T&T Murder Toll 2022: Lessons from the blood

On November 30, 2022 the murder toll for the year to date was 555 and on December 31st, 2022 it was 606 murders which meant there were 51 murders for the month with no hint of slowing down to come. There were many lessons forthcoming in the period November to December 2022 which must not be silenced with a fixation with the new murder high of 2022.

These lessons are: the taking of the head, its display but no sign of the body, death by garroting whilst being beaten in the head then wrapped in cling wrap and dumped, the number of identified Venezuelans taken out and dumped, not counting those disappeared. Then there is the number of instances where ammunition with state marking were consumed in attacks and left behind to send the message that we have breached the security of your state, your state is corrupt, we pull the strings. The number of Taurus hand guns being interdicted by the TTPS towards the end of the year indicates the rolling out of a new aspect of the Mexican model in T&T. Taurus made in Brazil was never a desired weapon in the Caribbean given the desire for massa gun brands, now this is changing as Brazil is the largest growing consumer market and the premier export point for cocaine to the world. The dual pipelines into and from Brazil mean that T&T is now integrated into these Brazil pipelines which include Guyana and Suriname. The Taurus platform with its AR 15 models etc will now flow out of Brazil and up the island chain via the Eastern Caribbean Trafficking Pipeline with quality products. The event horizon is now expanding whilst the national security apparatus and the politicians transfixed on the Gulf.

2022 is directly linked to the war that commenced in 2017 and continues in 2023 which raises the question if the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy, members of the national security apparatus and other agents of the state who are all in bed with the Colombians are now involved in this war in a desperate bid to breathe life into the moribund business model they are clinging to? What must be understood is that the Mexicans have encountered before such concerted opposition by oligarchic families and agents of the state in the Caribbean Basin and they mitigated the threats posed very effectively and are now exercising unchallenged hegemony over these drug trafficking zones! T&T the party now start! Note carefully the tonnage now flowing through Jamaica in spite of the normality of their high annual murder tolls, T&T that is your future, now. Pax Mexicana!!!

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