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I am an anti social researcher/author and anti academic which means I have rejected the discourse of science of the North Atlantic as all it is a discourse of power, a vassal of power, an instrument of power, based in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies. My primary focus on power, power relations, power/knowledge and the mechanism and effects of power results in my rejection of the discourse of truth of the enlightenment and its academic/scientific discourses. I have published a range of books available online with my areas of specialization being the illicit drug trade, Islamic extremism, the politics of race in Trinidad and Tobago, the geopolitics of LNG in T&T and Venezuela and the deconstruction of hegemonic discourse to reveal the nature of the power/resistance dynamic, the power relations of a social order. My worldview which focuses on exposing the power relations, power and the mechanism and effects of power are expressed via actual studies of power and power relations in all my works as this my methodology towards understanding reality. My blog is designed to provide real time realities of power, power relations and the effects of power of the drug trade of the Caribbean and other topics as Islamic extremism and the geopolitics of LNG. "What's effectively needed is a ramified, penetrative perception of the present, one that makes it possible to locate lines of weakness, strong points, positions where the instances of power have secured and implanted themselves by a system of organisation dating back over 150 years. In other words a topological and geological survey of the battlefield-that is the intellectual's role. But as for saying, 'Here is what you must do!', certainly not." Michel Foucault (Power/Knowledge). The politicians, the agents of the state and the population are charged with formulating what must be done and dealing with the daily reality of power relations bestowed on its captive actors. I deal with what is and the probability of its evolution into probable, possible outcomes. What should be is for the realm of politics and I have no desire to re-enter politics.

Gringo Mystification of the Reality of the Illicit Trades on the Ground The Reality Today

The North Atlantic’s war on drugs is driven by the mystification of reality on the ground in the illicit trades in order to constantly exert hegemony over the discourses of the war on drugs peddled to the world. Reality on the ground is then a rare, suppressed entity which is never mainstream constantly assaulted to render it a silenced knowledge. But this in no way hinders the ability of the illicit trades to evolve, generate wealth, maximize profits and exercise power over players in the licit spaces. The reality that constantly demands mystification and obfuscation is the constant, never ending dance between agents of the State and the illicit trades and transnational organised crime. Every State has then attached to it the extralegal where power dances with legality and illegality, for power will not be circumscribed by law. In this extralegal space the Deep State dances with illegality, crime and criminality to serve power. To-date one of the most potent mystifications of reality produced by the North Atlantic state is the discourse of Pablo Escobar and cocaine production and export in Colombia, which is in operation to this day obfuscating the reality one the ground of evolutionary Stage 1 of this illicit trade. The mystification continues today to mask the nature of evolutionary Stage 4 of the cocaine illicit trade. The revolution on the ground created by the application of plant science to the coca plant, the ganja plant and the opium plant to create specific plant hybrids which yield more of the chemical components that are processed into cocaine, heroin and high potency ganja per kilo of plant material in a plant that is difficult to spot, to observe, grows faster and produces more plant material is now common to all the plant production economies of Latin America, and the Caribbean and now in North America. The MTTOs apply the science, the personnel, the investment and are constantly rolling out new, improved versions only to their affiliates. The cocaleros speak of these new hybrid varieties of coca bush that are shorter, squat with its leaves yielding much more coca base that others have and they don’t have. They also speak of the new order on the ground where those affiliated to the MTTOs process their leaves into base, then paste and are rewarded much better than those under the control of the paramilitaries/Bandas Criminales. The MTTOs deepen the horizontal integration of production of coca leaves with base and paste to the benefit of the cocaleros. The paste produced is fed into decentralized cocaine labs which are dispersed in urban/rural centers in both production and consumer countries. The MTTOs then smuggle a high percentage of its coca paste into consume markets where it is processed easily into cocaine hydrochloride of high quality. The North Atlantic interdiction structure and its mystification discourse is driven by seizing kilo bricks. The MTTOs ideal illicit product is not cocaine or heroin but synthetic drugs as meth as there is nothing to transport across great distances. You set up a meth lab in Holland acquire the precursors locally and crank out industrial grade meth that generates a greater profit than plant based drugs. The revolution in opium plants is very similar to that of coca, to change the yield of the plant whilst changing its growth pattern etc. The entire opium plant is reaped and processed into opium paste rather than the traditional method of milking the opium poppy bulb as in Afghanistan. The key then is a higher production per kilo of opium plant matter, which is a process in constant motion even though it is not a major enterprise of the MTTOs given their links with suppliers of Afghan heroin. The ganja market of the Caribbean is presently inundated with Colombian Kush, a high potency hybrid ganja plant which is constantly being advanced by scientific production. It fetches a premium price even though the volume of the product being smuggled and available on drug markets show no shortfall in supply. There is then investment in research and development, production and smuggling to drive demand and ensure supply to maximize profits sustainably by the MTTOs. These strategic innovations are driven by a specific business model where an intensely horizontally integrated globalized illicit enterprise keeps control of its products from production to sale to the consumer via a sophisticated highly compartmentalized division of labour premised on a need to know basis and built in obsolescence. The aim is to produce and sell top quality products at the price it fetches on the market because of its quality. The MTTOs produce a kilo brick at 90%+ purity and will not step on it to reduce the product sold to less than 50% at the street level. In drug markets quality/potency of the product determines demand and the price consumers are willing to pay to acquire the desired product, those with the cash resources command the best product available and facilitate the maximization of profit. The low end junk market is fraught with violence and comparatively lower cash volumes generated. The market is then strictly hierarchized resulting in various operational modes to suit market niches.

There are strict smuggling rules as smugglers of the MTTOs do not carry mixed drug loads as cocaine and ganja or heroin as this is a grave security risk as when this group is penetrated or there is an informer you will have two or more lines compromised. The central issue is not tonnage moved in a single shipment but the security of what is shipped hence smaller amounts dispersed over a much higher volume of diverse shipments utilizing various means of transport. There is no central figure that commands a network moving various types of drugs, guns and dirty money as the Colombian capo which has proven to be highly volatile and vulnerable. With the MTTOs there are cells charged with specific tasks, separate, apart and distinct from each other. You collapse a cell another takes its place and the collective is not brought down. There are producers who don’t smuggle, smugglers who don’t sell on the street, enforcers who only enforce and money smugglers who only move the proceeds on its way to North Atlantic financial center washing machines. Each task cell has no idea who comprise the Board of Directors and the order of battle of the organization. When you see seizures of small amounts of kilo bricks, below a tonne, with a larger amount of ganja, some guns and ammunition that is Colombian capo. When you see a seizure of multi tonnes of cocaine in a single load on a single means of transport, Colombian capo and the dime was dropped on them.

When you look at the map of coca bush growing areas in Colombia in 2020 you see the strategy of the MTTOs applied, a strategy that is simultaneously applied in Peru, Bolivia and other areas, where production areas are unified and operationalised under the hegemony of a single strategic discourse of a single organization, the MTTOs, which is totally unique to Stage 4 of the drug trade of Latin America and the Caribbean Basin. In Latin America and the Caribbean Basin today there are specific production areas with the entire continent and Basin organized to maximize the effectiveness of smuggling to consumer states and regions. In this conjoined production platform the inland riverine waterways are fully exploited to move product to smuggling points hence the importance of Brazil today as the apex smuggling point to Europe and Africa. The drive to grow coca profitably on platforms external of Latin America has never diminished and it continues for it ts viable and may actually be in production at present as it is not in thee interest of the discourse of the war on drugs to reveal these realities on the ground

The MTTOs are not the myth created by white mystification called the Mexican cartels which never existed on the ground in Mexico, only in the discourse of the white war on drugs. The Mexican overlords were in control when the first evolutionary stage of the cocaine trade appeared as Escobar, the Medellin Federation, the Rodriguez brothers of Cali and the others not affiliated answered to them. Escobar had Rodriguez Gacha as his close partner and the Rodriguez brothers had theirs as well. What has changed today is the appearance of the fourth stage of evolution under the control of the MTTOs with their partners drawn from powerful transnational organised crime as the Ndrangheta. In 2021 there are a semi-submersibles traversing the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic moving loads to Puerto Rico and Europe loaded with kilo bricks and the latest development, kilo circular cakes/discs which consist of either cocaine hydrochloride or coca paste destined for Europe. A recent seizure of these kilo cakes/discs in Puerto Rico indicate that they exhibit the characteristics of coca paste not cocaine hydrochloride which means that there are operationalised labs in Puerto Rico and in the US producing cocaine hydrochloride from these coca paste kilo cakes.

Finally, in order to discern MTTOs kilo bricks from Colombian capo kilo bricks understand that since the MTTOs don’t sell their product to competitors their kilo bricks are not marked with brands as CAT, Coca Cola and other world brands. MTTOs’ bricks have stamped on the product the mark of the organization which potently indicates to all and sundry whose product it is. A mark that points to an Aztec entity or to Santa Muerte or both then wrapped and sealed in florescent plastic wrap anything other than this is the mark of the Colombian capo. The message is not in the packaging but in what is stamped on the product. In 2021 this is the hegemonic order of the illicit trades of the Caribbean Basin, Brazil, the rest of Latin America, Europe, Africa which extends to Asia. Gringo mystification is necessary as their war on drugs is a phony war to project white power in a non-white world and on their internal non-white minorities, internal colonialism unleashed on the North Atlantic. Pax Mexicana!

The Colombian Capo and the Order, the Rule in Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago and Haiti

The crisis of the Colombian Capo business model in Latin America and the Caribbean island chain is now potently illustrated by events in Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) and Haiti. The pressure exerted by the MTTO’s business model as they squeeze access to Europe and have now utilized the Caribbean to bolster their supply to the Eastern seaboard of America which was the last preserve of the Colombian Capos.

Venezuela is the battleground between both business models with the winner already clearly apparent as the MTTOs presently exert hegemony over the illicit trades of Zulia state which is the epicenter of the Game in Venezuela. This dramatic change of the order of power in Venezuela of the transnational illicit trades has impacted the political and social order of Venezuela in a most potent manner which is in fact a revolution. From the birth of the transnational cocaine and marijuana trade from Colombia to the world, Venezuelan state agents, politicians and members of its blanco oligarchy were the willing associates of the Medellin Federation and the Cali organization. The Colombian Capo model penetrated the Venezuela state and its social order and compromised it constituting a long standing relationship between Colombian Capos and the Venezuelan state. The initial relationship was the sale of impunity and being in the employ of the Capos to enable trafficking through and from Venezuela. With the fall of Medellin and Cali and the rise of Valle Norte with its new business model, Venezuelans now purchased kilos and either hired Capos to transport their loads or they evolved into smugglers in their own right. This was the era in which Venezuelans entered the trade in their numbers at all levels of the Game. The most fitting example of this organic relationship Venezuelan state actors have with the Capo is the case of Maduro’s nephews, who were both part of a Capo operation selling impunity to various Capos. The nephews then decided to become smugglers in their own right moving their own kilo bricks and others they are moving for clients. In classic Capo methodology they are using the DR and Haiti as jump off points to smuggle product to the US and they are lusting after a Europe operation as they have grand dreams to be the Capo of Venezuela until the MTTOs drop the dime on both of them. Don’t try to use your uncle’s political position to extort the MTTOs, yes Maduro is their uncle, he adopted them legally. The Venezuelan state, its oligarchy and sections of its social order were before Chavez and after Chavez intertwined, compromised and dependent on the Capo smuggling economy, their business model. Why then did the Capos of Colombia especially the paramilitary Capos turn against their long time bitches in the Venezuelan state by embracing and prosecuting the regime change agenda against Maduro of America? The Capos especially the paramilitary Capos are prosecuting a war in Venezuela in a bid to destroy the hegemony of the MTTOs over the transnational illicit trades of Venezuela especially in Zulia state, which they have lost and with that any hope of reversing the hegemony of the MTTOs. They backed Juan Guaido who is the non-white face for blanco Leopoldo Lopez with the grand expectation that there would have been a coup d’etat staged by like minds desiring the return of the order of the Capo, this failed to materialize, then an invasion, overthrow and the installation of like minds and the return to the glory days of the Capo, that also failed to materialize. The next step was to arm, train and mobilize their Gangland instruments in Zulia and especially in Caracas as in Cota 905 and to have the drug traffickers of the extinct FARC open a front against Maduro in Apure state where they were mining Venezuelan territory, excising Venezuelan territory from state control and engaging in armed conflict with the armed forces of the state. Capo gangland in Zulia, Caracas and the front in Apure state has melted away as the previous fronts in Tachira and Barinas states. Why then did Santrich open a front in Zulia state in the heart of the Order, the Rule when he was part of the FARC leadership who passed their Colombian coca lands to the MTTOs across the bord4r from Zulia when they were demobilizing for peace in Colombia? Whose agenda was he pursuing? All the engagements of the Capo with the Venezuelan state show the operation of a ghost in the machine which ratchets up the striking power of the Venezuelan state which in previous engagements it simply did not have and exerted. This is the ghost in the machine that knows where the enemy is, their next move, their order of battle and their contingency plan in the event of collapse. This is the ghost in the machine that demands decisive action by the Venezuelan state against their beloved Capos as this ghost don’t trust them as the Capo is their child father, their first man. Gangland under assault in Cota 905 flees to Apure state and the authorities know where to be to intercept them in Apure. This same ghost in the machine eliminates the enemy, erasing their human agency in the war much more efficiently than the state forces. This is the MTTOs in action defending their operational hegemony in Venezuela by any means necessary. The Capo made the grave mistake to embrace regime change as a weapon to recover hegemony over Venezuela as they alienated their bitches forcing them to dance with the MTTOs having no choice in the matter as they have problems with the MTTOs business model. Now they have no choice but to dance as the MTTOs don’t mix political agendas with business, an enemy of my enemy is my friend and the Venezuelan state is in no position to go to war with the MTTOs given America’s regime change agenda with Duque and Bolsonaro threatening on two borders. So, every so often in Zulia state you raid a cocaine lab complex that is deserted and seize precursor chemicals and coca base and paste minimal kilo bricks. After the state leaves they go back and rebuild the complex in the same place, the same municipality of Zulia state for the next time around. That is the MTTOs method which the Capos could never replicate as they lack the ideational finesse.

T&T has always been an arm of Venezuelan drug smuggling under the control of the Colombian Capo. It was the Norte Valle business model that created the new Gangland in T&T in the 1990s and the billionaire smugglers of the T&T oligarchy as it was the Capo business model that unleashed Gangland driven by blood lust on T&T in the 21st Century as they fought over supply and who would exercise hegemony over the supply side of the drug market. The Capo business model exercised no order of power on the ground, as the model is driven by desire, ego and catch as catch can where everything and anything goes to satisfy your desire. Chaos is then the operational terrain of the Capo model. In every instance of defeat of the PNM in a general election instability intensifies in the Capo model of the illicit trades in T&T as formerly excluded races, groups and individuals with full support of the Capo makes a bid for power thereby threatening the established hegemonic order. The Capo model is fully supportive of this bid for power as their worldview insists that political activism, connectedness and politicization of drug smugglers is vitally necessary to the sustainability of the illicit enterprise. Under the People’s Partnership government 2010-2015 a local federation made the move to dominate the supply side of the cocaine and ganja markets locally with elements in this federation acting on grand dreams to become international smugglers of Colombian cocaine and heroin within the orbit of the Capo model in the Caribbean. This federation triggered the blood bath that kick started in the 4th quarter of 2013 and accelerated exponentially into a gun violence murder spree never experienced before in T&T history until 2019. This blood bath was driven by the Ganja wars as supply was deliberately suppressed in the face of escalating demand to raise prices and exert monopoly control over the supply side of the market. The wanna be cocaine and heroin international smugglers were now seeking to supply markets that were under the control of the MTTOs but the grave mistake the federation made in their bid for power was the elimination of operatives of the affiliates of the MTTOs in T&T in the wars that erupted. These eliminations targeted not only T&T operatives but operatives of Caribbean gangland affiliated to the MTTOs. The MTTOs moved on this T&T federation simultaneously with their move on the Capo in Venezuela which was expressed in T&T with the elimination of the street leaders, the ground smugglers of the federation who were all T&T functionaries of the Capo. The members of the federation in the shadows simply melted away as they got the potent messages sent. With this operation underway the MTTOs through their affiliates in T&T both local and regional consolidated organization of affiliates into the business model of the MTTOs and on June 30, 2020 the hegemony of the order of the MTTOs was publicly expressed in T&T. The ganja wars ended, slumber came to gangland, the federation was history and so was the order of the Capo in T&T. The displaced Capo has responded always to the rise of the new Order in a bid to preempt its drive to hegemony and with hegemony exerted the response has escalated with an intent to destabilize the social order of T&T. First there were attempts to reignite the Gangland blood letting with the murder of Gangland members connected to affiliates of the MTTOs from June 2020 onwards for which they paid a heavy price. The next stage was to target leaders who presented themselves in public, again there was failure and they paid a price and those who broke the Rule by responding in the old discontinued manner were disciplined. This string of failures to destabilize Gangland raised the stakes which resulted in the attempt to smuggle arms, ammunition and explosives, detonator cord and plastique, into the prison system to effect a prison break to constitute the militia of the Capo in T&T. This strategic intent was indicated by the arms, ammunition and materiel seizure smuggled into T&T from America. These two attempts potently illustrate the intent of the Capo to replicate the Venezuelan model in T&T. In both instances the dimes were dropped by the Ghost in the machine which triggered a backlash seen in the frantic search for the informers and a murder spree. The two interdicted operations bore all the hallmarks of Capo operations in a crazed bid to recapture what is lost.

It is simply no coincidence that Venezuelan migration to the Caribbean island chain followed the order of the Capo migrating to two specific destinations as their destinations of choice: the Dominican Republic (DR) and Trinidad and Tobago. In both cases they migrated and settled in these two states seeking employment by the business model of the Capo as they were so employed for years in Venezuela. They migrated seeking opportunity as the new Order of the MTTOs in Venezuela had displaced them for the disciplined, acutely horizontally integrated Order and its Rule rendered them un-employable. In T&T the Order simultaneously dealt with this Venezuelan migrant contingent in support of the Capo with strategic surgical strikes which broke its back. The hegemonic order has now changed the landscape of T&T Gangland and of the illicit trades in T&T as the illicit trades are expanding through the necessary investment to turn T&T into the premier export point of the southern island chain necessary to the strategy of growing premier export points along the northern rim of South America to complement Brazil as the apex export point of this area. What is being focused on by the Capo is driven by their willingness to destabilize a state in an attempt to challenge the hegemony of the Order and the Rule. The intention to outfit a militia and the attempt to effect a jail break from the maximum security prison are straight out of the playbook of the Capo put into action in the DR.

The assassination of the President of Haiti must be scrutinized in light of this tendency.

The 2021 assassination of President Moise of Haiti was a product of the playbook the Capo used to get rid of President Aristide in 2004 but the reality of Haiti has changed dramatically since 2004 which forced the Capo to import his militia. In 2004 exerting the hegemony the Capo exercised over Haiti then, a Haitian militia was purchased assembled and trained in the DR from where this militia invaded Haiti. On reaching the outskirts of Port Au Prince the hit team in Port Au prince moved into action forcing Aristide to flee Haiti for his life. Aristide was removed for extraditing two Colombians to America from Haiti one of whom was the blood relative of the Capo. There are no longer extraditions of such nature from Haiti and the DEA has fingers pointed at it for systematic corruption in Haiti. Word in the Order is that Moise had a long working relationship with the Capo which predated his entry into Haitian politics as America’s lap dog. The reality that remains unspoken is the hegemony of the Order, the Rule in Haiti since 2004 where in conjunction with Haitian transnational crime along with other arms of Caribbean transnational crime and European transnational crime, the MTTOs now exert hegemony over the illicit trades of Haiti, where Haiti and the DR are now a continuous seamless platform for/of the illicit trades. When the core group made Moise president the Capo then had great expectations but soon learnt that Moise could not deliver as the pressure built on the ground with the turning of the screws. In typical Capo problem solving methodology they chose political destabilization to settle a family squabble where the hit team was masked by the parade of the Colombian irregulars hired just to take the fall. The Capo then sent a message to the politicians of Haiti which side to take in the war they already lost. A futile message as power in Haiti is now on the streets as it was under Moise from his inauguration to his death as he reverted to Papa Doc methods in a brand new Haiti where the Order, the Rule outguns the PNH. Moise’s political militia specialized in slaughtering the defenseless sufferers in the slums taking great pain to evade the Order, the Rule, the old Haiti is dead, so is Moise and the Capo they all served as bitches is now retrenched. Whilst the core group can only see the old Haiti. Pax Mexicana !

St Lucia: The Order of the MTTOs and the Decent and Respectable Drug Smugglers

In St Lucia the focus is on Gangland and gun violence as crime and violence in St Lucia is acutely politicized, which is an ongoing attempt to mystify reality on the ground to mask the complicity of the decent and respectable people, their involvement in and sale of impunity to the Colombian Capos of Bandas Criminales. The fact that the son of a Capo walked out of Bordelais Correctional Facility taking his entourage with him was a message to all and sundry on the impunity they wield in St Lucia. What has to be understood is the Colombian business model created by the Valle Norte organization which allowed citizens of St Lucia to purchase a load of kilo bricks and then pay Colombian smugglers to move it to Europe where the owner sold it to European cocaine brokers. These loads were moved via St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean. These smugglers are shakers and movers in St Lucia, decent, respectable and outstanding citizens whilst their Colombian business model spawned a form of gangland noted for endemic violence as there was no Order, no discipline driven by a war for supply and dominance. The Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organizations (MTTOs), not no CARTELS as this is a white mystification of reality as the Medellin Federation and the Cali Organization were both under the Rule of the MTTOs with Mexicans on their Board, moved into the Caribbean took control as they have their own supply in Colombia and they control entry to the European market. They don’t sell their product to persons outside of their organization and their affiliates and the globalized organization includes European transnational organized crime that controls entry to Europe. The smugglers of St Lucia are then faced with a grave problem of supply and more importantly of entry to the favored European market. The MTTOs faced with an adversary noted for indiscipline and individual interest before organizational interest, they simply apply the rapacious strategy of informing on the whereabouts of their enemies’ shipments at the ports of entry and outside the ports of entry in Europe. This is the extent of this grave crisis that has has now enveloped the decent and respectable drug smugglers of St Lucia and drives the violence in Gangland. The MTTOs don’t need the services of these drug smugglers of St Lucia, they are of no strategic importance to the MTTOs, they are now dinosaurs as a failed order is replaced by the most potent order ever erected in the history of smuggling in the world. The change is now apparent in the emergence of the new Gangland in St Lucia where the Gangland affiliates of the MTTOs will grow rich and powerful through smuggling within this globalized transnational organized crime networks. The threat posed is organically different and unique in the history of drug smuggling in the Caribbean and the politicians are now faced with a new reality as this threat is simply not interested in purchasing impunity, as state capture is much more sustainable in the long run.

Covid-19 Didn’t Change the Homicide Terrain of St Lucia

In 2019 the St Lucia murder rate per 100,000 persons was 26.80 and in 2020 it accelerated to 30.49 which indicated that realities of the illicit trades continued impacting St Lucia’s illicit trade and its gangland deeply destabilizing an old order based on the Colombian model on its way out. From all indications the trend continues in 2021 as the Colombian model crumbles under the pressure of the business model of the MTTOs. The first reality to be appreciated is the fact that the volume of the trades in the Caribbean exploded under the lockdowns of Covid-19 heading to Europe. The volumes of product moving Northwards and then across the Atlantic along the ECTP impacted St Lucia in a specific way as only affiliates of the MTTOs had access to this product. Those outside of this closed circle had to find product from the Colombian paramilitary Capos not affiliated to the MTTOs. The long standing trade between St Lucia, Martinique and Guadeloupe was also disrupted as the ECTP flowed directly into these French overseas departments with those not affiliated to the MTTOs in these islands squeezed out of MTTOs supply. The issue then is supply between the haves and have nots, the gun violence that follows.triggering tit for tat violence. There are now new overlords of the trade in Martinique and Guadeloupe as transnational organized crime groups affiliated to the MTTOs have moved along the dual flow pipeline between France and its overseas departments to control the trades. Moroccan transnational organised crime affiliated to the MTTOs dominate hashish and small arms smuggled from France and are now dominating the cocaine pipelines to France. They bought influence by trading hashish for cocaine and guns but now they control the cocaine, hashish and gun trades passing product to their structure of affiliates in Caribbean gangland. The old St Lucia dual flow pipeline to Martinique especially is now facing extinction and in its death throes the violence in St Lucia is magnified and is also apparent in Martinique. The violence in gangland St Lucia will continue until such time the MTTOs decide that St Lucia is a strategic asset worthy of intervening and enforcing their order on the trades and gangland as they did in T&T in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. If not then then the reality continues.

The Long Arm of the Mexican Transnational Trafficking Organizations (MTTOs) Pax Mexicana!

The fear expressed in the GAME of the Mexicans is potently illustrated in two guidelines of the US GAME: I prefer to face a jury of 12 rather than be carried by 6 and you have two eyes, two ears and only one mouth. These maxims clearly express the disciplinary order of the GAME enforced by the MTTOs unlike the gross indiscipline, cut up, murder, mayhem and loose lips, informers of the Colombian model. On Wednesday May 19, 2021 the news broke of the death of Jesus Santrich reputed leader of the dissident FARC on the Colombia/Venezuela border. On Thursday 20 May 2021 it was confirmed by FARC that Santrich was killed on 17 May 2021 by a Colombian commando kill squad who knew exactly where he was, at what time and what he was doing. The Colombian kill squad penetrated the area killed him, took his little finger of his left hand as proof and were airlifted out of the kill zone. Another potent example of the long arm of the MTTOs where they give up those who choose to wage war on them by utilizing the political machinery and the state security apparatus. Santrich refused to give up the drug trade for peace, his war was in fact a mask for his bid to become a cocaine player in Colombia with the retreat of the FARC from their coca lands. Santrich then chose to make war on the MTTOs and their Colombian affiliates who took over these coca lands implementing a new coca business model. In this war Santrich made two strategic moves that made him an international threat to the hegemony of the MTTOs: to launch attacks on Venezuela on its border with Colombia which were in fact attacks on MTTOs operations and to form an alliance with fragments of the shattered Sinaloa Federation in an attempt to bypass the MTTOS. Santrich was deluded that his embrace of the regime change agenda in Venezuela and the embrace of the allies of Bandas Criminales in Mexico was enough to purchase impunity for his operation in Colombia. He died deluded and will be carried by 6 with his left hand pinky finger missing. Pax Mexicana !

May 22, 2021 The Venezuelan government has made no statement to date on the death of Santrich who was killed in Zulia state, Venezuela, there is a stony silence from the government. What was Santrich doing in Zulia state, the epicenter of the drug trade in Venezuela and the focus of a heightening campaign by Colombian paramilitaries to destabilize this state which is posing a grave threat to the business model of the MTTOs in Zulia state. Suddenly all official statements on the 8 FANB soldiers held captive by Colombian paramilitaries no longer include identifying the Colombian group as in the past as is with the attacks on the state infrastructure in Zulia state. In Zulia state FARC is involved and the ELN in Apure state which signals the Colombian coalition for regime change driven by the dream of reconstituting El Cartel del Sol under the oligarchy of the blancos as existed under the Punto Fijo agreement politics of Venezuela before Chavez. This is the dream of the blanco Leopoldo Lopez and the mestizo straw man Juan Guaido and their Colombian overlords. The message has then been sent for the agenda intends to break the back of MTTOs hegemony over the cocaine trade to Europe and the USA, over the cocaine trade period with a return to the failed Colombian model. Regime change in Venezuela is then the mask for and the mystification of a move to break the back of MTTOs hegemony over the cocaine trade. The message was then sent also to elements in the Venezuelan government long in bed with the Colombian paramilitaries. La Raza has spoken indicating its rejection of the return to blanco oligarchy and the failed Colombian model.

The Caribbean Gun Trade 2021

From the first oil boom of the 1970s the gun trade from the USA went into a boom as demand for hardware in T&T way outstripped supply. This 1970s boom sucked in a plethora of small hustlers who flew to New York, Miami etc purchasing hardware, hid it in a variety of goods as dryers, washing machines, speaker enclosures etc etc to get it past Customs T&T. Miami was the boom town for supply and it remains the main exporter of illicit guns to the Caribbean and Latin America given its lax gun laws. New York’s rigid gun laws has always spawned a market where demand runs down supply seen in the high illicit gun prices. The Saturday night special was then invented where you drive to Georgia buy the product legally and smuggle it into New York. To be a viable gun exporter in New York you must have supply flowing into New York to you which you then export to T&T. You have then to be connected, a part of organized crime even transnational organized crime. Saturday night specials and waiting for supply to purchase on New York’s illicit gun market to then export to T&T means you are a small operator expendable, cannon fodder in the GAME. In Florida it is an entirely different reality, you have the agents , the gun shows, an entirely legal structure that allows legal purchases but the problem is legal exports. You then export illegally which puts you on the radar of the ATFE but the ATFE is not noted for its leading edge structure necessary to dance with the volume of illicit exports. From the 1970s the demand was for handguns and ammunition which allowed competition from the Latin American gun boats who then introduced a stable supply of AK-47s, hand grenades, RPGs, bullet proof vests etc. in the late 20th Century and especially during the early 21st Century an arms war hit T&T gangland as AR-15s from the USA changed the balance of firepower in gangland constituting a feeding frenzy for the AR-15. This frenzy re-awakened interest in the US gun supply given the abundance of this weapon in the US, the cost of acquisition and the fact that the supply from Colombia was not competitively priced. The demand for the AR-15 resulted then in composite shipments of AR-15s, handguns, ammunition, parts for guns, etc flooding into T&T. These shipments are for gangland and the illicit gun market where persons are supposedly buying multiple firearms and assault rifles for personal protection. The supply side of the gun market given this product preference has now directed gun smugglers to Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and the Dominican Republic. The MTTOs remain way ahead of the competition in the acquisition and utilization of small arms in its business model and it is this business model that kick started the arms race in T&T. The MTTOs purchase semi-finished parts of the AR-15 in the US export these parts and finish them in machine shops, where the completed AR-15 is assembled which is a clean gun, it has no serial number, no legal registration, it can only be marked by its ballistic signature and there are counter measures for that. The importation of gun parts and its final assembly into guns in the US Virgin Islands for sale on the illicit market has been interdicted.

Lessons for T&T on the LIFE and how it impacts T&T

Three instances in the LIFE that impact T&T offer lessons that need to be learned: the seizure of the illicit shipment of arms and ammunition on April 22, 2021 at an airport bond, the sinking of the penero with 24 Venezuelans bound for T&T illegally on April 22, 2021 in the water of Delta Amacuro, Pedernales municipality and the seizure of a penero with 1.2 tonnes of cocaine on the Araya peninsula, Sucre state on April 23, 2021. Viewed together these three instances give a glimpse of the threat horizon that T&T is now placed in given the operation of the illicit trades under the hegemony of transnational organized crime. The items that comprised the illicit arms shipment indicate the outfitting of a militia down to the balaclavas, and the flashing blue lights and the siren speak to action that requires passing for legitimate police, one of which is possible political action. The entire affair speaks to an attempt to resist the new order, to commit acts of violence that will shatter the peace of gangland in a desperate bid to break the hegemony of the new order. But as has happened and continues to happen ,see Honduras, in the Caribbean Basin, the MTTOs gave them up, dropped the dime on the arms smuggling operation and has already done so on those involved in acquisition and shipping the consignment. There is a price to pay and will be paid as the Cleansing continues. The entire methodology utilized in the operation was not that of the MTTOs, they simply don’t move product in that manner which has various points of operational weakness without fail safe measures utilized. The lesson then for T&T is that those displaced by the new order are now desperate and desperate people take grave risks in the GAME. Get your house in order, ole talk ain’t cutting it. The lesson of the migrant smuggling operation from Tucupita is the operation of the dual flow pipeline as the red band maxi line from POS to Arima. On April 19, 2021 32 people in a penero left La Horqueta, Tucupita for T&T. On the late night of April 22, 2021 at La Barra de Cocuina, 8 persons left the penero boarded another boat and left for T&T leaving 24 to continue on when the boat sank when it reached Pedernales with seven rescued. The eight paid a much better price that the 24 and they are now in T&T since the early morning of the 23 April 2021. Those who paid the economy price drowned. The boats leave Trinidad carrying select passengers with select loads and go as far as Tucupita, Sucre state and Nueva Esparte state, some even venture to Falcon state, with T&T nationals and non- nationals as captains. They arrange return loads and drop and pick up runs from T&T and back. The Manaus variant entered T&T brought not only by a one way trip penero of illicit migrants but also by nationals and non-nationals who make repeated round trips and have families across the Gulf, this is the grave threat. The penero with the 1.2 tonnes of cocaine in Sucre state with two on board and outfitted with three 200 HP outboard engines was making the run to the Caribbean island chain most highly likely Western and North Western Trinidad bordering the Gulf for movement finally to Europe. Sucre State in the East and Zulia State in the West are the illicit drug terminals of Venezuela with Sucre flooding the Caribbean island chain. In 2020 there was a flood of cocaine moving through the Caribbean and it continues in 2021 and T&T has been switched on as an export point seen in the tonnage now moving through T&T. All three events are linked, all three emerge from a business model under the hegemony of the MTTOs constituting a multifaceted body of threats which cannot be mitigated with delusional ole talk, race babbling, Time to get REAL as faking it ain’t cutting it again.

The Islamic State and the Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago in the 21st Century

Now Published as an E-book Online

This work analyses the discourse of the Islamic State and the condition of and the nature of the Muslim Community of Trinidad and Tobago post 1990 to 2014 to understand the impact of the discourse of IS to motivate the Hijrah of Muslims of T&T to the Islamic State. Two core, pressing questions that arise are answered in this work: the why was the T&T contingent to IS the largest per capita in the world and why did the Muslims of T&T who pledged loyalty to IS and acted upon it choose to migrate rather than obey the stream of commands issued by IS for them to attack Western Interests and the enemies of Islam in T&T from the 4th Quarter of 2014?

Bring the children and orphans back home now! Why must they be criminalized and punished for what their parents did, having no choice, no voice, no human agency in the matter.

Caribbean Basin Homicide Rates 2020: the case of Trinidad and Tobago

Rank 2020 Homicide Rate……………………Rank 2019 Homicide Rate

1. US Virgin Islands 45.00………………………….3. 40.50

2. Jamaica 43.93…………………………………….2. 44.87

3. Honduras 35.29……………………………………1. 46.26

4. St Lucia 30.49…………………………………….6. 26.80

5. St Vincent & the Grenadines 29.74………………9. 21.70

6. Trinidad and Tobago 28.29……………………….4. 38.13

7. Belize 25.65………………………………………5. 32.80

8. Colombia 23.61……………………………………7. 25.48

9. St Kitts & Nevis 18.79…………………………..11. 20.84

10. The Bahamas 18.56……………………………..8. 24.68

11. Puerto Rico 18.49………………………………21. 9.93

12. Guatemala 14.36……………………………….12. 20.36

13. Barbados 14.26…………………………………13. 17.04

14. Venezuela 13……………………………………10. 21

15. Haiti 12.10………………………………………22. 9.59

16. Panama 11.51…………………………………..18. 11.17

17. Costa Rica 11.16…………………………………19. 11.08

18. Antigua & Barbuda 9.19…………………………27. 3.12

19. Curacao 7.92…………………………………….17. 11.87

20. Guadeloupe 5.74…………………………………No Score

In 2019 Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) was fourth in the ranking and second in CARICOM with 38.13 homicides per 100,000 persons which fell in 2020 to 28.29 per 100,000 persons with a ranking of sixth overall and fourth in CARICOM. This dramatic fall in the homicide rate in T&T in 2020 has been attributed to various factors as excellent policing and the Covid-19 lock-down but the reality on the ground especially in the illicit rades is never factored into official explanations for this dramatic fall in homicides which is accelerating in the first quarter of 2021.

In 2020 the Ganja Wars that drove the blood-lust in Gangland suddenly died and especially after June 30, 2020 the blood letting in Gangland began to markedly decrease whilst the ganja markets became flooded with product, prices stabilized and the glaring gap between supply and demand narrowed. During 2020 demand for ganja markedly increased as we burned our way through lock-down by drawing on the herb but there was no shortage of supply, no price gouging and most of all, no Ganja Wars. In 2017, 2018 and 2019 with market demand at this level the streets of Gangland would have been stained red with blood instead in 2020 the focus was not on killing for a half pound but earning, generating wealth. The volume of illicit imports exploded but the seizures in 2020 in no way reflected the volume of product that was entering T&T in fact the seizures knocked off low level functionaries whilst the players operated with the necessary space to grow richer. Illicit imports of cocaine also exploded but not for local consumption as this is a sunset market but for export to Europe as T&T is a fast developing transshipment point of note in the Caribbean island chain.

The remand yard is not filled with the players of Gangland nor of the illicit trades which raises the question of how did effective policing lower the homicide rate in 2020? The seizures made of ganja and cocaine in 2020 do not account for even 2% of the volume imported into T&T in 2020 especially for ganja as demand exploded as we self-medicated in response to the lock-down depression. Covid heightened demand and certainly did not stop imports in fact it aided imports, so how did Covid reduce the homicide rate in 2020?

The fundamental question is what was intrinsically different on the ground in 2020 that was absent in 2017, 2018 and 2019? In the run up to the second decade of the 21st Century a federation of specific players was formed with the specific intent to exert hegemony over the ganja market of T&T, expand their operations to become players of note in the transshipment of cocaine and heroin from T&T and control the export of homegrown ganja from T&T. This federation was connected to Colombian paramilitary Capos and the members of the federation were desirous of becoming the Capos of T&T with Caribbean rank. In their quest for hegemony this federation unleashed on T&T in the second decade of the 21st Century the most intense period of blood letting in our history especially from 2017 to 2019 with the Ganja Wars. Between 2018 to 2019 four players of the federation were silenced along with vassals of the Colombian Capos in the Venezuelan migrant community. The Megalodon signaled its operational hegemony in T&T formally on June 30th, 2020 and thereafter the homicide rate began to decline in spite of repeated efforts to trigger the tit for tat wars again as the reef sharks now turned into sardines refused to admit that there was now a new order, The Rule was now hegemonic on the ground.

Transnational organized crime, the MTTOs, gave a gift to the elected and non-elected politicians of T&T which enables them to beat their chest boasting of the success of their war on crime whilst the MTTOs are quickly and efficiently turning T&T into an apes transshipment point of the Southern Caribbean. If in 2021 the homicide rate falls to the low 20’s or less than 20 per 100,000 we will have attained the homicide rate for the apex trafficking points of the Caribbean Basin which is the most potent indicator of the hegemony of The Rule of the ground, the hegemony of the Megalodon and its Great White affiliates. Under The Rule the terrain of crime in T&T will drastically change as the blood letting wanes with the emphasis now on earning not killing. The assault on automatic teller machine facilities without the dismantling of this organized crime group is one sign, The acute shortage of foreign exchange on the licit and illicit markets will indicate the power of The Rule as their business is selling product for USD and Euro around the world. Businesses defined as strategic by The Rule and in dire need of foreign exchange will be presented with a very attractive proposal where The Rule ends up as the silent partner and the recipient is the straw man of The Rule, their bitch. The Rule will then become a player in the private sector, making investments which the politicians, elected and non-elected will beat their chest and boast how they made T&T safe for investment. This is the Dominican Republic and Mexican model of development where the national security apparatus is incapable of responding effectively to the threat posed by transnational, globalized organized crime, for they are constituted as instruments of power to ensure social control. Hammers can only see nails. You sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind! Pax Mexicana.

From Sexual Sadist, Rapist, to Serial Rapist then Serial Killer in Trinidad and Tobago: A Colossal Failure of Policing

Analysis of what has been published in the daily print media of Trinidad and Tobago especially the testimony of an abduction, robbery and rape victim reveals the enterprise of a sexual sadist, rapist who evolved into a serial rapist, then into a serial killer to silence his victims to ensure the integrity of his enterprise and the sustainability of the impunity he was afforded by the colossal failure of policing and the court system of Trinidad and Tobago. The perpetrator was no apex sexual sadist rapist as he was incapable of sustainable earning vitally necessary to maintain a facade of respectability and to generate the capital needed to invest in the sustainable infrastructure needed for the hunt, abduction, sexual sadism during repeated rape, murder and disposal of the body of the victim. His incompetence led him to form working alliances with partners in the enterprise which forced him to rob the victim to pay them for their services and to pay himself towards continuing his enterprise. He was a bungling, incompetent serial rapist, serial killer driven by a burning desire to stalk, abduct, render his victim powerless and in this situation of powerlessness unleash a range of sexual violence on his victim that gave him pleasure, that satiated his desire for the moment. Sexual violence on the powerless victim was his erotic. His bungling incompetence meant that he could not afford the infrastructure to abduct victims holding them in bondage as sexual slaves then killing them. This is what his desire demanded but he was incapable of earning, of creating and maintaing the facade necessary to ensure the sustainability of this enterprise. The burning question is then is how often then did he abduct rape and how many of his rape victims did he kill. Alas we will never know because he is silenced, beaten to death, when we all need him alive to deconstruct his mind methodically, without a hint of violence to reveal to us where did he dump his victims and when. Beating a sexual sadist means nothing, they are immune to violence for it is violence that molded them. What they fear is being incarcerated, unable to stalk, abduct and unleash violence, to satiate their desire. Some when faced with the certainty of incarceration their self-importance kicks on and they begin to boast of their conquests, others show relief in being caught convinced that the case against them is air tight they sing like a semp. To see the signs of the modus operandi of a serial rapist, serial killer and act upon them to arrest and incarcerate this perpetrator and in the process deconstructing their minds, you need policing liberated from colonial policing where your police is a hammer therefore they can only see nails. The potent, abiding lesson is that the failure to incarcerate this perpetrator when he started his career gave him the operating space in which to evolve from sexual sadist, rapist to serial rapist then to serial killer. The system failed, the politicians and the recycled failed politician failed all of us and there were victims who did not need to die and surviving victims who did not need to be victimized and to date the system has refused to say sorry, be penitent and then show how it will never happen again. This is the arrogance born out of the impunity the politics of race affords the system in T&T. Which has failed us miserably and will continue to fail us. In 1978 I wrote on rape in T&T for my BA (HONS) thesis at UWI, St Augustine, in the late 1970s and early 1980s I continued with my research doing filed work in specific areas of the East/West Corridor and what I have read on the experience of victims when they interact with the TTPS to report the crime has not changed from the testimonies I collected in my field studies and this is the 21st Century. Rape is a crime that affords the perpetrators impunity through its very low reporting rate by victims to the police. When you add to the mix an approach by policing which is not welcoming and not driven by the conviction to identify and incarcerate the perpetrator for the good of the social order then you foster a culture of rape with impunity which in the 21st Century is patterned after what obtained on Massa’s plantation not a post-modern democracy. The very response of the public reveals deep denial and delusion when faced with the culture of sexual violence in T&T today and in our history. To speak of only gender violence, violence against woman deliberately silences the adolescent boys who are victims of sexual violence in a social order that denies the level of sexual violence perpetrated on young boys. We are told to watch our girl children whilst boys who are victims of sexual violence don’t exist, silenced and are expected to handle it like a man, like their attacker, hence some of these boys evolve into sexual predators themselves. The sexual power relations of Massa’s plantation exist today as we refuse to face reality and deal with it, which means that the flood of victims will never abate.

March 2, 2021 The testimony of another victim of the deceased serial rapist/serial killer reveals that he was operational in the Chaguanas transport hub where at least 3 victims of rape and one who was abducted made reports to the TTPS. The testimony of the abduction victim confirms that the predator was part of a crime organization which was vitally necessary for the success of his predatory enterprise. This means that he had to earn to benefit this crime group even on days when he was abducting, raping and killing victims he was expected to earn for this group. It is most likely that he was a transporter for the crime group. The predator was then a career criminal with a predilection, Desire for abduction, rape and murder. From his hunting ground of Chaguanas he then migrated for Arima which showed his strategy of transporting women from transport hubs to rural areas with an accomplice who aided and abetted in the abduction. What is now abundantly clear is that when women, young girls and children disappear without trace the TTPS must now accept the reality of the possibility of abduction and murder by a serial killer for where there is one discovered there are others out there much more intelligent and elusive in practicing his craft. Welcome to the real world T&T we have come of age! The question that is of prime importance is the fitness of the national security apparatus to discover, locate, charge and convict such predators in T&T? The answer many will not like and they will slip into delusion for that is the preferred survival mechanism in T&T today.