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Ketamine, Chinese TOC and Trinidad and Tobago: the Lessons

The interdiction of bottles labeled 10% Ketamine solution and a crystalline substance which is likely industrial grade Ketamine in the possession of illegal Chinese nationals in T&T in a gated community in East Trinidad is a potent indicator of the operational presence of Chinese TOC in T&T today. This presence of Chinese TOC dates back to the arrival of the Triads in T&T with the arrival of the Chinese merchant houses and Chinese immigration. The Triads dominated the terrain of Asian TOC with a Dragon Tail present and operating in T&T. Then in the early 21st century TOC from the PRC arrived especially from Fujian placed a Snake Head in T&T and effectively exerted hegemony over the terrain once dominated by the Triads. TOC don’t use Ketamine on captives destined for forced labor for especially industrial grade Ketamine is an apex illicit drug in the North Atlantic which attracts a market price that outstrips cocaine, heroin, and opioids. An elite upscale market demands Ketamine because it separates the body from consciousness whilst you remain conscious to experience it, cocaine, heroin opioids can’t supply that experience. There is a movement of psychiatrists that insist that Ketamine is effective in treating schizophrenia because of its impact on the mind and body separating them. The reason for the Ketamine in T&T is then obvious you import Ketamine from Asia as India is the worlds largest producer/exporter and China is also in the loop to T&T for trafficking to the US and Europe along with cocaine and you export cocaine from T&T, the Caribbean to Hong Kong along with fish bladders, exotic animal parts as the gall bladders, teeth of Jaguars, the penis of the morocoy etc with Chinese migrants coming in from China on their way to the USA and Canada as they transition in the Caribbean as in T&T. All of this activity is masked by licit activities. The message is clear: T&T in 2022 you are in the hardball league but the politicians still talking like we in the windball league, utter delusion.

Hashish, the MTTOs, their Affiliates and Trinidad and Tobago

The interdiction of 1, 161 kilos of Jamaican hashish (1.1 metric tonnes) at Manzanilla, Trinidad is a potent indicator that the supply side of the ganja market of T&T is being potently diversified to enhance, diversify and expand the nature and level of ganja demand in T&T by transnational organized crime (TOC). The most potent model of this diversification of the ganja market in the Caribbean at present is the supply of Moroccan hashish from France by Moroccan TOC to Martinique and Guadeloupe along with firearms with cocaine moving to France via the counter flow pipeline. Moroccan hashish is the premier hashish supplied presently to the Caribbean and its distribution has now outgrown the French overseas territories, one therefore expects that Moroccan TOC will now move to exploit the two largest ganja markets in the Caribbean dependent on imported product to satisfy soaring demand: T&T and Barbados by establishing an extension of the pipeline that links Martinique and Guadeloupe to France then Morocco. On this pipeline premier hashish, firearms and other products there is demand for in the Caribbean will flow with cocaine flowing out to Europe not only to France. Moroccan and Jamaica TOC are affiliates of the MTTOs. The Jamaican hashish interdicted on December 31st 2021 in Trinidad was packaged for delivery to the sales structure in T&T in 90 grammes packages with a trade mark attached, some 12, 900 packages not industry standard kilo bricks, which points to an organization charged with wholesale/retail sales on the ground to expand use and demand for the product. This is an exercise in demand stimulation by increasing market presence and availability with an entry price point and potency that leaves room for the creation of demand for premier, apex hashish. This is ganja market evolution in keeping with the strategic plan of the MTTOs for exploiting all illicit markets in trafficking states that they are operating in, now its the turn of the Caribbean specifically the largest ganja markets nearly wholly dependent on imports: T&T and Barbados. This Jamaican hashish interdicted has multiple sources of origin in the Caribbean namely Jamaica, Guyana and a number of Eastern Caribbean states or all of them, such is the rapidly evolving nature of the production of ganja in the Caribbean and the power wielded by Jamaican TOC in the Caribbean ganja market. What is now apparent in the drug market of T&T in 2021 and continuing into 2022 is that the Cleansing is now washing over those who are cogs in the wheel of the operations of the Colombian dons linking T&T to Venezuela via the maxi pineras that move back and forth constantly. This Cleansing is now impacting those in T&T whether Trinbagonians or Venezuelans and those in Venezuela as riding these pineras is now an opportunity for elimination. There is then the Cleansing simultaneously with market expansion and diversification as the MTTOs expand and deepen their hegemony of the illicit trades of T&T especially the parallel market for USD and Euro. Careful whom you are buying from, you might soon have silent partners that own you!