The Hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the Illicit Markets of T&T in 2022

The rapidly changing nature of the illicit markets of T&T in 2022 is the result of the rolling out of the business model of the Mexican TTOs over the markets of the illicit trades in T&T in 2022. The ever expanding availability on the retail drug markets of synthetic drugs especially meth/ice, ex, fentanyl and their expanding market base in T&T is driven by the Mexican preference for synthetic drugs, its greater profitability and the preferred means to stimulate demand in a market where crack is a sunset drug. The Mexicans have already impacted the ganja market of T&T rapidly increasing the volume of supply to match demand whilst harnessing local production of quality ganja to export pipelines under the control of the Mexican organisations. The volume of cocaine and heroin being transshipped through T&T continues to increase whilst interdiction remains negligible. Entirely new vistas of criminal activity are being introduced by this hegemonic business model that will blindside the way in which T&T generates, manages, stores and protects wealth as IT systems are subjected to intensified, sophisticated assaults and physical plants as banks etc come under sophisticated assaults. The assault on Republic Bank, Couva was simply a wake up call as there were items of strategic value in the safety deposit boxes that needed to be uplifted. The Mexican coyotes now exercise hegemony over human smuggling into the Caribbean for final transit to the Mexican border with the USA, then to the USA and Canada. The movement of Caribbean peoples to the Mexican border then to the USA and Canada is now dominated by the Mexican coyotes from the Caribbean Basin onwards and they dominate the inter Caribbean pipelines that feed migrants to the Mexican border, then to the USA, Canada and to Latin American markets. This is potently illustrated by the diversity of pipelines that smuggle Haitians to a menu of destinations in in the Western Hemisphere and the rest of the world. In T&T as the rest of the Caribbean Basin violence is being generated in social orders as the Mexican business model displaces and dominates the former hegemonic model of the Colombian paramilitary Dons. The decision in the first quarter of 2022 by the foot soldiers of the Colombian Dons in T&T to assassinate an operative/affiliate of the Mexicans in T&T triggered an intensification of the Cleansing of the foot soldiers of the Dons especially those attached to the remnants of the Federation all the way to its lowest levels. This then is a battle to finally take out the business model of the Dons in T&T and the have nots the foot soldiers of the Dons armed in a bid to destabalise the illicit markets which is having a blowback effect on the T&T social order. Presently it is now apparent that the Dons have embraced in T&T their favorite go to position of destabalising a social order in which their business model is now in eclipse. A comparison of the murder toll of June 2021 with that of June 2022 shows a 21.21% increase in 2022 over that of 2021 or 33 in June 2021 and 40 in June 2022. This battle between the Mexican TTOs and the Colombian paramilitary Dons business models is now threatening to drag the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy, especially the minority races, into the battle which will destabalise the T&T State to its dysfunctional core. The Dons have lost the battle, further futile resistance will intensify the destabalisation of the T&T State and its social order. Yesterday we saw in action the concept of political protest as guerrilla engagement with the State. Guess where they learnt that! Next comes the full application of the business model where everything that has a value on illicit markets will be appropriated as oil in pipelines etc. Understand what it is to have a gunman strung out on meth/ice putting down wuk in T&T or a met head in a domestic situation that is fraught with violence. Pax Mexicana!


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