Monthly Archives: October 2021

The MTTOs Order in T&T Exercises its Hegemony in 2021

The dramatic fall in the murder toll in 2020 compared to the fivers of blood from 2017 to 2019 was the product of the hegemony of the Rule, the Order over gangland T&T. This was the product of the cleansing of the federation under the hegemony of the Colombian Capo formed under the PPG government. The cleansing continued in 2021 and the peace in gangland held in spite of the several attempts to precipitate the reality of 2017 to 2019 from arming a militia to an attack on the maximum security prison. The dimes were dropped on them to the Deep State drawing the Deep State now into the play because of the illicit gun, ammunition etc pipeline from the US and its territories to T&T with the intent to destabilize the State. Whilst the push against the federation has shattered it in T&T the Rule and the Order is rapidly changing the focus and strategy to maximize wealth in T&T by its affiliates. At present homegrown ganja is no longer sold locally for T&TD but exported to Barbados and other markets for USD. Affiliates are now evolving into, growers, exporters, traffickers, international wholesalers who exclusively sell the product to affiliates of the Rule in the consumer markets.There is now a focus on property crimes where the substandard security measures that dominate the operation of players in the economy will be assaulted to generate wealth as cargo on the ports, the financial system, personal finances, personal wealth, valued stock of enterprises, payrolls, cash in transit. This assault will then combine crimes against property with crimes against the person. In spite of the dire shortage of local ganja on the T&T market with the price set at 900TTD per ounce when you can find it, there is no ganja war in T&T today unlike the past. The have nots, those locked out of the Rule, the Order are consuming each other fighting for the dregs having no impact on the order of business, on Gangland. The strategy to turn T&T into a premier export point of the Southern Caribbean is well on the way integrating T&T fully into the pipelines moving cocaine to Europe directly and via Africa and cocaine and heroin to the USA eastern seaboard. The operative model for T&T in the Caribbean is then the DR with the State in T&T and the business infrastructure in a condition that invites and enables rapid expansion and the exercise of hegemony over the licit sector without adequate resistance. The platform for this assault is already in operation which is the the parallel supply of USD and Euro by a transnational organised crime platform that manufactures and exports in/from the periphery products in demand in the North Atlantic and Asia for USD. This is export propelled growth par excellence hence their apparent power in the parallel forex market of T&T right now which is welded to their hegemony over the illicit trades. Pax Mexicana!