The Murder of Keithisha Cudjoe: A Message to T&T

The murder of Ms Cudjoe close to the date of the murder of Andrea Bharrat with her body dumped in the Heights of Aripo just as Ms Bharrat’s body present one possible scenario which must be considered: a message from a group of predators that they are active, in operation and in yuh face. It was a group of predators with a hierarchy that abducted, robbed, assaulted and murdered Ms Bharrat. The apex predator of this group was never interdicted with the criminal enterprise dismantled. Research is confirming the position long discredited that certain sexual predators who kill their victims form bands that fully exploit the value of the victim even becoming involved in human trafficking given their penchant for creating bondage situations where they hold the victims as sex slaves until they kill and dispose of them. If Ms Cudjoe’s murder and the disposal of her body was in fact a message from a predatory pact then that pact is emboldened and it is evolving where we can expect the taking and holding of sexual slaves, entry into the economy of human trafficking and a growing sophistication in the method of the disposal remains of their victims. The profiles of the victims that disappear will speak to this reality. The stone age forensics of the State in T&T is not up to the task of collecting the evidence whenever the bodies of victims are found towards finding and incarcerating these predators which is the most important means to unmask these predators. The politicians have to present their A-game to ensure public safety. On another note it is now apparent that decent and respectable people are now hiring gang bangers to take out persons they have problems with. These are not professional hit men who are masters of their craft but ordinary run of the mill gang bangers as the issue is affordable price for service. I hope they understand that bangers don’t play by the rules and you are in their debt for your life and they will take your life when extortion fails. So you will have to keep hiring bangers to take out bangers holding secret on you. Just sign the divorce papers and give the woman what she is due for putting up with you.

February 12, 2022 Autopsies have confirmed that both Ms Bharrat and Ms Cudjoe died as a result of blunt force trauma which confirms the confluence of the modus operandi of n both murders which points to a serial killer profile involved in both murders. a message then to T&T!

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