The Venezuelan Operatives of the Colombian Dons and the TTCG

The strategy of the Colombian Dons to use their drug boats with their DR and Venezuelan crews to ram the vessels of the DR, the USA off Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands and the Bahamian CG is now being unleashed in T&T waters against our TTCG interceptor vessels.The Colombian Dons are now sending the message that when their Venezuelan foot soldiers, their family and friends are entering and leaving T&T waters in their specially equipped maxi peneros to leave them alone, they must exercise impunity in our waters. This declaration of war is as a direct result of foot soldiers living in T&T disappearing en masse on their way to Venezuela even the penero is gone, This escalation will heighten and the TTCG can expect AK 47s, grenades and RPGs to be used against them on the high seas as the war escalates and they will launch this attack with women and children on board as human shields. Human smugglers will not engage the TTCG with attempts to ram their interceptor. The attack boats are specially made drug and gun boats leaving Falcon and Nueva Esparte states in Venezuela going all up the island chain to the DR. These are the boats that move personnel of the Colombian Dons to and fro from T&T to Venezuela and vice versa. These boats have a different profile in the water from the ordinary peneros but what gives them away is the power train in the rear, either two or more outboards adding up to over 1000 HP with V configured engines as Honda.The Colombian Dons order of business in T&T is based on Venezuelan operatives living in T&T some with families overseeing the illicit trades: drugs, guns and human smuggling, prostitution, foreign exchange smuggling, fake goods, fake pharmaceuticals, imports of food from Venezuela, Colombia etc, setting up bodegas and other front businesses. A specific arm is devoted to penetrating T&T gangland with Venezuelans who link these gangs to the Don turning them into the militias of the Don in T&T who serve the trafficking operations of the Don locally and up the islands. Each gang penetrated by the Don is expected to command turf in which to sell and earn and be the militia in the wars to expand turf under the control of the Don. The Colombian paramilitary Don is always driven by a political agenda and is not averse to use his gangland employees for political destabilization of a state it deems the enemy. Given T&T’s relationship with the Maduro government that is good enough reason for them but the potent barrier they face in T&T is the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs who exercise hegemony over the Game in T&T. The Colombian Dons are then sending the T&T government signals of its intention to ratchet up its engagement with the state. All those in the corporate media with their regime change agenda for Venezuela willing to attack our national security apparatus to prosecute this agenda when you get jack by your gate by five assailants with guns call the Colombian Don for help! Those of you who want to understand now you know why the murder toll in January 2022 is escalating to the point where the rivers of blood of 2017 to 2019 are again in the works. A war in the game between the Mexican TTOs and the Colombian Dons in T&T with the Venezuelan operatives in T&T being the puppet masters. Imagine we let these people into our country whilst we refuse to repatriate our citizens in Syria to T&T, our citizens whilst we have Venezuelan citizens waging war on us in our country.

February 11, 2002 It is now fact that human smuggling rings are moving illicit migrants from Bolivar state, Venezuela to T&T. Bolivar state is the focal point of gold, diamonds and coltan mining where Colombian paramilitary drug traffickers and their Venezuelan gangs openly contest with violence the hegemony of the State over this region. The traditional link between Bolivar state and T&T is founded on the smuggling of gold and diamonds to T&T for export to Europe etc. Now the Colombian paramilitaries are smuggling humans which masks their operatives entering T&T illicitly. Operatives with a history of violent behavior in the service of their Colombian overlords from various parts of Venezuela as Falcon, Delta Amacuro, Sucre, Nueva Esparte and Bolivar states are now present and operating in T&T, these are the so-called victims of Maduro persecution that the corporate media is selling us as saints , look for their halo but first check for the 9mm in their hand. What is now apparent is that we now have a Venezuelan modus operandi of crime emerging in T&T where anything that can be sold for gain is stolen and this modus operandi is being copied from the Venezuelan playbook. Wonder who is controlling the playbook?

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