Murder Rates for 2019 to 2021. A Comparative Analysis

Country 2021 2020 2019

Jamaica 49.1431 43.93 44.87

US Virgin Islands 43.1754 45.00 40.50

St Lucia 39.7206 30.49 26.80

T&T 31.923 28.29 38.13

Belize 30.3650 25.65 32.80

The Bahamas 29.9813 18.56 24.68

Puerto Rico 21.7802 18.40 9.93

Venezuela 10.8413 13 10.21

For 2021 the murder rate analysis for CARICOM, the Caribbean island chain and Venezuela is only applicable for states where the annual murder toll was made available in the public domain. Given that the murder tolls made available in the public domain was forthcoming from states who over time have significant murder rates affords some semblance of an overall picture of violence in CARICOM, the Caribbean and Venezuela.

For the three year period 2019 to 2021 there are categories of murder toll behavior: those where the murder rate declined in 2020 and rose in 2021, those where it rose in 2020 and continued rising in 2021 and those where it rose in 2020 and fell in 2021and those where it rose every year for the period. For St Lucia it rose both in 2020 and 2021 which signals the raging gangland wars arising from the impact of transnational trafficking between Martinique and the EU with St Lucia being a satellite in the orbit of transnational organised crime in Martinique and along the dual flow Eastern Caribbean trafficking pipeline (ECTP). The case of Puerto Rico is very instructive as it grows into the premier trafficking point to the mainland USA displacing volumes from the DR sent to the USA. Puerto Rico is now challenging the hegemony of the DR to replace it as the command and control point for the dual pipeline linking the USA to the Caribbean: cocaine, marijuana, synthetic drugs, heroin, illegal aliens to the USA and USD cash, weapons, ammunition, materiel to Puerto Rico. This is then the heightening of the hegemony Mexican TTOs through its Gangland affiliates of Puerto Rican origin as Asociacion Neta, ethnic Puerto Rican gangland from the USA and other affiliates of USA Gangland. The US Virgin Islands experienced a marked increase in the murder rate in 2020 then a decline from that rise in 2021 starting from an already region leading base in 2019. This territory is showing all the signs of its integration into the evolution of the illicit trades in Puerto Rico which is now challenging its previous integration into the illicit trades of the DR to the USA. During 2020 the impact of the lock down and the transition in who exerts hegemony over the trades contributed to the marked escalation in the murder rate. Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and St Lucia are then all being impacted by the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs as it is exerted over the Caribbean Basin to the detriment of the Colombian paramilitary Dons. Venezuela’s rise in its murder rate in 2020 then decline in 2021 points to the rise in violence arising from the impact of the lock downs applied during the Covid pandemic, which again illustrates the reality, contrary to the false reality propagated by the regime change agenda and its mouthpieces as insightcrime. This is the reality that hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of Venezuela has eliminated the chaos and violence for the sake of violence endemic to the model of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in Venezuela. Hence the frantic efforts of the foot soldiers of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in T&T from sections of the oligarchy to gangland, to turn T&T into a redoubt for the Dons. Belize, T&T and the Bahamas constitute the group in which for the period the murder rate fell in 2020 but rose in 2021 The Bahamas outstripping the murder rate of 2019 in 2021 unlike T&T where 2019 together with 2017 and 2018 comprised the rivers of blood, the most potent murder spree in T&T history. It is noteworthy that in T&T, Belize and The Bahamas the evolution of the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of these three territories impacted the terrain of crime which resulted in the 2020 drop followed by the spiral outstripping the murder rate of 2019 in Belize and The Bahamas. The diversification of drug flights into Belize where the Mexican TTOs are now challenging the old hegemony of the Colombian Dons and the Mexican traffickers excluded by the Mexican TTOs have resulted in greater tonnage per flight with a diversity of landing sites serviced by a sophisticated transporter sector comprising agents of the Belizean state. This is the hallmark of the Mexican TTOs in operation in Belize. Mexican TTOs’ hegemony has impacted traditional Belizean urban Gangland and new Gangland spaces are under contest that are external of the traditional urban context. In 2022 the Cleansing was then unleashed in the urban context. Clearly the old order of Gangland in Belize is now being dismantled replaced by the order of the Mexican TTOs. There are affiliates of US gangland in Belize whose parent chapters are now affiliates of the Mexican TTOs which is now impacting urban Belizean gangland. The Bahamas has now been reawakened by the Mexican TTOs as a major jump off point to mainland USA where illicit drugs, illegal aliens etc are moved to the USA with a counter flow of cash, weapons etc. Gangland Bahamas is also under deep seated renovation as the order of the Mexican TTOs exerts its hegemony on the ground. In T&T the Gangland truce proclaimed on June 30, 2020 still holds as the players in Gangland are now affiliates of the order of the Mexican TTOs. Those excluded from this order of the Mexican TTOs either serve the Colombian paramilitary Dons or are the have nots of the Game who have responded to their deprivation with a wave of violence against the person and property. The murder rate for 2021 did not approach that of 2019 in T&T because of the unchallenged hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over Gangland any change in the velocity of murders in 2022 will then be driven by the attempt of the Colombian Dons and their allies in T&T to challenge the order of the Mexican TTOs. During the years of the rivers of blood the federation aligned to the Dons was effectively cleansed sending the Message to the uptown traffickers of the Dons. Any renewal of violence against the order of the Mexicans TTOs will result in uptown targets becoming fair game.

Jamaica stands alone in CARICOM and the Caribbean island chain for violence in the social order. This propensity to violence especially in the communities of the working class and the under class, the marginalized spaces of Jamaica, which is escalating, is the legacy of pre-independence and independence politics of Jamaica in a two party system which combined politics, political mobilization, political parties with gangland of the marginalized spaces. In Jamaica today there is in operation a hierarchy of gangland with Jamaican transnational gangland at the apex of the hierarchy with low level gangs dominating the marginalized spaces of Jamaica. Jamaican transnational gangland effectively patrols the boundary between uptown and the marginalized spaces thereby feeding off and exploiting to its advantage and hegemony both spaces. Jamaican transnational gangland are all affiliates of the order of the Mexican TTOs which has resulted in an expansion of the volume of the transnational illicit trades of Jamaica whilst the marginalized spaces are ground down under the weight of an order of gangland that exploits the already limited resources of these spaces with a propensity to violence.

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