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Gunlandia T&T 2022

Gunlandia T&T 2022

For August 2022 the estimated murder toll was 66 persons which outstrips July 2022 by 5.2% with its total of 61. A comparison of August for 2022 with August 2021 shows a 88.57% jump over the toll for August 2020 which was 35.

The river of blood of July 2022 accelerated in August 2022 with the escalation of the terms of engagement where there are no “safe zones” open to the public where business can be conducted regardless of who owns and controls these spaces. As long as there is a hit out on you and you are in these spaces this is open season on you. Gunlandia in then expanding to now embrace open season hunt spaces where there is no operating concept of collateral damage, of safe spaces to conduct business and of the need to minimize the blowback from the politicians and the State. Gunlandia is in yuh face and is potently indicating its contempt for the politicians, the State national security apparatus and now for the hegemonic oligarchy of T&T. The message then is the inevitable march up the food chain as the business models continue their engagement. In Gangland it is now clearly apparent that the move to eliminate the leadership of the affiliates of the Mexican TTOs at the beginning of 2022 has now backfired with the blowback being the drive up the food chain and the tit for tit hits.

The fact of the matter is whenever you leave home for any public destination especially those where targets transit you are playing craps, rolling dice with your life as you can very well place yourself in a conjuncture with a date with death by gun in Gunlandia. As you happen to be in the range of the shooter who is taking out the target as you are walking, passing by minding your business as in a mall cap park, waiting to purchase street food, liming in a watering hole in plain sight etc etc this is Gunlandia T&T where Ganglandia, TOClandia run riot whilst the national security apparatus is in tatters, the remand yard overcrowded, the judicial system morbidly constipated and the Office of the DPP in a ramshackle condition. Don’t worry blame the TTPS and seek persistently the deflection that the oligarchs and their politicians dish out in Gunlandia that can’t block bullet especially those of an AR-15 at close range. This is eating shots. Imagine Friday morning in a store on the drag in Puna and man eating shots, dead on the floor. This is Gunlandia, Tombstone Territory T&T.