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T&T 2021: The Murders of the Prison Officers in Context

The assassinations in public space of Prison Officers Serrette and Jones must be placed in the context of events in 2021 namely the importation of arms, ammunition and materiel to outfit a militia, the cache of weapons, plastique and detonators outside the maximum security prison clearly for a jail break and now the use of terror in a supposed attempt to destabilize the prisons to the benefit of inmates. If you intend to break the back of prison power why are you focused on eliminating the foot soldiers of the prison order of power: PO 1 and 2 and not members of the first division? For years in T&T PO1 and 2 have been made the fall guys for the thriving illicit trades of the prison order of power that have effectively eroded the hegemony of this order of power in favor of inmates to the benefit of individuals who grow rich on this illicit trade. This illicit order cannot take hold, grow and effectively challenge the prison order of power, as it’s doing now, without the complicity of members of the first division. The PO1 and 2 interdicted and charged are just collateral damage to keep the illicit order intact and generating illicit wealth. The very manner in which the POs were assassinated are lessons in themselves. Thy both were surveilled, stalked to set up the conjuncture for the kill team. PO Serrette was assassinated with extreme prejudice for shock and awe to send the message to whom? PO Jones was also surveilled and assassinated with a three car team one with the hit team and two chase cars. This was a professional hit, this was no gang banger staged event to take out a soft target at its most vulnerable moment, in public on foot with his very young daughter. This points to intense surveillance by persons organic to the terrain for maximum shock and awe, again to whom is the message addressed? The third attempt failed which showed the handiwork of gang bangers with a dire lack of preparation for an effective strike, sending the message that the strategy involves professional hits and the outsourcing of hits to open market operators. What is all of this in aid of but destabilization attempts being made by the scattered elements of a federation formed during the PPG era which generated the rivers of blood in T&T from 2017 to 2019 in their bid to dominate the illicit trades of T&T. The present attempt at destabilization indicates that they have no business interests that demand the maximization of illicit wealth for this is an action driven by the quest to destroy what they lost control over. But their actions impact the maximization of wealth in T&T by the hegemonic Order, the Rule which has responded in defense of its Order, its Rule. There is no prison on earth that insulates an inmate from the clutches of the Order, the Rule, prison is the playground of the Order, the Rule even if you are in bed with members of the prison authority. Understand what is happening in the prisons of Ecuador today. Pax Mexicana!

December 7, 2021 What is now apparent is given the endemic corruption, the privileges and impunity enjoyed by the players and shot callers amongst the inmates we now have prison gangs emerging in the T&T prison system with links to external gang as they seek to replicate themselves external of the prison system into the heart of gangland and the illicit trades. The T&T prison system is now tottering on the brink of becoming the foremost gang incubator in T&T as a result of endemic corruption and the inability of the old colonial infrastructure, standing orders and legislation to turn, face and respond to the grave threat posed. Just as the case of the old colonial firearms act prohibiting the issuing of guns to off-duty POs by the Commissioner of Prisons. It is the politicians who continue to breathe life into failed, dated colonial legislation in the 21st Century as it suits them not public safety. Whenever these players and shot callers in prison pose a threat to affiliates of the Order, the Rule in prison and a threat to the Order, the Rule external of prison, the Order, the Rule will respond to the threat emanating from the prison by destabilizing the entire system to silence the threat. An outcome that will have grave impact politically, institutionally especially on the national security apparatus and on public safety. Do your duty cleanse the system and shut down the impunity for the stability of the social order of T&T which the Order, the Rule expects.