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Murder Toll November 2022: The Parting of the Ways!

In November 2022 the murder toll was 43, with the year to-date toll at 555 which means a toll of 45 plus in December 2022 will put us into entirely new territory of 600 murders for the year signaling that T&T is now faced with a tsunami of gun violence whilst the politicians fiddle and seek out scape-goats with the latest being Customs & Exise T&T. From June to November 2022 the monthly murder toll is directly linked to the intensity of the war between the The Mexican TTOs and the Colombian capo in T&T. In the period the monthly murder toll escalates into the 60s per month when the engagement is at its highest and decreases into the 40s when it is at its lowest. Even when the level of intensity falls in the war between TOC models in conflict T&T, still has a grave gun violence problem. The monthly toll shows the swing between the 40s to the 60s clearly as follows: June 40, July 61, August 66, September 48, October 63, November 43. One expects then that December 2022 is supposed to be in the 40s in keeping with the trend, but predicting on past experience is foolhardy in the GAME given what transpires on the ground and in November 2022 there was the taking and display of a head. In November 2022 a head was taken and displayed but not fully in keeping with the Rule as the walkover is the expected point of display. To-date no identity has been determined for the head taken and displayed, no body found. The last occasion heads were taken and displayed in T&T an entire organisation of the Colombian capo was decapitated in T&T and a capo was disappeared in Venezuelan waters. Kilo bricks are washing up on the beaches of Sucre state, Venezuela, the FANB is now operationalised in Sucre and the command and control center for the capo operation in T&T in the municipality in Sucre has been publicly named. The spotlight has been switched on the capo disrupting his pipelines to T&T. How can you prosecute a war in T&T when your pipelines to T&T passing through Venezuela are under attack by the state and Pax Mexicana. The message was sent in November 2022 that enough is enough with this futile battle when you have already lost the war, not only in T&T but in the world as your operations in Europe are being dismantled. You have broken every rule of the Game in T&T with no concern for its impact on earning dead Presidents and Euro. A mindless, nihilist business model that destabalises the market from which you must earn. You will now once again be de-capitated in T&T. Pax Mexicana over Venezuela will now squeeze the capo in T&T into submission by any means necessary. Pax Mexicana. With peace in T&T there is still the grave problem of the have nots of the life which the capo armed to unleash mayhem and destabalise the social order, left out of control and under no order of discipline and incapable of being an earning member of a disciplined order of the Game. Certainly not Mexican TTOs affiliate or affiliate of an affiliate material. T&T’s long term problem. Pax Mexicana!!!