Bio: I am an anti social researcher/author and anti academic which means I have rejected the discourse of science of the North Atlantic as all it is a discourse of power, a vassal of power, an instrument of power, based in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. My primary focus on power, power relations, power/knowledge and the mechanism and effects of power results in my rejection of the discourse of truth of the enlightenment and its academic/scientific discourses. I have published a range of books available online with my areas of specialization being the illicit drug trade, Islamic extremism, the politics of race in Trinidad and Tobago, the geopolitics of LNG in T&T and Venezuela and the deconstruction of hegemonic discourse to reveal the nature of the power/resistance dynamic, the power relations of a social order. My worldview which focuses on exposing the power relations, power and the mechanism and effects of power are expressed via actual studies of power and power relations in all my works as this my methodology towards understanding reality. My blog is designed to provide real time realities of power, power relations and the effects of power of the drug trade of the Caribbean and other topics as Islamic extremism and the geopolitics of LNG. "What's effectively needed is a ramified, penetrative perception of the present, one that makes it possible to locate lines of weakness, strong points, positions where the instances of power have secured and implanted themselves by a system of organisation dating back over 150 years. In other words a topological and geological survey of the battlefield-that is the intellectual's role. But as for saying, 'Here is what you must do!', certainly not." Michel Foucault (Power/Knowledge). The politicians, the agents of the state and the population are charged with formulating what must be done and dealing with the daily reality of power relations bestowed on its captive actors. I deal with what is and the probability of its evolution into probable, possible outcomes. What should be is for the realm of politics and I have no desire to re-enter politics.

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