El Clan del Golfo and the 168 kilos seized in T&T

El Clan Golfo/Gulf Clan, the 168 kilo bricks seized in T&T and the Myth of the War on Drugs

These are the realities that you must understand:

1. This is not the first seizure of kilos bricks of cocaine with Gulf Clan marking seized in T&T. This is the largest amount seized on land.

2. Which Gulf Clan? In the hegemonic discourse of massa of the war on drugs there is fabricated reality of their “Gulf Cater” which does not, cannot reflect operational reality on the ground. If you embrace this massa discourse you will be relentlessly spinning myth for reality and writing prescriptions for interventions that have no traction on the ground, hence doomed for failure from the 1970s to the present in T&T.

3. The real Gulf Clan: There are two Gulf Clan’s, one the struggling, shrinking vestige of the failed Colombian transnational organised crime (TOC) business model and the new, renovated Gulf Clan, an affiliate of Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organizations (MTTOs). Pax Mexicana. This Gulf Clan is a major player in the transnational cocaine trade moving product to the vibrant European market, pioneering the opening up of new markets as Asia and serving the old sunset market of the USA. The power the new Gulf Clan wields in the cocaine production business is illustrated by its displacement of Los Rastrojos, the paramilitary trafficking group who was Guaido’s militia in Venezuela, on the Colombian border with Tachira state, Venezuela. The Clan now controls Cucuta, Colombia and has present its Gangland affiliates: La Linea and Tren de Aragua. Note this reality where Gangland organised crime groups are affiliates, the foot soldiers, the workers of the apex production/trafficking TOC players. To constantly rank and rave in T&T about gangs, gangs, gangs without recognizing, seeing and targeting their TOC overlords is simply then bullshitting the electorate. As longs as TOC is operationally present in the Caribbean there will always be Gangland in operation, as TOC begets Gangland organized crime. Accept this reality and liberate yourself from being down the rabbit hole with Alice, get real. Gangs in T&T are not an African and/or Mixed race thing, it is a TOC thing. Wrap your mind around this reality and finally understand why all the so-called interventions have and will fail as they address a reality spawned by myth not reality on the ground.

4. Understand that the discourse of the politics of race in T&T is driven by the need to push race to bring out your voters NOT engage with the reality of TOC and its spawn, Gangland in T&T and how this reality has systematically destroyed social control in the social order. The politics of race can only embrace myth, fabricated reality and act on this myth which ALL sides share which inevitably fails to, cannot address the reality on the ground. Which demands that they constantly deny that their measures have failed and will continue to fail. The politics of race must demand a national security apparatus that marches in lockstep with this discourse of crime. Those in this apparatus who reject the myth have then poor career prospects. The circle is now closed as at the level of the idea those who manage the state are in stasis, and those in the shadows of opposition hoping for state power are also bedeviled, some worst than the two major parties.

5. Understand that the rivers of blood from 2017 to present are the result of a battle for hegemony between the old hegemonic business model in T&T from the second half of the 1960s to 2017, the Colombian model with its Gangland and the Mexican model with its Gangland. A futile resistance by the Colombian model bred by the arrogance of its lengthy dominance over the Game in T&T and its links to power in T&T. This battle is then threatening to drag state agencies into the war, a recipe for social collapse hastened by the deepening of The Cleansing as the Exterminators move up the food chain into the apex groups of the social order who are in the Game. T&T, you sow the wind and reap the whirlwind! Pax Mexicana!!!


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