuana trade from Colombia to the world, Venezuelan state agents, politicians and members of its blanco oligarchy were the willing associates of the Medellin Federation and the Cali organization. The Colombian Capo model penetrated the Venezuela state and its social order and compromised it constituting a long standing relationship between Colombian Capos and the Venezuelan state. The initial relationship was the sale of impunity and being in the employ of the Capos to enable trafficking through and from Venezuela. With the fall of Medellin and Cali and the rise of Valle Norte with its new business model, Venezuelans now purchased kilos and either hired Capos to transport their loads or they evolved into smugglers in their own right. This was the era in which Venezuelans entered the trade in their numbers at all levels of the Game. The most fitting example of this organic relationship Venezuelan state actors have with the Capo is the case of Maduro’s nephews, who were both part of a Capo operation selling impunity to various Capos. The nephews then decided to become smugglers in their own right moving their own kilo bricks and others they are moving for clients. In classic Capo methodology they are using the DR and Haiti as jump off points to smuggle product to the US and they are lusting after a Europe operation as they have grand dreams to be the Capo of Venezuela until the MTTOs drop the dime on both of them. Don’t try to use your uncle’s political position to extort the MTTOs, yes Maduro is their uncle, he adopted them legally. The Venezuelan state, its oligarchy and sections of its social order were before Chavez and after Chavez intertwined, compromised and dependent on the Capo smuggling economy, their business model. Why then did the Capos of Colombia especially the paramilitary Capos turn against their long time bitches in the Venezuelan state by embracing and prosecuting the regime change agenda against Maduro of America? The Capos especially the paramilitary Capos are prosecuting a war in Venezuela in a bid to destroy the hegemony of the MTTOs over the transnational illicit trades of Venezuela especially in Zulia state, which they have lost and with that any hope of reversing the hegemony of the MTTOs. They backed Juan Guaido who is the non-white face for blanco Leopoldo Lopez with the grand expectation that there would have been a coup d’etat staged by like minds desiring the return of the order of the Capo, this failed to materialize, then an invasion, overthrow and the installation of like minds and the return to the glory days of the Capo, that also failed to materialize. The next step was to arm, train and mobilize their Gangland instruments in Zulia and especially in Caracas as in Cota 905 and to have the drug traffickers of the extinct FARC open a front against Maduro in Apure state where they were mining Venezuelan territory, excising Venezuelan territory from state control and engaging in armed conflict with the armed forces of the state. Capo gangland in Zulia, Caracas and the front in Apure state has melted away as the previous fronts in Tachira and Barinas states. Why then did Santrich open a front in Zulia state in the heart of the Order, the Rule when he was part of the FARC leadership who passed their Colombian coca lands to the MTTOs across the bord4r from Zulia when they were demobilizing for peace in Colombia? Whose agenda was he pursuing? All the engagements of the Capo with the Venezuelan state show the operation of a ghost in the machine which ratchets up the striking power of the Venezuelan state which in previous engagements it simply did not have and exerted. This is the ghost in the machine that knows where the enemy is, their next move, their order of battle and their contingency plan in the event of collapse. This is the ghost in the machine that demands decisive action by the Venezuelan state against their beloved Capos as this ghost don’t trust them as the Capo is their child father, their first man. Gangland under assault in Cota 905 flees to Apure state and the authorities know where to be to intercept them in Apure. This same ghost in the machine eliminates the enemy, erasing their human agency in the war much more efficiently than the state forces. This is the MTTOs in action defending their operational hegemony in Venezuela by any means necessary. The Capo made the grave mistake to embrace regime change as a weapon to recover hegemony over Venezuela as they alienated their bitches forcing them to dance with the MTTOs having no choice in the matter as they have problems with the MTTOs business model. Now they have no choice but to dance as the MTTOs don’t mix political agendas with business, an enemy of my enemy is my friend and the Venezuelan state is in no position to go to war with the MTTOs given America’s regime change agenda with Duque and Bolsonaro threatening on two borders. So, every so often in Zulia state you raid a cocaine lab complex that is deserted and seize precursor chemicals and coca base and paste minimal kilo bricks. After the state leaves they go back and rebuild the complex in the same place, the same municipality of Zulia state for the next time around. That is the MTTOs method which the Capos could never replicate as they lack the ideational finesse.

T&T has always been an arm of Venezuelan drug smuggling under the control of the Colombian Capo. It was the Norte Valle business model that created the new Gangland in T&T in the 1990s and the billionaire smugglers of the T&T oligarchy as it was the Capo business model that unleashed Gangland driven by blood lust on T&T in the 21st Century as they fought over supply and who would exercise hegemony over the supply side of the drug market. The Capo business model exercised no order of power on the ground, as the model is driven by desire, ego and catch as catch can where everything and anything goes to satisfy your desire. Chaos is then the operational terrain of the Capo model. In every instance of defeat of the PNM in a general election instability intensifies in the Capo model of the illicit trades in T&T as formerly excluded races, groups and individuals with full support of the Capo makes a bid for power thereby threatening the established hegemonic order. The Capo model is fully supportive of this bid for power as their worldview insists that political activism, connectedness and politicization of drug smugglers is vitally necessary to the sustainability of the illicit enterprise. Under the People’s Partnership government 2010-2015 a local federation made the move to dominate the supply side of the cocaine and ganja markets locally with elements in this federation acting on grand dreams to become international smugglers of Colombian cocaine and heroin within the orbit of the Capo model in the Caribbean. This federation triggered the blood bath that kick started in the 4th quarter of 2013 and accelerated exponentially into a gun violence murder spree never experienced before in T&T history until 2019. This blood bath was driven by the Ganja wars as supply was deliberately suppressed in the face of escalating demand to raise prices and exert monopoly control over the supply side of the market. The wanna be cocaine and heroin international smugglers were now seeking to supply markets that were under the control of the MTTOs but the grave mistake the federation made in their bid for power was the elimination of operatives of the affiliates of the MTTOs in T&T in the wars that erupted. These eliminations targeted not only T&T operatives but operatives of Caribbean gangland affiliated to the MTTOs. The MTTOs moved on this T&T federation simultaneously with their move on the Capo in Venezuela which was expressed in T&T with the elimination of the street leaders, the ground smugglers of the federation who were all T&T functionaries of the Capo. The members of the federation in the shadows simply melted away as they got the potent messages sent. With this operation underway the MTTOs through their affiliates in T&T both local and regional consolidated organization of affiliates into the business model of the MTTOs and on June 30, 2020 the hegemony of the order of the MTTOs was publicly expressed in T&T. The ganja wars ended, slumber came to gangland, the federation was history and so was the order of the Capo in T&T. The displaced Capo has responded always to the rise of the new Order in a bid to preempt its drive to hegemony and with hegemony exerted the response has escalated with an intent to destabilize the social order of T&T. First there were attempts to reignite the Gangland blood letting with the murder of Gangland members connected to affiliates of the MTTOs from June 2020 onwards for which they paid a heavy price. The next stage was to target leaders who presented themselves in public, again there was failure and they paid a price and those who broke the Rule by responding in the old discontinued manner were disciplined. This string of failures to destabilize Gangland raised the stakes which resulted in the attempt to smuggle arms, ammunition and explosives, detonator cord and plastique, into the prison system to effect a prison break to constitute the militia of the Capo in T&T. This strategic intent was indicated by the arms, ammunition and materiel seizure smuggled into T&T from America. These two attempts potently illustrate the intent of the Capo to replicate the Venezuelan model in T&T. In both instances the dimes were dropped by the Ghost in the machine which triggered a backlash seen in the frantic search for the informers and a murder spree. The two interdicted operations bore all the hallmarks of Capo operations in a crazed bid to recapture what is lost.

It is simply no coincidence that Venezuelan migration to the Caribbean island chain followed the order of the Capo migrating to two specific destinations as their destinations of choice: the Dominican Republic (DR) and Trinidad and Tobago. In both cases they migrated and settled in these two states seeking employment by the business model of the Capo as they were so employed for years in Venezuela. They migrated seeking opportunity as the new Order of the MTTOs in Venezuela had displaced them for the disciplined, acutely horizontally integrated Order and its Rule rendered them un-employable. In T&T the Order simultaneously dealt with this Venezuelan migrant contingent in support of the Capo with strategic surgical strikes which broke its back. The hegemonic order has now changed the landscape of T&T Gangland and of the illicit trades in T&T as the illicit trades are expanding through the necessary investment to turn T&T into the premier export point of the southern island chain necessary to the strategy of growing premier export points along the northern rim of South America to complement Brazil as the apex export point of this area. What is being focused on by the Capo is driven by their willingness to destabilize a state in an attempt to challenge the hegemony of the Order and the Rule. The intention to outfit a militia and the attempt to effect a jail break from the maximum security prison are straight out of the playbook of the Capo put into action in the DR.

The assassination of the President of Haiti must be scrutinized in light of this tendency.

The 2021 assassination of President Moise of Haiti was a product of the playbook the Capo used to get rid of President Aristide in 2004 but the reality of Haiti has changed dramatically since 2004 which forced the Capo to import his militia. In 2004 exerting the hegemony the Capo exercised over Haiti then, a Haitian militia was purchased assembled and trained in the DR from where this militia invaded Haiti. On reaching the outskirts of Port Au Prince the hit team in Port Au prince moved into action forcing Aristide to flee Haiti for his life. Aristide was removed for extraditing two Colombians to America from Haiti one of whom was the blood relative of the Capo. There are no longer extraditions of such nature from Haiti and the DEA has fingers pointed at it for systematic corruption in Haiti. Word in the Order is that Moise had a long working relationship with the Capo which predated his entry into Haitian politics as America’s lap dog. The reality that remains unspoken is the hegemony of the Order, the Rule in Haiti since 2004 where in conjunction with Haitian transnational crime along with other arms of Caribbean transnational crime and European transnational crime, the MTTOs now exert hegemony over the illicit trades of Haiti, where Haiti and the DR are now a continuous seamless platform for/of the illicit trades. When the core group made Moise president the Capo then had great expectations but soon learnt that Moise could not deliver as the pressure built on the ground with the turning of the screws. In typical Capo problem solving methodology they chose political destabilization to settle a family squabble where the hit team was masked by the parade of the Colombian irregulars hired just to take the fall. The Capo then sent a message to the politicians of Haiti which side to take in the war they already lost. A futile message as power in Haiti is now on the streets as it was under Moise from his inauguration to his death as he reverted to Papa Doc methods in a brand new Haiti where the Order, the Rule outguns the PNH. Moise’s political militia specialized in slaughtering the defenseless sufferers in the slums taking great pain to evade the Order, the Rule, the old Haiti is dead, so is Moise and the Capo they all served as bitches is now retrenched. Whilst the core group can only see the old Haiti. Pax Mexicana !