Tracking the Murder Toll June and July 2022 in Trinidad and Tobago

Using the reports of homicides published in the daily print media of T&T I have commenced tracking from June 2022 the monthly homicide toll to enable a comparative analysis with 2021 from June to December as this was the period the monthly homicide toll began its ascent in 2021 culminating in the peak in the final quarter of 2021. The murder toll in 2021 began its climb in spite of the fact that Griffith was Commissioner of Police at the time and it continues thereafter driven by realities on the ground in the illicit trades. The limitations of the methodology I am using is my sample is determined by what the three daily newspapers choose to print, it is as simple as that, but I have no other choice.

In June 2022 this methodology reported 40 homicides with 33 in June 2021, an increase of 21.21%. In July 2022 there were 61 homicides recorded compared to 38 in 2021, an increase of 60.52%. A July 2022 murder toll that outstrips the highest month for 2021. July was especially bloody as the engagement within gangland intensified as a series of drug retail points were lighted up in July 2022 and attacks on players continued. Two potent indicators of the intensity of the engagement between two contending transnational organised crime business models. The wanton blood lust of the have nots earned themselves a series of tit for tat attacks which further escalated the murder toll. Whilst the contribution of personalised violence used to mediate conflict continued and escalated and the tendency to resort to graphic violence in the course of crimes against the person and property escalated. Potently indicated by economic terrorists armed to the teeth to protect their illicit enterprise of stealing non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The interdiction in Barbados of the warehoused shipment of Colombian ganja with connections to operatives in T&T illustrate the operational presence in T&T of one of two transnational organised crime business models and the willingness of the other to give up their competition to state agencies.

The battle is lost, continued resistance is futile as earning dead presidents and euro are not enhanced by an operational reality of constant war. When your ability to earn is squeezed then you collapse and that is what is happening in T&T today as in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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