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Gunlandia T&T September 2022

Murder Toll September 2022

For September 2022 the toll was 48 which was a 26. 31% increase over September 202i (38) and a 27.27% decrease compared to August 2022 (66). Only time will tell if this decrease continues into October.

The signal event for the month of September 2022 was the attack on the cash in transit detail of Allied Security Co. at the Pennywise Plaza. The entire atttack reeked of underfunded and under resourced amateurs who undertook the heist simply because the detail presented a very soft target for the taking and the attackers were armed with AR-15 assault rifles outgunning the security detail. Their planning was deficit, their material assets were inadequate, their personal training was deficit and their counter measures to avoid detection and interdiction by the TTPS were non existent. This was then a operation where the assault on the detail was deficient as u it was rooted in relying on overwhelming fire power against a soft target with the attack launched when the target was at its most vulnerable. The robbers then came intent on slaughtering the three guard detail with a rain of gunfire, but visibly failing to deal with the crux of the matter: evading interdiction, capture with the loot in hand. The intent to murder the guards as the chosen methodology to grab the loot ratcheted up the level of engagement with the TTPS but you failed to expend the necessary resources to evade interdiction successfully with the loot in hand. What was then the rationale to murder in order to grab the loot? Six arrived in the assault vehicle six left with the loot in the same vehicle but there was no transfer of the loot to a series of escape vehicles and the splitting up of the kill group into cells, to then exit T&T with the loot. The loot was dumped and found by the TTPS, the kill unit headed to Pond Street, La Romaine with the TTPS in hot pursuit as they were engaging them before they exited the escape vehicle in Pond St. In Pond St they enter the yard of a household with 13 grandchildren and two aged grandparents living in a two story building where they entered the ground floor under construction with the TTPS in hot pursuit. The neighbour alerted the grandmother that armed men were in her yard and under her house, she immediately secured entry into the upper floor, the TTPS then corned the killers downstairs and four were killed in the firefight which leaves two not accounted for. If they had gained access to the upper floor the expected outcome would have been a hostage situation and already having killed there would have been no hesitation to continue.

This is not a transnational organised crime operation, not even an organised crime operation. This is young persons emboldened to kill simply because they had in their possession AR-15 semi-automatic rifles with lots of shots to expend. This was a case of the Wilding, Spree Killers according to US criminologists, for me it was simply terrorism in action for the cash/the loot and escaping untouched to enjoy was simply not the prime directive, killing was. The flood of assault rifles and ammunition into T&T is now giving opportunity to persons intent on killing for pleasure simply to do it, soon we will have the school shooters and various types of shooters who hunt soft targets to kill wherever they are gathered as malls. An exploding supply of assault rifles changes the nature of violence in a social order as these are weapons of war enabling anyone with emotional/mental problems to act out their fantasies of exerting violence on warm bodies. T&T you have sowed the wind and you are now reaping the whirlwind.