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Trinidad and Tobago Murder 2022 and the War between the Mexican TTOs and the Colombian Dons

In 2021 the rise in the monthly murder toll commenced in the final month of the second quarter accelerating thereafter until the final quarter where it exploded carrying its momentum into the first and second quarters of 2022. The relevant question then is if this momentum will accelerate further during the third and fourth quarters of 2022 taking T&T back to the rivers of blood of 2017 to 2019 or even surpassing the record set during this period? Comparing the daily and monthly murder toll of the first two quarters of 2021 with that of 2022 is then an exercise in invoking moral panic of the politics of race in T&T with the TTPS as the fall guys as per usual. This is the moral panic which has now embraced a man on his donkey riding it triumphantly seeking his palm Sunday, pure distraction driven by delusion.

Developments in Gangland and the illicit trades in 2022 do not bode well for the future stability of T&T as the Colombian paramilitary Dons, their captains in T&T of both T&T and Venezuelan origin and their foot soldiers on the ground in T&T both T&T and Venezuelan citizens have launched a war against the Gangland affiliates of the Mexican MTTOs in T&T in response to the elimination of the public leadership of the federation in T&T. The strategy adopted by the Colombian Capos in T&T is straight out of their Venezuelan playbook, thereby seeking to replicate it in T&T. It must be noted that in Venezuela this is a regime change strategy seeking to capture the State which involves the drug trafficking oligarchy of Venezuela who are tied to the Colombian Capos. In T&T the same reality applies as the drug trafficking families and clans of the T&T oligarchy are also involved as they are beholding to their Colombian overlords, no kilo bricks no sustainable wealth generation mechanism to dominate the social order of T&T especially amongst the minority race oligarchs. The Colombian Dons are then prosecuting a war against the Mexican TTOs in Venezuela and T&T simultaneously and the war in Venezuela has now crossed over into T&T as Venezuelans portrayed as head working migrants by T&T corporate regime change media are being taken out in T&T and on their way to and from T&T via the illegal water taxis/pineros that link us.

In the second half of 2021 continuing into 2022 the arms of the Colombian Dons commenced arming the have nots with AR 15s etc deliberately seeking to change the power relations and terrain of Gangland T&T to make the players of Gangland targets of the have nots in a bid to break the hegemony over Gangland since 2020 exercised by Players affiliated to the Mexican TTOs. The killing, mobbing, robbing exploded but what is noteworthy is the graphic violence of the response of Gangland affiliated to the Mexican TTOs where those responsible for attacks were publicly taken out with graphic violence using automatic rifles. The other impact of dumping fire power as sweetie in the hands of the have nots is the ratcheting up of violence against persons who are not members of Gangland, violence against the person and the resort to gun violence to mediate conflict between persons. The weaponizing of the have nots by the Colombian Dons has now escalated violence against the person in the social order to crisis levels which has no connection to what is going on in Gangland, for not all of those armed chose to to go war against the affiliates of the Mexican TTOs, preferring softer targets. The killing of Gangland Players affiliated to the Mexican TTOs will further escalate the war but the Mexican TTOs in response will target the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy by any means necessary including and especially their holdings in the USA and their drug trafficking operations into the USA. Simply put they will now apply the methodology they have applied to the drug trafficking routes of South, Central and North America to flush out their enemies and protect their hegemony. The potent lessons are forthcoming from Guatemala then Honduras on the methodology of removing hostile, recalcitrant drug trafficking oligarchs beholding to the Colombian paramilitary Dons who dare to challenge the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs. The most abundant example in the Caribbean is the destruction of politicians compliant with the agenda of the drug trafficking oligarchy subservient to the Dons of their nation, the latest one being Fahie. When specific drug trafficking families of the oligarchy beholding to the Colombian Dons move to control the nation’s national security apparatus then they have made themselves expendable, redundant. From all the symptoms exhibited in 2021 and 2022 as a nation in the year of our 60th birthday the corbeaux have come home to roost as an endemically corrupt State created by the impunity afforded politicians by the politics of race has now set in motion the machinery to destroy the social order, the nation as a transnational war of the illicit trades in T&T triggers the collapse. Lies, mystification, deflection, race hate, the politics of race is irrelevant to this war and its outcome, the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs is assured as it guts T&T in the manner of Shaka Zulu’s washing of the spears bringing down the drug trafficking oligarchy and the politicians they own!

The Arrest by the USA of the Premier of the British Virgin Islands for drug trafficking and money laundering

The affidavit that forms the indictment of Andrew Fahie Premier of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a potent lesson in the Caribbean GAME of moving illicit drugs to US territory and the deep deep complicity of politicians, their flunkeys and agents of the State in the Caribbean. The Affidavit reveals the context of the business model of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in the Caribbean moving product to the USA and its Caribbean territories. What is described is in no way the business model of the Mexican TTOs in action which shows the familiarity of Caribbean politicians, their flunkeys and agents of the state with the Colombian paramilitary Dons business model. The hitman working for the DEA to put down the sting operation on Fahie is versed in the paramilitary Don business model being able to convince the Arab group of traffickers moving product through the BVI of his creds and likewise to the mother and son especially the son who is a trafficker of 20 years experience in the GAME and Fahie who is also experienced in the GAME. In keeping with the Colombian paramilitary Dons model of purchasing impunity from politicians and state officials in the Caribbean, the BVI is endemically corrupt enabling the DEA hitman to spin his intricate web by selling a sustainable trafficking operation with lucrative rewards and delivering deal closing bribes to seal the deal in the USA to enable arrest. Given the trafficking terrain in the Caribbean today under the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs the deal was too good to be true and those to whom the deal was pitched much too greedy as desire clouded their grasp on reality. They projected their desire as reality which landed them in a US Federal remand yard. The lesson of the Fahie sting is no extradition but arrest on US soil which is the new operating model. The BVI is a British colony and also an offshore site which enables washing of the cash proceeds of the sale of the illicit product attained in the USA. Most of all the affidavit is an accurate description of the Colombian paramilitary Dons business model especially working with the politicians and state agents to arrange seizures of worthless cocaine to have them look good in their war on drugs, crime and gangs. This is why in the Caribbean they don’t release the purity of the products seized. The other Colombian paramilitary business model is where they sell kilo bricks to groups and individuals who then pay Colombian trafficking organizations to smuggle their kilo bricks for them into the consumer nations. This is the favored model of the Caribbean oligarchs who have set up organizations in the consumer nations to receive, wholesale and launder the cash proceeds of the sale of the kilo bricks. Their family members man these organizations in the USA and Europe. These traffickers of T&T are now players on the hot USD parallel market. Click the link to read the US indictment.