Ketamine, Chinese TOC and Trinidad and Tobago: the Lessons

The interdiction of bottles labeled 10% Ketamine solution and a crystalline substance which is likely industrial grade Ketamine in the possession of illegal Chinese nationals in T&T in a gated community in East Trinidad is a potent indicator of the operational presence of Chinese TOC in T&T today. This presence of Chinese TOC dates back to the arrival of the Triads in T&T with the arrival of the Chinese merchant houses and Chinese immigration. The Triads dominated the terrain of Asian TOC with a Dragon Tail present and operating in T&T. Then in the early 21st century TOC from the PRC arrived especially from Fujian placed a Snake Head in T&T and effectively exerted hegemony over the terrain once dominated by the Triads. TOC don’t use Ketamine on captives destined for forced labor for especially industrial grade Ketamine is an apex illicit drug in the North Atlantic which attracts a market price that outstrips cocaine, heroin, and opioids. An elite upscale market demands Ketamine because it separates the body from consciousness whilst you remain conscious to experience it, cocaine, heroin opioids can’t supply that experience. There is a movement of psychiatrists that insist that Ketamine is effective in treating schizophrenia because of its impact on the mind and body separating them. The reason for the Ketamine in T&T is then obvious you import Ketamine from Asia as India is the worlds largest producer/exporter and China is also in the loop to T&T for trafficking to the US and Europe along with cocaine and you export cocaine from T&T, the Caribbean to Hong Kong along with fish bladders, exotic animal parts as the gall bladders, teeth of Jaguars, the penis of the morocoy etc with Chinese migrants coming in from China on their way to the USA and Canada as they transition in the Caribbean as in T&T. All of this activity is masked by licit activities. The message is clear: T&T in 2022 you are in the hardball league but the politicians still talking like we in the windball league, utter delusion.

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