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Pax Mexicana Evolves Further, its Impact on T&T Today

The Evolution of Pax Mexicana and its Impact on Trinidad and Tobago

From the final quarter of 2022 into January 2023 the war on the Colombian model heightened in Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. In Venezuela the mobilization of the FANB along the Caribbean coast especially in Falcon state and in the Atlantic margins namely Sucre state then finally the Gulf namely Delta Amacuro state targeted the drug trafficking infrastructure of the Colombian model hence the supply side of the business model in T&T and the Caribbean. In T&T the beating heart of Gangland remained dead quiet whilst the engagement with the Colombian model focused on the zones of transition where the Venezuelan operatives with their entourages lived. By January 2023 the Venezuelan Gangland contingent in T&T serving the Colombian model got the message graphically they they are marked for death and resistance is futile. The landscape of murder is now in transition as Gangland affiliated to the Mexican model never had it so good in their history going back to the second half of the decade of the 1990s, as the volume and range of illicit products entering and leaving T&T has exploded affording them the opportunity to earn dead presidents and euro in volumes they never earned before, money talks and bullshit walks. For the first time in the history of the illicit drug trade in T&T we now have Africans at the heart of the trade, shakers and movers dwarfing players and the race minorities who became oligarchs because of the trade now have to grapple with supply side and final consumer market entry problems. Pax Mexicana!!!

The change in the nature of the murder landscape in T&T in 2023 reflects this reality as Mexican hegemony over the illicit trades of T&T and the Caribbean hardens into operational dominance at the ground level on a daily basis. What is noteworthy in T&T is the killing of the transporters which indicates that there are operators in desperate need of supply seeking supply by barbarizing supply and transport lines they once were fed from, that is the height of desperation on the supply side in the business. This fuels the personal nature of murders in 2023 in pursuit of seizing property you know they have. What happens in the landscape of murder in April 2023 will testify further on the new reality on the ground.

In the illicit trades T&T is joined at the hips to Venezuela which demands a daily monitoring of events in the trade in Venezuela. I have presented for you signal events in Venezuela which send alarming messages for T&T and the Caribbean. First up is the discovery by the FANB in the Orinoco Delta of an abandoned semi submersible of distinctive design for operation in the Caribbean island chain. This vessel is distinctively different from semi submersibles that ply the Pacific route to Central America and the Atlantic route to Spain. The US Coast Guard has confirmed semi submersibles on the Puerto Rico route, this one discovered in Venezuela will also be used to deliver product to Martinique, Guadeloupe, St Lucia, T&T etc. Behold the sophistication of the technology displayed. The FANB has also confirmed riverine semi submersibles in Venezuela in Bolivar, Amazonas and Zulia states and remember the Orinoco Delta is an outlet to the sea and T&T is a hop skip and jump from the Delta. In T&T the national security apparatus continues to bring a knife to a gunfight with AR-15s. El Conejo started off as petty gangland extortionist in Aragua state until he was embraced by the Colombian paramilitary smugglers and turned into a gangland drug smuggler with a political agenda to create murder and mayhem thereby destabilizing a suburb of Caracas. When opposed by the FANB he would flee to Colombia and return to Venezuela to resume the mayhem. On his last foray into Venezuela the FANB knew of his plan, baited and set the trap for him. The questions for T&T is why did El Conejo by penero/pirogue flee to Irapa, Sucre state, a fishing village on the coast, thereby boxing himself in on the Atlantic coast of Venezuela? Was he on his way to T&T to disappear within the Venezuelan contingent in T&T and continue the murder and mayhem in T&T against the Mexican model and the government as they deal with Maduro, dragon gas?? The FANB knew exactly where he was going and he was eliminated. Remember Pax Mexicana gives up its enemies, another one bites the dust. Eighteen illegal male migrants from Pakistan were found wandering aimlessly in Monagas state, they were arrested and deported. It was subsequently determined that they entered Venezuela from T&T. T&T has now being added to the list of destinations in the playbook of human smugglers of transnational organized crime as the case of the group of Haitians who entered t&T and then traveled ot St Lucia where they were deported. Pax Mexicana. On the smuggling routes utilizing the Caribbean Sea, the Atlantic annd the Gulf of Paria Trinbagonians are being interdicted on smuggling boats transporting illicit drugs or smuggled humans which indicates the depth of our integration into the illicit trades from Colombia, Venezuela to T&T and the Caribbean. This is heightened by the push to turn Venezuela into a major producer/exporter of dried/herbal ganja for export which has already started in Sucre state, given the escalating level of demand in T&T and the Caribbean. It is now apparent that the politicians and the national security apparatus is down the rabbit hole with Alice. Pax Mexicana!!!