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Gringo Mystification of the Reality of the Illicit Trades on the Ground The Reality Today

The North Atlantic’s war on drugs is driven by the mystification of reality on the ground in the illicit trades in order to constantly exert hegemony over the discourses of the war on drugs peddled to the world. Reality on the ground is then a rare, suppressed entity which is never mainstream constantly assaulted to render it a silenced knowledge. But this in no way hinders the ability of the illicit trades to evolve, generate wealth, maximize profits and exercise power over players in the licit spaces. The reality that constantly demands mystification and obfuscation is the constant, never ending dance between agents of the State and the illicit trades and transnational organised crime. Every State has then attached to it the extralegal where power dances with legality and illegality, for power will not be circumscribed by law. In this extralegal space the Deep State dances with illegality, crime and criminality to serve power. To-date one of the most potent mystifications of reality produced by the North Atlantic state is the discourse of Pablo Escobar and cocaine production and export in Colombia, which is in operation to this day obfuscating the reality one the ground of evolutionary Stage 1 of this illicit trade. The mystification continues today to mask the nature of evolutionary Stage 4 of the cocaine illicit trade. The revolution on the ground created by the application of plant science to the coca plant, the ganja plant and the opium plant to create specific plant hybrids which yield more of the chemical components that are processed into cocaine, heroin and high potency ganja per kilo of plant material in a plant that is difficult to spot, to observe, grows faster and produces more plant material is now common to all the plant production economies of Latin America, and the Caribbean and now in North America. The MTTOs apply the science, the personnel, the investment and are constantly rolling out new, improved versions only to their affiliates. The cocaleros speak of these new hybrid varieties of coca bush that are shorter, squat with its leaves yielding much more coca base that others have and they don’t have. They also speak of the new order on the ground where those affiliated to the MTTOs process their leaves into base, then paste and are rewarded much better than those under the control of the paramilitaries/Bandas Criminales. The MTTOs deepen the horizontal integration of production of coca leaves with base and paste to the benefit of the cocaleros. The paste produced is fed into decentralized cocaine labs which are dispersed in urban/rural centers in both production and consumer countries. The MTTOs then smuggle a high percentage of its coca paste into consume markets where it is processed easily into cocaine hydrochloride of high quality. The North Atlantic interdiction structure and its mystification discourse is driven by seizing kilo bricks. The MTTOs ideal illicit product is not cocaine or heroin but synthetic drugs as meth as there is nothing to transport across great distances. You set up a meth lab in Holland acquire the precursors locally and crank out industrial grade meth that generates a greater profit than plant based drugs. The revolution in opium plants is very similar to that of coca, to change the yield of the plant whilst changing its growth pattern etc. The entire opium plant is reaped and processed into opium paste rather than the traditional method of milking the opium poppy bulb as in Afghanistan. The key then is a higher production per kilo of opium plant matter, which is a process in constant motion even though it is not a major enterprise of the MTTOs given their links with suppliers of Afghan heroin. The ganja market of the Caribbean is presently inundated with Colombian Kush, a high potency hybrid ganja plant which is constantly being advanced by scientific production. It fetches a premium price even though the volume of the product being smuggled and available on drug markets show no shortfall in supply. There is then investment in research and development, production and smuggling to drive demand and ensure supply to maximize profits sustainably by the MTTOs. These strategic innovations are driven by a specific business model where an intensely horizontally integrated globalized illicit enterprise keeps control of its products from production to sale to the consumer via a sophisticated highly compartmentalized division of labour premised on a need to know basis and built in obsolescence. The aim is to produce and sell top quality products at the price it fetches on the market because of its quality. The MTTOs produce a kilo brick at 90%+ purity and will not step on it to reduce the product sold to less than 50% at the street level. In drug markets quality/potency of the product determines demand and the price consumers are willing to pay to acquire the desired product, those with the cash resources command the best product available and facilitate the maximization of profit. The low end junk market is fraught with violence and comparatively lower cash volumes generated. The market is then strictly hierarchized resulting in various operational modes to suit market niches.

There are strict smuggling rules as smugglers of the MTTOs do not carry mixed drug loads as cocaine and ganja or heroin as this is a grave security risk as when this group is penetrated or there is an informer you will have two or more lines compromised. The central issue is not tonnage moved in a single shipment but the security of what is shipped hence smaller amounts dispersed over a much higher volume of diverse shipments utilizing various means of transport. There is no central figure that commands a network moving various types of drugs, guns and dirty money as the Colombian capo which has proven to be highly volatile and vulnerable. With the MTTOs there are cells charged with specific tasks, separate, apart and distinct from each other. You collapse a cell another takes its place and the collective is not brought down. There are producers who don’t smuggle, smugglers who don’t sell on the street, enforcers who only enforce and money smugglers who only move the proceeds on its way to North Atlantic financial center washing machines. Each task cell has no idea who comprise the Board of Directors and the order of battle of the organization. When you see seizures of small amounts of kilo bricks, below a tonne, with a larger amount of ganja, some guns and ammunition that is Colombian capo. When you see a seizure of multi tonnes of cocaine in a single load on a single means of transport, Colombian capo and the dime was dropped on them.

When you look at the map of coca bush growing areas in Colombia in 2020 you see the strategy of the MTTOs applied, a strategy that is simultaneously applied in Peru, Bolivia and other areas, where production areas are unified and operationalised under the hegemony of a single strategic discourse of a single organization, the MTTOs, which is totally unique to Stage 4 of the drug trade of Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. In Latin America and the Caribbean Basin today there are specific production areas with the entire continent and Basin organized to maximize the effectiveness of smuggling to consumer states and regions. In this conjoined production platform the inland riverine waterways are fully exploited to move product to smuggling points hence the importance of Brazil today as the apex smuggling point to Europe and Africa. The drive to grow coca profitably on platforms external of Latin America has never diminished and it continues for it ts viable and may actually be in production at present as it is not in thee interest of the discourse of the war on drugs to reveal these realities on the ground

The MTTOs are not the myth created by white mystification called the Mexican cartels which never existed on the ground in Mexico, only in the discourse of the white war on drugs. The Mexican overlords were in control when the first evolutionary stage of the cocaine trade appeared as Escobar, the Medellin Federation, the Rodriguez brothers of Cali and the others not affiliated answered to them. Escobar had Rodriguez Gacha as his close partner and the Rodriguez brothers had theirs as well. What has changed today is the appearance of the fourth stage of evolution under the control of the MTTOs with their partners drawn from powerful transnational organised crime as the Ndrangheta. In 2021 there are a semi-submersibles traversing the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic moving loads to Puerto Rico and Europe loaded with kilo bricks and the latest development, kilo circular cakes/discs which consist of either cocaine hydrochloride or coca paste destined for Europe. A recent seizure of these kilo cakes/discs in Puerto Rico indicate that they exhibit the characteristics of coca paste not cocaine hydrochloride which means that there are operationalised labs in Puerto Rico and in the US producing cocaine hydrochloride from these coca paste kilo cakes.

Finally, in order to discern MTTOs kilo bricks from Colombian capo kilo bricks understand that since the MTTOs don’t sell their product to competitors their kilo bricks are not marked with brands as CAT, Coca Cola and other world brands. MTTOs’ bricks have stamped on the product the mark of the organization which potently indicates to all and sundry whose product it is. A mark that points to an Aztec entity or to Santa Muerte or both then wrapped and sealed in florescent plastic wrap anything other than this is the mark of the Colombian capo. The message is not in the packaging but in what is stamped on the product. In 2021 this is the hegemonic order of the illicit trades of the Caribbean Basin, Brazil, the rest of Latin America, Europe, Africa which extends to Asia. Gringo mystification is necessary as their war on drugs is a phony war to project white power in a non-white world and on their internal non-white minorities, internal colonialism unleashed on the North Atlantic. Pax Mexicana!